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Custom Spreadsheet

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Custom Spreadsheet

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Build custom spreadsheets mixing data from any S&O Server data source using the Custom Spreadsheet feature.  Create and use templates to custom structure the content, appearance and organization of any S&O Server accessible data.


To use the Custom Spreadsheet, proceed as follows:

Have a custom spreadsheet template ready for use.

With S&O Server running, click File>CustomSpreadsheet.

Select the spreadsheet template to be used.

The process of generating the spreadsheet starts immediately.

When using Custom Spreadsheet, left control panel operations are not used.


An Example


See much more detailed application examples: 1) for a block group and 2) for a census tract.


A template is created to enable the display of a spreadsheet that shows ACS 2011 5 year estimates for an area in Austin, Texas.  Map views of the area are shown in a related section (view now).  The template is structured with a specific data organization in mind.  It is designed to show a row for each of several population by gender and age categories.  An objective is to show these demographics for a block group and corresponding higher-level geographic areas -- where subject matter items appear as rows and geographic levels appear as columns.


The Sample Custom Spreadsheet Output below shows the block code in cell B2 (tract 001728, block group 3 in Travis County, TX).  It shows that the total population is 816 and the corresponding census tract population is 6,516, and so on.  The template, developed by the user, sets the name for the block group header is "BG 001728 3" and the cell in which is located.  Similarly for all other items in the output structure.  The output includes screen display with optional save as HTML or xls.  See details on template used to generate this output below.


Sample Custom Spreadsheet Output


A partial view of the template file used to generate the above view is shown below.  There is a row and column specification for every cell that is created in the output spreadsheet. The three highlighted cells result in the display of cells B2 and B4 in the above view/output.

Since the value of SUMLEV (column C) in template cell (1,1) is '000', this cell will be loaded with the value specified in the TEXT field.

Since the value of SUMLEV (column C) in template cell (1,3) is '150', this cell will be loaded with the block group geocode specified in the GEOID field.

Since the value of SUMLEV (column C) in template cell (1,3) is not '000', this cell will be loaded with the subject matter item specified in the ITEM1 field (unless two items are to be summed, in which case that field is specified in the ITEM2 field).


Custom Spreadsheet Template Example





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