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Outlook Estimates & Projections -- Demographic Profile 1

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Outlook Estimates & Projections -- Demographic Profile 1

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Outlook Estimates & Projections -- Demographic Profile 1

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Situation & Outlook Demographic Profile 1 -- General Demographics


Geography available: census tract and up


Estimates and Projections by ProximityOne.


Timeframe: annual estimates and projections 2008 through 2018

Data for 2008 derived from ACS 2010 5-year estimates.

Data for 2009 through 2012 are estimates developed by ProximityOne.

Data for 2013 through 2018 are estimates/projections developed by ProximityOne.


2013 release includes:

2008 estimates derived from ACS 2010 5-year data (released 12/11).

2009 estimates derived from ACS 2011 5-year data (released 12/12).

2010 through 2013 estimates developed by ProximityOne.

2014 through 2018 projections developed by ProximityOne.


Data Record Content

Field Item DescriptionItemNameNotes/ValuesFormat
1Dataset IDDATASET  C,10
2Geographic Summary LevelSUMLEVC,3
    United States   010 
    State    040 
    County   050 
    Metropolitan Statistical Area   310 
      Metropolitan Division    312 
3ReservedRES1  C,4
6D2008D2008  fmt
7D2009D2009  fmt
8D2010D2010  fmt
9D2011D2011  fmt
10D2012D2012  fmt
11D2013D2013  fmt
12D2014D2014  fmt
13D2015D2015  fmt
14D2016D2016  fmt
15D2017D2017  fmt

ITEM Codes and Descriptions
Item DescriptionItem CodeNotes Format
Total PopulationD001   N,9,0
    MaleD002   N,9,0
    FemaleD003   N,9,0
    Under 5 yearsD004   N,9,0
    5 to 9 yearsD005   N,9,0
    10 to 14 yearsD006   N,9,0
    15 to 19 yearsD007   N,9,0
    20 to 24 yearsD008   N,9,0
    25 to 34 yearsD009   N,9,0
    35 to 44 yearsD010   N,9,0
    45 to 54 yearsD011   N,9,0
    55 to 59 yearsD012   N,9,0
    60 to 64 yearsD013   N,9,0
    65 to 74 yearsD014   N,9,0
    75 to 84 yearsD015   N,9,0
    85 years and overD016   N,9,0
    Median AgeD017   N,9,1
    18 years and overD018   N,9,0
    21 years and overD019   N,9,0
    62 years and overD020   N,9,0
    65 years and overD021   N,9,0
    18 years and overD022   N,9,0
        MaleD023   N,9,0
        FemaleD024   N,9,0
    65 years and overD025   N,9,0
        MaleD026   N,9,0
        FemaleD027   N,9,0
Total Population (D001)D028   N,9,0
    One RaceD029   N,9,0
    Two or More RacesD030   N,9,0
    One raceD031   N,9,0
        WhiteD032   N,9,0
        Black or African AmericanD033   N,9,0
        American Indian and Alaska NativeD034   N,9,0
            Cherokee tribal groupingD035   N,9,0
            Chippewa tribal groupingD036   N,9,0
            Navajo tribal groupingD037   N,9,0
            Sioux tribal groupingD038   N,9,0
        AsianD039   N,9,0
            Asian IndianD040   N,9,0
            ChineseD041   N,9,0
            FilipinoD042   N,9,0
            JapaneseD043   N,9,0
            KoreanD044   N,9,0
            VietnameseD045   N,9,0
            Other AsianD046   N,9,0
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific IslanderD047   N,9,0
            Native HawaiianD048   N,9,0
            Guamanian or ChamorroD049   N,9,0
            SamoanD050   N,9,0
            Other Pacific IslanderD051   N,9,0
        Some other raceD052   N,9,0
    Two or more racesD053   N,9,0
        White and Black or African AmericanD054   N,9,0
        White and American Indian and Alaska NativeD055   N,9,0
        White and AsianD056   N,9,0
        Black/African American & American Indian & Alaska NativeD057   N,9,0
    Race alone or in comb. with other races; Total populationD058   N,9,0
        WhiteD059   N,9,0
        Black or African AmericanD060   N,9,0
        American Indian and Alaska NativeD061   N,9,0
        AsianD062   N,9,0
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific IslanderD063   N,9,0
        Some other raceD064   N,9,0
Total populationD065   N,9,0
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race)D066   N,9,0
        MexicanD067   N,9,0
        Puerto RicanD068   N,9,0
        CubanD069   N,9,0
        Other Hispanic or LatinoD070   N,9,0
    Not Hispanic or LatinoD071   N,9,0
        White aloneD072   N,9,0
        Black or African American aloneD073   N,9,0
        American Indian and Alaska Native aloneD074   N,9,0
        Asian aloneD075   N,9,0
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander aloneD076   N,9,0
        Some other race aloneD077   N,9,0
        Two or more racesD078   N,9,0
            2 races including Some other raceD079   N,9,0
            2 races excluding Some other race & 3 or more racesD080   N,9,0
Total housing unitsD081   N,9,0

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