This project is provided with the CVXE package installer.  The project may be opened/used by CV XE Viewer and all Levels.


CVXE_US3.GIS Project Start-up View

County layer shows percent population change comparing 2010 population with projected 2030 projected population



Layers in project CVXE_US3.GIS


Layers in CVXE_US1.GIS  are the same as in CVXE_US3.GIS

U.S. by State
U.S. by Metropolitan Area
U.S. by County

    see field descriptions/demographic subject matter in data resources guide:

MapQuest OpenStreetMap


In comparing the projects CVXE_US3.GIS shows:

county layer has been organized as a thematic pattern
metro layer attributes have been modified
the zoom/extent view is different


Zoom-in View to Missouri with County layer set at 50% transparency



Layer editor (double-click county layer in legend panel) setting showing transparency setting


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