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General Demographics Subject Matter Items

Total population DP1001
  Male DP1002
  Female DP1003
  Under 5 years DP1004
  5 to 9 years DP1005
  10 to 14 years DP1006
  15 to 19 years DP1007
  20 to 24 years DP1008
  25 to 34 years DP1009
  35 to 44 years DP1010
  45 to 54 years DP1011
  55 to 59 years DP1012
  60 to 64 years DP1013
  65 to 74 years DP1014
  75 to 84 years DP1015
  85 years and over DP1016
  Median age (years) DP1017
  18 years and over DP1018
    Male DP1019
    Female DP1020
  21 years and over DP1021
  62 years and over DP1022
  65 years and over DP1023
    Male DP1024
    Female DP1025
  One race DP1026
    White DP1027
    Black or African American DP1028
    American Indian and Alaska Native DP1029
    Asian DP1030
    Asian Indian DP1031
    Chinese DP1032
    Filipino DP1033
    Japanese DP1034
    Korean DP1035
    Vietnamese DP1036
    Other Asian DP1037
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander DP1038
    Native Hawaiian DP1039
    Guamanian or Chamorro DP1040
    Samoan DP1041
    Other Pacific Islander DP1042
    Some other race DP1043
  Two or more races DP1044
  Race alone or in combination with one or more other races:     White DP1045
    Black or African American DP1046
    American Indian and Alaska Native DP1047
    Asian DP1048
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander DP1049
      Some other race DP1050
  Hispanic or Latino (of any race) -- BG: total population DP1051
    Mexican DP1052
    Puerto Rican DP1054
    Cuban DP1055
    Other Hispanic or Latino DP1056
  Not Hispanic or Latino DP1057
    White alone DP1058
Total population DP1059
  In households DP1060
    Householder DP1061
    Spouse DP1062
    Child DP1063
    Own child under 18 years DP1064
    Other relatives DP1065
    Under 18 years DP1066
    Nonrelatives DP1067
    Unmarried partner DP1068
  In group quarters DP1069
    Institutionalized population DP1070
    Noninstitutionalized population DP1071
Total households DP1072
  Family households (families) DP1073
      With own children under 18 years DP1074
    Married-couple family DP1075
      With own children under 18 years DP1076
    Female householder,no husband present DP1077
      With own children under 18 years DP1078
  Nonfamily households DP1079
  Householder living alone DP1080
  Householder 65 years and over DP1081
  Households with individuals under 18 years DP1082
  Households with individuals 65 years and over DP1083
  Average household size DP1084
  Average family size DP1085
Total housing units DP1086
  Occupied housing units DP1087
  Vacant housing units DP1088
  For seasonal,recreational,or occasional use DP1089
  Homeowner vacancy rate (percent) DP1090
  Rental vacancy rate (percent) DP1091
Occupied housing units DP1092
  Owner-occupied housing units DP1093
  Renter-occupied housing units DP1094
  Average household size of owner-occupied units DP1095
  Average household size of renter-occupied units DP1096

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