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The CV XE GIS integrated module is started from the Main Menu with GeoSpatial>CV XE GIS.

See more about CV GIS operations at and


The default start-up view is shown below.


GIS Files


Hawaii GIS files are loaded into the default folder c:\sao\hi2012.  Shapefiles used in the single GIS project provided include:


c:\sao\hi2012\tl_2010_15_tabblock10_water.shp -- Census 2010 census blocks shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\tl_2010_15_hsc2000.shp -- Census 2000 High School Complex shapefile (adjusted to Census 2010 TIGER)

c:\sao\hi2012\tl_2011_15_edges_roads.shp -- Census 2010 Hawaii Roads/Edges shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\tl_2010_15_tract10.shp -- Census 2010 Census Tracts shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\pubschoolsnad83.shp -- Hawaii public schools shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\private_schoolsnad83.shp -- Hawaii private schools shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\tl_2010_15_puma10.shp -- Census 2010 PUMA shapefile

c:\sao\hi2012\puma5_15_2000.shp -- Census 2000 PUMA shapefile (adjusted to Census 2010 TIGER)

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