India's Megacities


Geocoding India Cities

We have a list of India's cities with population of 1 million or more population.  How to show these locations on a map?

The CommunityViewer FindAddress[batch] is an ideal tool for this task.  The list of addresses is simply placed into a text file.

Partial list example:

Mumbai, India

Delhi, India

Kolkata, India

Chennai, India

Bangalore, India

Hyderabad, India

Ahmedabad, India

The FindAddress[batch] is started and the text file name supplied.  The rest is automatic; a shapefile is created.

The resulting shapefile is added to a project (used to display next view).


India Places of 1 Million Population, 2009 Estimates



Zoom-in View of Delhi Area

Places are labeled with population percent change 2001-09.

Identify tool is used to display mini-profile of Delhi's characteristics.

MegaCities: Tabular View of India Cities with 1,000,000 Population or More, 2009 Estimates

Using CV dBrowser, the India Cities shapefile dbf is opened and sorted on name.

View shows population 2001, 2009, change 2001-2009 and percent change 2001-2009

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