Find Geographic Objects


This section shows how to locate a geographic object (shape within a shapefile).  There are different ways of doing this task.  One method is shown here.


Requirements: CVGIS Level 1 or higher.


Start CVGIS running with default project open.


In the map window, it is apparent where Dallas County is located.  The name of the county is shown and the geocode for the county (48113) is also shown.  If these labels did not appear, the county (geographic object/shape) can be located in the following manner.


Click the Counties layer in legend panel at left.  The layer name turns blue (it is now the active layer) and the table below the map populates.


Select GISTools>FindShape and the FindShapes form opens.

confirm the layer name showing is Counties.
select NAME as the field
select like as the operation
key in <Dallas> (no brackets) in Value
check on Flash selected objects


Click the Find button to locate the object.


The located object flashes and a yellow semi-transparent is shown on the object


The yellow coloring has no impact on anything other than the temporary view.

Revert/remove the coloring by clicking RevertAll button.


This completes this tutorial.




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