Subbarrio (Subminor Civil Division) Shapefile Record Layout (Current)
STATEFP2StringCurrent state FIPS code
COUNTYFP3StringCurrent county FIPS code
COUSUBFP5StringCurrent county subdivision FIPS code
SUBMCDFP5StringCurrent subminor civil division FIPS code
SUBMCDNS8StringCurrent subminor civil division ANSI code
GEOID15StringSubminor civil division identifier; a concatenation of current state FIPS code, county FIPS code, county subdivision FIPS code, and subminor civil division FIPS code
NAME100StringCurrent subbarrio name
NAMELSAD100StringCurrent name and the translated legal/statistical area description for subbarrio
LSAD2StringCurrent legal/statistical area description code for subbarrio
CLASSFP2StringCurrent FIPS class code
MTFCC5StringMAF/TIGER feature class code (G4060)
FUNCSTAT1StringCurrent functional status
ALAND14NumberCurrent land area
AWATER14NumberCurrent water area
INTPTLAT11StringCurrent latitude of the internal point
INTPTLON12StringCurrent longitude of the internal point

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