File operations are reviewed in this section.  Click a feature link for more information.



Viewer and Level 1, 2, 3; specific operations vary by Level

All features overview


  Feature Description
  Open ... Shapefile, project, TIGER/Line file or other supported file
  Save Project Save an existing project
  Save Project As Save project as new name
  Close Close open project
  GeoGateway Select from thousands of shapefiles; any/all TIGER/Line files
  APIGateway API subject matter access Census (1990,2000,2010), ACS 2010/++, estimates & projections
  Zip/UnZip Zips or unzips file
  Add Layer Add shapefile or other type supported layer
  Remove Layer Remove layer
  Edit Project File Start project file editor
  Package GIS Project Packages GIS project fileset into zip file
  Export Layer Export layer; use query to form selection; modify projection
  Print MapView Print map view
  Exit Exit CV


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