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Modeler C1

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Modeler C1

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Modeler C1

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Modeler C1 is used to develop annual estimates and and projections by county for the U.S. from 2010 through 2060. Demographic estimates and projections subject matter include population, births, deaths, domestic net migration and international migration.  Population estimates and projections are developed by single year of age by gender and race/ethnicity as of July 1 each year.


Modeler C1 provides limited scope viewing and analysis.  Companion S&O Desktop module Age-Race/Ethnicity-Gender (AREG) provides more viewing and analytical options using the database developed by Modeler C1.


Start-up view of Modeler C1

Illustration of single year of age estimates and projections for Honolulu County, Hawaii.



Using Modeler C1


Modeler C1 is started from the S&O Desktop main menu:


The Modeler C1 user interface has these components:


Main Menu (top bar)

Control Panel (left section)

Grid Panel (right section)


Estimates and projections are dynamically computed using settings in Control Panel when the "Go" button is clicked.


Control panel operations

The GeoFilter is used to select the state and summary level for which the estimates and projections are to be developed.  The query should be of the form <state='15' .and. sumlev='050'> where the user changes on the state FIPS code (15 for Hawaii in this example).  To run county projections for California, the query would be <state='06' .and. sumlev='050'> (no pointy brackets).


Below the GeoFilter are three checkboxes that are used to control what data are displayed in the grid.  These items are all always computed, so this only controls what is displayed.  These checkboxes provide a way to control how much detail is displayed.




Age Detail




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