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Annual 2030/2060

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Annual 2030/2060

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Annual 2030/2060

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Annual 2030/2060 (Age-RaceEthnicity-Gender -- AREG) features include viewing, analysis and report generation for Outlook2030 & Outlook2060 estimates and projections.


Start the Annual 2030/2060 operation from the S&O main menu Analytics>Annual 2030/2060.  The form shown below is then displayed.


The start-up view is controlled by settings in the S&O Desktop INI file.

Start-up settings may be modified using the Main Menu Settings>Modify Settings.


The View button is used to display data accessed from the AREG database.

Three types of standard reports are available (set by dropdown to left of View button):

Single Year of Age

Age Cohorts



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