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A shapefile is a digital vector file used in mapping and geospatial processing applications and contains geometric location and associated attribute information. A shapefile typically contains geographic attributes for points, lines or polygons structured in a specific format. A shapefile that might be referenced as xyz.shp actually consists of a minimum of three files: xyz.shp, xyz.shx, and xyz.dbf.


Shapefiles are used by GIS, mapping and geospatial analysis software such as the CommunityViewer GIS.  Thematic and reference maps can be created from the Census Bureau TIGER/Line shapefiles.  See examples in the Applications Gallery at


This section reviews the scope of the Census Bureau TIGER/Line shapefiles and ProximityOne GeoBase shapefiles that may be accessed and used with the Demographic Data Analyst.


The Census Bureau TIGER/Line shapefiles contain data that can be used to represent different types of point, line, and polygon geography covering the U.S. earth surface. The TIGER/Line shapefiles, and related derivative products, play an important role in wide-ranging geospatial analyses and decision-making information solutions.


The TIGER/Line shapefiles include:

• boundary shapefiles for all Census 2010/2000 political and statistical tabulation areas.

• water and landmark area polygon shapefiles.

• road, rail, water and related line/segment-oriented shapefiles.

• point and specific location shapefiles (schools, shopping centers, neighborhoods, etc.)

• related reference files that facilitate geospatial processing.


The Census 2010 TIGER/Line files reflect:

• overall improvements and updates resulting from the Census 2010 LUCA program.

• extensive qualititative and coverage improvement for roads/streets.


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