Tools>Find Address Batch creates a point shapefile based on addresses entered via a file.

Automatically codes associated Census 2010 census block geocode and adds the code to shapefie dbf record.



Levels 2, 3 option

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Main menu Tools>Find Address Batch


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1 - Automatic census block coding

2 - Adding Paris Starbucks Coffee locations

3 - Coding 2,200 text-structured addresses


1 - Automatic census block coding

The next graphic illustrates output from use of default address file provided with CV XE.

The text file contains two addresses.  When Find Addresses Batch is run, a point shapefile is created and added to the current project.

The view shows the two point locations as red square markers.  Each point is labeled with the Census 2010 census block code.

The markers are labeled with the census block geocode in the following view.  A mini-profile is displayed for marker by pointer.

Census block 290950066002016 is shown as the label and as a field value in the profile.

29-095-006600-2016: state 29, county 095, tract 006600, block 2016.



2 -- Adding Paris Starbucks Coffee locations -- locations geocoded using Find Addresses (Batch)

See more about this application and using this project -- world1.gis project



3 -- An example of coding 2,200 text-structured addresses. The point shapefile generated is available for use in any project.



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