Make a GIS Project


This section shows how to make a GIS project.  GIS projects are text files that relate a set of layers or shapefiles, that have been assigned attributes by the user.  GIS projects are an essential element of GIS applications as they enable near instant recall of settings that can take a long while to develop.  


Requirements: CVGIS Level 1 or higher.


With CVGIS running, use File>Close to close the active project.


Option 1.

In the Make a Reference Map section, two new shapefiles were added.  These shapefiles were saved creating a new project.


Option 2.

If the required shapefiles already exist on the computer, select/add them and save/make the new GIS project.  In this example, the same shapefiles used in Make a Reference Map are added to the existing (already on the computer) U.S. by county shapefile.


Use File>AddLayer to add the shapefile cb_2015_us_county_500k.shp as a layer.


Use File>SaveAs and save the project as c:\cvgis\1\usdemo.gis.


Use File>AddLayer to add these two shapefiles:

(downloaded/created in the Make a Reference Map section)





Use File>Save to resave the project c:\cvgis\1\usdemo.gis.


CVGIS can now be closed and restarted.  Use File>Open>Dialog and open c:\cvgis\1\usdemo.gis. The project opens and displays the same view as when last saved. Optionally zoom-in, re-save with the zoom-in view.


This completes this tutorial.  Consider the Make a GIS Project (select from panel at left) next.


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