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The Proximity Website is organized by information resource and application area. Registration forms are provided on many of these Web pages providing specific options for the resource or application area of interest. Visit these Web pages to register for specifically these topics of interest. A few of these Web pages are listed here.

Proximity's business is focused on providing decision-making information solutions to meet client needs. See the about Proximity section for more information about Proximity's mission and capabilities and overall scope of business.

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Decision Making Information Solutions

  • MetroDynamics -- Metropolitan Area Analysis
  • DMINews
  • School Districts
  • Congressional Districts
  • Places/Cities
  • Small Areas; Neighborhoods
  • Custom Mapping & GIS Solutions

State & Area Focused DMI Solutions

  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • Texas


  • CommunityViewer GIS
  • MetroDynamics -- integrated software & metro demographic/economic database
  • SDViewer -- School District Viewer

Geographic Files & Geocoding [goto top]

  • Address Geocoding
  • Map Files
  • ZIP-County-MSA & Other Equivalency Files

Demographic & Economic Data

  • Online Data Access
  • MetroDynamics
  • Census 2000 & Updates
  • School District Special Tabulation
  • ZIP Code Demographics

Workshops, Training, Courses [goto top]

  • Mapping and Applications Using Census 2000 & Updates -- Virtual Web Course

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