If you are new to CVGIS, here are key getting started points:
  • You are viewing the main Help section in the CVGIS User Guide
  • One important part of the User Guide is the Table of Contents - it provides and overview and navigation links.
  • Here are points about the Start-up View below.
    .. the view shown in the start-up view corresponds to one CVGIS project; you might have many projects.
    .. what you see at start-up is controlled by the Settings/Configuration File.

CVGIS Start-up View
The CVGIS start-up view shows patterns of economic prosperity by neighborhood for the Dallas metro area. Learn more about using the ready/easy-to-use GIS mapping tool. Learn how you can use CVGIS to develop similar maps showing your data for your geography. Attributes of the "active layer" (Counties, in this case, highlighted in the legend panel), are shown in the table below the map window. In this case, each row in the table corresponds to a county. Learn more about CVGIS key features described below the graphic.

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