Tools>Find Address creates a point shapefile based on address entered.



Levels 1, 2, 3

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Main menu Tools>Find Address


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Illustration Views

Using project c:\cvxe\1\cvxe_us2.gis with zoom-in


After clicking Tools>Find Address, prompt appears showing default address.

Enter an address or use the default value; click OK.

Optionally continue adding addresses.  End process by entering null address (no value).




Default point shapefile c:\cvxe\1\$$address1.shp created as shown in message.

Shapefile added as layer; see legend panel top left.




Identify tool used to click on point; mini-profile appears.

Point attributes auto loaded with point number and address in 'name' field.




Zoom-in view; roads/streets layer made active; identify tool used to create mini-profile of matched street segment.

By using the road segment attributes, the census block code (and higher level geocodes) can be determined/assigned.

See more about the road segment attributes.




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