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CV XE GIS - Professional Package

The CV XE GIS Professional Package includes software features summarized below.

The single user CV XE GIS Professional Package license is a non-transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual use license. Getting Started support is provided for the first 90 days. Upgrades and support after 90 days require the CV XE GIS Annual Support and Maintenance.

CV XE GIS Professional Package includes the DataPak2 data resources.
A ready-to-use GIS project integrating these shapefiles/layers is included -- instant start-up.

Summary of Features
  File Feature
    Open ... Shapefile, project, TIGER/Line file or other supported file
    Save Project Save an existing project
    Save Project As Save project as new name
    Close Close open project
    GeoGateway Select from thousands of shapefiles; TIGER/Line files
    APIGateway API-based subject matter access
    Add Layer Add shapefile or other type supported layer
    Remove Layer Remove layer
    Edit Project File Start project file editor
    Save Image Save map view to graphic file
    View Image View any graphic file
    Export ... Export shapefile; use query to form selection; modify projection
    Package Project ... Package GIS project file and all component shapefiles/layers into ZIP file
Make your GIS project transportable
    Print ... Print map view
    Exit Exit CV
  MapView/Navigation Feature
    FullExtent Expand map view to full extent
    Zoom Zoom in or out
    Pan/Drag Slide map view using mouse
    Select/Identify Click on any shape/object to view profile
    Find in Layer For selected layer, find shapes/objects that meet user defined field values
    Drag Layer Adjust layer order
  Layer Editor Feature
    Area Modify name; set transparency; modify coordinate system
Set fill pattern, color & boundary attributes
    Query Set SQL-like queries controlling what objects are shown in map
    Marker Point shapefiles: set marker style, color and size
    Label Select field for optional label, color, visibility, location, other
    Chart Show field values as bar or pie chart for each object
    dBCreate/Modify Create new or modify existing database structure
    dBTools Create structure; rename; zap
    dBMerge Selectively merge database file fields using flexible match key
    dBrowser View/modify database files; sort; perform queries; import/export
  Tools Feature
    Find Shape Perform query on any shapefile; find shape meeting specific criteria
    Add Shapes Add points and polygons
    Create Shapefile Point shapefile from XLS file
    Summarize Point in polygon analyses; recoding
    SHP2XML Extract shapefile geometry; create XML/XLS file from shapefile
    GeoEditor Start GeoEditor; Add, modify & delete shapes; Create shapefiles
    FindAddress Key in address, view on map, create shapefile
    Geocode Addresses Batch geocode address file
  Analytics Feature
    Site Analysis Site Analysis
  Options Feature
    SetOptionsSet and save options; settings stored in INI file read at CV start-up
  Help Feature
    ContentsKeyword help
    On the WebWeb-based help
    Glossary Definitions and terms
    About Version/related details

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