View operations are reviewed in this section.  These operations mainly enable selection of navigation/mouse functionality.



Viewer and Level 1, 2, 3; specific operations vary by Level

All features overview


  Feature Description
  FullExtent Expand map view to full extent
  Zoom Zoom in or out
  Pan/Drag Slide map view using mouse
  Identify Click on any shape to view profile
  Colors Color picker to assign colors
  Layer Editor Start layer editor to modify colors, patterns, labels, etc.


Zoom to Full Extent

-- zooms out to largest extent of any layer in the open project.

-- same result as clicking Full Extent button on Toolbar1


Zoom Mode

-- changes mouse functionality to zoom mode.

-- same result as clicking Zoom by Window button on Toolbar1


Drag/Pan Mode

-- changes mouse functionality to pan/drag mode

-- left-click on map window, hold mouse down, and drag map

-- same result as clicking Drag/Pan button on Toolbar1


Select/Identify Mode

-- changes mouse functionality to select/identify mode.

-- with mouse as identify tool, select a layer (set active layer)

... now click an object in the map window to view a profile; all items in the shapefile dbf are displayed.
-- same result as clicking Select/Identify button on Toolbar1


Show Title Panel

-- shows title panel at bottom of map window

-- uses content in active title file


Open Title File

-- opens a title file

-- the open title file is used as the content source to display in title panel



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