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Census 2010 Demographic Profile 1

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Census 2010 Demographic Profile 1

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Census 2010 Demographic Profile 1

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Census 2010 Demographic Profile 1


Geography available: census tract, ZIP Code, school district and up


Sourced from Census 2010 Demographic Profile Summary File


Application examples:

Aggregating characteristics (from this dataset) of Georgia census tracts in Forsyth County, GA


Online Demographic-Economic Statistical System (DESS -

Comparative demographic analysis profile.


Data Record Content


Identifier section detail/fields (varies by extraction).

 Item DescriptionItemNameNotesFormat
File IdentificationFILEIDC,6
State/US-Abbreviation (USPS)STUSABC,2
Summary LevelSUMLEVC,3
Geographic ComponentGEOCOMPC,2
Characteristic IterationCHARITERC,3
Characteristic Iteration File Sequence NumberCIFSNC,2
Logical Record NumberLOGRECNOC,7
FIPS County Class CodeCOUNTYCCC,2
County Size CodeCOUNTYSCC,2
County Subdivision (FIPS)COUSUBC,5
FIPS County Subdivision Class CodeCOUSUBCCC,2
County Subdivision Size CodeCOUSUBSCC,2
FIPS Place Class CodePLACECCC,2
Place Size CodePLACESCC,2
Census TractTRACTC,6
Internal Use CodeIUCC,2
Consolidated City (FIPS)CONCITC,5
FIPS Consolidated City Class CodeCONCITCCC,2
Consolidated City Size CodeCONCITSCC,2
American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land (Census)AIANHHC,4
American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land (FIPS)AIANHHFPC,5
FIPS American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land Class CodeAIANHHCCC,2
American Indian Trust Land/Hawaiian Home Land IndicatorAIHHTLIC,1
American Indian Tribal Subdivision (Census)AITSCEC,3
American Indian Tribal Subdivision (FIPS)AITSC,5
FIPS American Indian Tribal Subdivision Class CodeAITSCCC,2
Alaska Native Regional Corporation (FIPS)ANRCC,5
FIPS Alaska Native Regional Corporation Class CodeANRCCCC,2
Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan Statistical AreaCBSAC,5
Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan Statistical Area Size CodeCBSASCC,2
Metropolitan DivisionMETDIVC,5
Combined Statistical AreaCSAC,3
New England City and Town AreaNECTAC,5
New England City and Town Area Size CodeNECTASCC,2
New England City and Town Area DivisionNECTADIVC,5
Combined New England City and Town AreaCNECTAC,3
Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan Statistical Area Principal City IndicatorCBSAPCIC,1
New England City and Town Area Principal City IndicatorNECTAPCIC,1
Congressional District (111th)CDC,2
State Legislative District (Upper Chamber) (Year 1)SLDUC,3
State Legislative District (Lower Chamber) (Year 1)SLDLC,3
Voting DistrictVTDC,6
Voting District IndicatorVTDIC,1
ZIP Code Tabulation Area (5 digit)ZCTA5C,5
FIPS Subminor Civil Division Class CodeSUBMCDCCC,2
School District (Elementary)SDELMC,5
School District (Secondary)SDSECC,5
School District (Unified)SDUNIC,5
Area (Land)AREALANDC,14
Area (Water)AREAWATRC,14
Area Name-Legal/Statistical Area Description Term-Part IndicatorNAMEC,90
Functional Status CodeFUNCSTATC,1
Geographic Change User Note IndicatorGCUNIC,1
Population Count (100%)POP100C,9
Housing Unit Count (100%)HU100C,9
Internal Point (Latitude)INTPTLATC,11
Internal Point (Longitude)INTPTLONC,12
Legal/Statistical Area Description CodeLSADCC,2
Urban Growth AreaUGAC,5
American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land Size CodeAIANHHSCC,2
Combined Statistical Area Size CodeCSASCC,2
Combined NECTA Size CodeCNECTASCC,2
Metropolitan Micropolitan IndicatorMEMIC,1
NECTA Metropolitan Micropolitan IndicatorNMEMIC,1


Census 2010 subject matter items

 Item DescriptionItemNameNotesFormat
Census 2010 Age and Gender     
    Total populationC10D0001   N,9,0
        Under 5 yearsC10D0002   N,9,0
        5 to 9 yearsC10D0003   N,9,0
        10 to 14 yearsC10D0004   N,9,0
        15 to 19 yearsC10D0005   N,9,0
        20 to 24 yearsC10D0006   N,9,0
        25 to 29 yearsC10D0007   N,9,0
        30 to 34 yearsC10D0008   N,9,0
        35 to 39 yearsC10D0009   N,9,0
        40 to 44 yearsC10D0010   N,9,0
        45 to 49 yearsC10D0011   N,9,0
        50 to 54 yearsC10D0012   N,9,0
        55 to 59 yearsC10D0013   N,9,0
        60 to 64 yearsC10D0014   N,9,0
        65 to 69 yearsC10D0015   N,9,0
        70 to 74 yearsC10D0016   N,9,0
        75 to 79 yearsC10D0017   N,9,0
        80 to 84 yearsC10D0018   N,9,0
        85 years and overC10D0019   N,9,0
        Median age (years)C10D0020   N,9,1
        16 years and overC10D0021   N,9,0
        18 years and overC10D0022   N,9,0
        21 years and overC10D0023   N,9,0
        62 years and overC10D0024   N,9,0
        65 years and overC10D0025   N,9,0
    Male populationC10D0026   N,9,0
        Under 5 yearsC10D0027   N,9,0
        5 to 9 yearsC10D0028   N,9,0
        10 to 14 yearsC10D0029   N,9,0
        15 to 19 yearsC10D0030   N,9,0
        20 to 24 yearsC10D0031   N,9,0
        25 to 29 yearsC10D0032   N,9,0
        30 to 34 yearsC10D0033   N,9,0
        35 to 39 yearsC10D0034   N,9,0
        40 to 44 yearsC10D0035   N,9,0
        45 to 49 yearsC10D0036   N,9,0
        50 to 54 yearsC10D0037   N,9,0
        55 to 59 yearsC10D0038   N,9,0
        60 to 64 yearsC10D0039   N,9,0
        65 to 69 yearsC10D0040   N,9,0
        70 to 74 yearsC10D0041   N,9,0
        75 to 79 yearsC10D0042   N,9,0
        80 to 84 yearsC10D0043   N,9,0
        85 years and overC10D0044   N,9,0
        Median age (years)C10D0045   N,9,1
        16 years and overC10D0046   N,9,0
        18 years and overC10D0047   N,9,0
        21 years and overC10D0048   N,9,0
        62 years and overC10D0049   N,9,0
        65 years and overC10D0050   N,9,0
    Female populationC10D0051   N,9,0
        Under 5 yearsC10D0052   N,9,0
        5 to 9 yearsC10D0053   N,9,0
        10 to 14 yearsC10D0054   N,9,0
        15 to 19 yearsC10D0055   N,9,0
        20 to 24 yearsC10D0056   N,9,0
        25 to 29 yearsC10D0057   N,9,0
        30 to 34 yearsC10D0058   N,9,0
        35 to 39 yearsC10D0059   N,9,0
        40 to 44 yearsC10D0060   N,9,0
        45 to 49 yearsC10D0061   N,9,0
        50 to 54 yearsC10D0062   N,9,0
        55 to 59 yearsC10D0063   N,9,0
        60 to 64 yearsC10D0064   N,9,0
        65 to 69 yearsC10D0065   N,9,0
        70 to 74 yearsC10D0066   N,9,0
        75 to 79 yearsC10D0067   N,9,0
        80 to 84 yearsC10D0068   N,9,0
        85 years and overC10D0069   N,9,0
        Median age (years)C10D0070   N,9,1
        16 years and overC10D0071   N,9,0
        18 years and overC10D0072   N,9,0
        21 years and overC10D0073   N,9,0
        62 years and overC10D0074   N,9,0
        65 years and overC10D0075   N,9,0
    Total populationC10D0076   N,9,0
        One RaceC10D0077   N,9,0
            WhiteC10D0078   N,9,0
            Black or African AmericanC10D0079   N,9,0
            American Indian and Alaska NativeC10D0080   N,9,0
            AsianC10D0081   N,9,0
                Asian IndianC10D0082   N,9,0
                ChineseC10D0083   N,9,0
                FilipinoC10D0084   N,9,0
                JapaneseC10D0085   N,9,0
                KoreanC10D0086   N,9,0
                VietnameseC10D0087   N,9,0
                Other AsianC10D0088   N,9,0
            Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific IslanderC10D0089   N,9,0
                Native HawaiianC10D0090   N,9,0
                Guamanian or ChamorroC10D0091   N,9,0
                SamoanC10D0092   N,9,0
                Other Pacific IslanderC10D0093   N,9,0
            Some Other RaceC10D0094   N,9,0
        Two or More RacesC10D0095   N,9,0
            White; American Indian and Alaska NativeC10D0096   N,9,0
            White; AsianC10D0097   N,9,0
            White; Black or African AmericanC10D0098   N,9,0
            White; Some Other RaceC10D0099   N,9,0
        Race alone or in combination with one or more other races:     
            WhiteC10D0100   N,9,0
            Black or African AmericanC10D0101   N,9,0
            American Indian and Alaska NativeC10D0102   N,9,0
            AsianC10D0103   N,9,0
            Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific IslanderC10D0104   N,9,0
            Some Other RaceC10D0105   N,9,0
    Total populationC10D0106   N,9,0
        Hispanic or Latino (of any race)C10D0107   N,9,0
            MexicanC10D0108   N,9,0
            Puerto RicanC10D0109   N,9,0
            CubanC10D0110   N,9,0
            Other Hispanic or LatinoC10D0111   N,9,0
        Not Hispanic or LatinoC10D0112   N,9,0
    Total populationC10D0113   N,9,0
        Hispanic or LatinoC10D0114   N,9,0
            White aloneC10D0115   N,9,0
            Black or African American aloneC10D0116   N,9,0
            American Indian and Alaska Native aloneC10D0117   N,9,0
            Asian aloneC10D0118   N,9,0
            Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander aloneC10D0119   N,9,0
            Some Other Race aloneC10D0120   N,9,0
            Two or More RacesC10D0121   N,9,0
        Not Hispanic or LatinoC10D0122   N,9,0
            White aloneC10D0123   N,9,0
            Black or African American aloneC10D0124   N,9,0
            American Indian and Alaska Native aloneC10D0125   N,9,0
            Asian aloneC10D0126   N,9,0
            Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander aloneC10D0127   N,9,0
            Some Other Race aloneC10D0128   N,9,0
            Two or More RacesC10D0129   N,9,0
    Total populationC10D0130   N,9,0
        In householdsC10D0131   N,9,0
            HouseholderC10D0132   N,9,0
            Spouse [6]C10D0133   N,9,0
            ChildC10D0134   N,9,0
                Own child under 18 yearsC10D0135   N,9,0
            Other relativesC10D0136   N,9,0
                Under 18 yearsC10D0137   N,9,0
                65 years and overC10D0138   N,9,0
            NonrelativesC10D0139   N,9,0
                Under 18 yearsC10D0140   N,9,0
                65 years and overC10D0141   N,9,0
                Unmarried partnerC10D0142   N,9,0
        In group quartersC10D0143   N,9,0
            Institutionalized populationC10D0144   N,9,0
                MaleC10D0145   N,9,0
                FemaleC10D0146   N,9,0
            Noninstitutionalized populationC10D0147   N,9,0
                MaleC10D0148   N,9,0
                FemaleC10D0149   N,9,0
    Total householdsC10D0150   N,9,0
        Family households (families)C10D0151   N,9,0
            With own children under 18 yearsC10D0152   N,9,0
            Husband-wife familyC10D0153   N,9,0
                With own children under 18 yearsC10D0154   N,9,0
            Male householder, no wife presentC10D0155   N,9,0
                With own children under 18 yearsC10D0156   N,9,0
            Female householder, no husband presentC10D0157   N,9,0
                With own children under 18 yearsC10D0158   N,9,0
        Nonfamily householdsC10D0159   N,9,0
            Householder living aloneC10D0160   N,9,0
                MaleC10D0161   N,9,0
                Male - 65 years and overC10D0162   N,9,0
                FemaleC10D0163   N,9,0
                Female - 65 years and overC10D0164   N,9,0
        Households with individuals under 18 yearsC10D0165   N,9,0
        Households with individuals 65 years and overC10D0166   N,9,0
        Average household sizeC10D0167   N,9,2
        Average family sizeC10D0168   N,9,2
    Total housing unitsC10D0169   N,9,0
        Occupied housing unitsC10D0170   N,9,0
        Vacant housing unitsC10D0171   N,9,0
            For rentC10D0172   N,9,0
            Rented, not occupiedC10D0173   N,9,0
            For sale onlyC10D0174   N,9,0
            Sold, not occupiedC10D0175   N,9,0
            For seasonal, recreational, or occasional useC10D0176   N,9,0
            All other vacantsC10D0177   N,9,0
            Homeowner vacancy rate (percent)C10D0178   N,9,2
            Rental vacancy rate (percent)C10D0179   N,9,2
    Occupied housing unitsC10D0180   N,9,0
        Owner-occupied housing unitsC10D0181   N,9,0
            Population in owner-occupied housing unitsC10D0182   N,9,0
            Average household size of owner-occupied unitsC10D0183   N,9,2
        Renter-occupied housing unitsC10D0184   N,9,0
            Population in renter-occupied housing unitsC10D0185   N,9,0
            Average household size of renter-occupied unitsC10D0186   N,9,2

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