Demographic-Economic Profiles


Use the Demographic-Economic Profiles feature (Profiles>Demographic-Economic) to develop profiles.

Different types of geography
Different sources of subject matter
Different layouts
Different publishing options


The following view illustrates use of this feature to develop a profile using 2012 and 2014 ACS 5-year estimates.

See details about settings and options below the graphic.




Typical Use

1) Select Type of Geography

2) If Filter 1 value exists (not blank), that filter will be applied as the type of geography is selected and displayed in the listbox.

- the start-up view has Filter 1 value designed to selected only census tracts in county 48113 (Dallas County, TX)

- using the Filter 1 accelerates loading of geography

3) Dbl-click a geographic area in listbox (or click multiple geographies and click Run button).

- profile displays

- optionally repeatedly select/display profiles for additional areas

Settings and Options

If Create HTML is checked, the grid content is also saved as an HTML file

- If AutoOpenHTML is checked, the saved HTML file will be automatically opened.


If Create XLS is checked, the grid content is also saved as an XLS file

- If AutoOpenXLS is checked, the saved XLS file will be automatically opened.


For areas having population 65,000 and over

- check the ACS 1 year box to use ACS 1-year data.

- if the ACS 1-year box is not checked, ACS 5-year data are used.



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