Steps to Add/Create a Points Shapefile


Adjust the map window view so that it shows a view where points are to be placed. A single point or multi-point shapefile can be created.


With the mouse in Select Mode, click GISTools>Add Shapes>Points -- this starts the process. To end the process, this same menu item will be clicked ending the process as described below.


At start-up, when GISTools>Add Shapes>Points is clicked, you are prompted for the file name to be created. The default name is c:\cvgis\1\$$points1.shp. Use that file by clicking the Open button on the New shapefile name dialog. The file must not be in use and will be overwritten if it exists.


A message appears "New points layer created; make active; click to add points." Click OK. To make the new points layer active, click the layer name once as shown below. The layer name turns blue indicating this is the active layer.


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