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Use CV XE GIS to perform wide-ranging geospatial analyses and augment essential decision-making information.  Identify patterns; collaborate using visual representations of your data.  CV XE GIS provides easy to use and advanced GIS and geographic-demographic-economic analytical features to wide-ranging needs.


This Guide may be accessed from the ProximityOne home page ( under the menu bar "Analytical Tools" section.  The Guide may be accessed with CV XE running by clicking Help>Guide on the main menu bar.  The Guide may also be accessed from the main CV XE web page


Register for updates and news regarding GIS tools and geospatial analysis.
06/10/15 CV XE GIS Extended Deployment in 2015
05/24/15 CV XE full package installer updated.
Install package:
03/21/15 Find Address feature now available to Level 1 users
... key in address; auto create point shapefile; save for re-use
... more information
3/15/15 Data Analytics Sessions feature use of CV XE with selected GIS projects
... University of Missouri Session
... GIS Projects
01/18/15 2015 "US1" GIS project now available
... features latest TIGER 2014 shapefiles and ACS 2013 census tract demographics
... more information
11/10/14 DMIS #07 Using Geographic Information Systems
One hour no fee Web session held monthly and as "one-on-one" on demand
Details/agenda --
10/21/14 APIGateway updated
... access to various integrated datasets updated
... more information
9/05/14 Database Operations & Expressions
... features and documentation update
... more information
8/16/14 ProximityOne User Group
... User Group members receive userid that provides access to selected resources and support services
    -- download and use the CV XE GIS Level 1 software; providing many database management features
    -- access dataset downloadable only by User Group members
    -- receive application support resources only available to User Group members
... complete this form; check the User Group option to join -- no fees
11/16/13 APIGateway: Using Census 2010 Summary File 1 Census Block Data
... feature available to CV XE viewer and all levels
... more information
10/24/13 U.S. by State shapefile subject matter fields expanded (used in CVXE_US* GIS projects)
... more information
10/9/13 CVXE_US3 GIS Project added
... national scope county 2010 - 2030 population projections & change thematic mapping
... view/analyze county demographic change patterns
... more information
10/7/13 Low and Moderate Income Census Tracts GIS Project now available
... national scope census tract thematic mapping/geospatial analysis
... view/analyze tracts classified as low and moderate income (among others)
... more information
10/3/13 Analytics>Outlook module now enables access to Outlook 2010-2060 projections by county
... single year of age by gender by race/origin
... more information
9/26/13 APIGateway now provides access to quarterly census of employment and wages through 2013Q1
... employment, establishments, payroll by type of business/NAICS
... more information
9/20/13 APIGateway augmented to include American Community Survey 1-Year Demographic Profile items
... covers all geographies tabulated (areas 65,000 population and over)
... dataset extraction and data profile display
... more information
9/13/13 SiteAnalysis operations updated and extended
... more information
9/5/13 Find Address Batch augmented to automatically add Census 2010 census block code
... after geocoding address, Census 2010 census block code is assigned to marker/shape dbf record/field
... use code to link shapefile with APIGateway demographics (state, tract, block group or block)
... more information
8/29/13 APIGateway augmented to include Bureau of Labor Statistics County/Small Area Time-Series
... Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and Local Area Unemployment Statistics now available
... APIGateway automatically updates when updated series released
... more information
8/16/13 Using GeoGateway to Visually Equivalence Census Tracts and ZIP Code Areas
... Map census tracts and ZIP code areas; view overlayed on OpenStreetMap
... more information
8/12/13 National Scope Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Shapefile for ACS 2010 & 2011 PUMS Custom Tabulations
... See about using the PUMS shapefile for reference and thematic pattern mapping & analysis
... more information
8/12/13 Create summary statistic estimates; summary files based on ACS Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data
... Integrate summary statistic data from Crosstabs into shapefiles using dBMerge
... more about Crosstabs feature ... more about PUMAs & PUMS
8/7/13 Creating School District Maps from Scratch
... Make a school district map with roads and intersection-to-intersection detail
... more information
8/4/13 Using the 2013 Metros Shapefile
... Make a new metros GIS project from scratch
... more information
8/2/13 APIGateway Update
... extract/download national scope block group (BG) subject matter
... select BG data from 1990 census, Census 2000, Census 2010, ACS 2010, ACS 2011
... more about block group data ... 217,000+ areas covering U.S. wall-to-wall; average 1,200 population
7/30/13 GeoGateway Update
... integrated mapcompiler/project builder added ... GeoGateway operation
... making a map from scratch ... examples: Oneida County NY ... Broward County FL
7/25/13 Urban Areas Shapefile Update
... New generalized/trimmed Census 2010 Urban Areas shapefile now available
... more information
7/25/13 113th Congressional Districts Shapefile Update
... New generalized/trimmed 113th Congressional District shapefile now available
... more information
7/24/13 Digital Map Database (DMD) starts 2013 updates in August 2013.
... more information





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