CVXE Feature Summary

CV XE GIS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for geographic-demographic-economic data viewing and analysis. CV XE GIS enables improved and more effective decision-making information solutions.


Summary of Features by Level Feature availability: X: available, E enhanced, O: Optional

  File Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
  Open ... Shapefile, project, TIGER/Line file or other supported file   X   X   X
  Save Project Save an existing project   X   X   X
  Save Project As Save project as new name   X   X   X
  Close Close open project   X   X   X
  GeoGateway Select from thousands of shapefiles; any/all TIGER/Line files   X   X   X
  APIGateway API subject matter access Census (1990,2000,2010), ACS 2010/++, estimates & projections    O   O
  Zip/UnZip Zips or unzips file     O  O
  Add Layer Add shapefile or other type supported layer   X   X   X
  Remove Layer Remove layer   X   X   X
  Edit Project File Start project file editor   X   X   X
  Package GIS Project Packages GIS project fileset into zip file       X
  Export Layer Export layer; use query to form selection; modify projection     X   X
  Print MapView Print map view   X   X   X
  Exit Exit CV   X   X   X

  MapView Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
  FullExtent Expand map view to full extent   X   X   X
  Zoom Zoom in or out   X   X   X
  Pan/Drag Slide map view using mouse   X   X   X
  Identify Click on any shape to view profile   X   X   X
  Colors Color picker to assign colors   X   X   X
  Layer Editor Start layer editor to modify colors, patterns, labels, etc.   X   X   X

  Database Feature Level 1Level 2Level 3
  dBCreate Create new database structure   X   X   X
  dBMerge Selectively merge database file fields using flexible match key   X   X   X
  dBrowse View/modify database files; sort; perform queries; import/export   X   X   X
  dBTools Create structure; rename; zap     X   X
  Xls2Dbf Convert XLS file to DBF structure     X   X

  Tools Feature Level 1Level 2Level 3
  Find Shape Perform query on any shapefile; find shape meeting specific criteria   X  X  X
  FindAddress Key in address, view on map, create shapefile     X  X
  FindAddresses-batch Addresses coded from file, view on map, creates shapefile      X
  Add Shapes Add points, lines and polygons       X
  Modeler Develop model-based demographic-economic estimates & projections       O
  Crosstabs Develop summary statistic estimates from statistical survey respondent data   O   O   O
  Geocoder Address data geocoding; insert latitude-longitude; using DMD       O
  Point2Geocode Create shapefile from lat-lon; merge census block code     X   X
  TIGER/DMD TIGER & Digital Map Database operations   X/E   X/E   X/E
  Shp2Xml Create Google & other XML file from shapefile   X   X   X

  AnalyticsFeature Level 1Level 2Level 3
  Site Analysis Site analysis operations   O   X   X/O
  Demographic Profiles Demographic-Economic profiles     X/O   X/O
  K-12 Education Student/School analytical component       O
  Workforce Workforce analytical component       O

  Settings Feature Level 1Level 2Level 3
 Start-up (INI) settingsSet and save options; settings stored in INI file read at CV start-up  X  X  X

  Help Feature Level 1Level 2Level 3
  GuideThis document   X  X  X
    On the WebWeb-based help   X  X  X
    Glossary Definitions and terms   X  X  X
  AboutVersion/related details   X  X  X



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