The main toolbar includes buttons that set commonly used operations, such as what function the mouse serves.

The main toolbar is always shown immediately below the main menu.




Toolbar operations are summarized below.

Most toolbar buttons correspond to Main Menu operations and provide a shortcut to invoke selected features.

Buttons are listed below in numbered sequence from left to right in the above graphic.


1 - open a project or supported file

2 - add a layer      

3 - remove a layer  

4 - close all layers and project

5 - print mapview          

6 - edit project file  

7 - save mapview to graphic  

8 - zoom to full extent  

9 - zoom in by step (repeated clicking of button)

10 - zoom out by step (repeated clicking of button)

11 - zoom by user defined window

12 - click to select pan/drag mapview as mouse operation

13 - click to select Select/Identify as mouse operation (highlighted button in graphic above)

14 - click to select Find Shape as mouse operation

15 - click to save changes to save changes (GIS Save Changes) - use caution re unintended saves/overwrites

16 - select/set coordinate system - changes made immediately - use caution re unintended changes  

17 - 3D and rotating view in mapview window -- toggles 3D operation on/off


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