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Situation & Outlook Estimates & Projection Items
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Use the interactive table and related information in this section to view/determine the scope, availability and organization of subject matter items included in the S&O estimates and projections database. S&O topics are covered in weekly Data Analytics Lab sessions.

The ProximityOne Situation & Outlook (S&O) Program is a combined database, information system and interpretive resource that you can use to better understand the existing demographic-economic situation, trending developments and projected future demographic-economic conditions.

ProximityOne continuously updates a Core Database that is used with statistical modeling software providing current estimates of demographic-economic data and projections. The Core Database is extended monthly as new historical data are added and updated. ProximityOne uses the integrated software and data to develop quarterly updates. The entire set of current estimates and projections are updated quarterly resulting in vintages. The 2017Q1 vintage refers to estimates and projections updated and released as of the 2017Q1 release dates. See about release dates.

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  • Guide to Data Resources S&O section
    .. provides projection database descriptions ... also summarized below
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S&O Items -- Interactive Table
  This table shows a row/line for individual subject matter items available in the S&O database.
  Some additional headers and explanatory lines are included.
  These are items for which estimates and projections are available.
  This table contains metadata; it does not provide direct access to statistical data.
  Click ShowAll button (below table) between Find/Filter/Query operations. See usage notes below table.
  See related geographic, demographic, economic interactive tables.

Usage Notes
-- table is available as a spreadsheet for S&O users and prospective users
-- table does not include description of the single year of age estimates & projections; available separately.

Use the table to make a custom selection of items and share that selection with us for a dataset quote.
-- check items of interest (left column checkbox); copy to clipboard; paste in text section of contact form and send.

Click ShowAll button between filters/queries; this resets table to original view.

• Program -- statistical program
  .. use the "Program" dropdown to view items only from selected program.
  .. current estimates & projections are not sourced from these programs but relate closely.
    - POP - Census Bureau Population & Components of Change Estimates
    - ACS - American Community Survey
    - CEW - Establishments, Employment & Wages
    - HSG - Housing & New Construction
    - LFP - Labor Force - tract and quarterly - P1
    - PCE - Personal Consumption Expenditures
    - RSL - Retail Sales
    - GDP - GDP by Sector

• GeoLevel -- geographic level for which this item is available
  .. use the "GeoLevel" button to select items available for a certain GeoLevel.
    - all items are available at the U.S. and state level.
    - T .. available at the census tract and county, CBSA, state & U.S. levels.
    - C .. available at the county, CBSA, state & U.S. levels.
    - M .. available at the metro/CBSA, state & U.S. levels.

• Time Period -- time period for which this item is available
  .. use the "Time" button to select items available for a certain time period.
    - all items are available on Annual basis.
    - A .. available annually only.
    - Q .. available quarterly and annually.
    - M .. available monthly, quarterly and annually.

• G1, G2, G3 -- Group indicators (three columns)
  .. Group 1 shows a "1" when part of the Group 1 dataset.
    ... S&O_21_1C .. S&O_21_1T .. S&O_21_1Z
  .. Group 2 shows a "2" when part of the Group 2 dataset.
    ... S&O_21_2C .. S&O_21_2T .. S&O_21_2Z
  .. Group 3 shows a "3" when part of the Group 3 dataset.
    ... S&O_21_1Z .. S&O_21_1Z .. S&O_21_1Z

• Item
  .. Item name or code, typically the field name for this item.
• Description
  .. Descriptive name for this item.

S&O Database Components
Core Database
- historical data used to develop S&O estimates and projections
- updated continuously
- includes a broader set of data than summarized in the interactive table above

Outlook 36 Month Database
- items available listed in above table
- 36 month/3 year projections
- national, state, metro, county
- starts 2013Q1 and extends 36 months ahead of the current quarter
- updated quarterly

Outlook 5 Year Database
- items available listed in above table
- annual data, 2010 extending 5 years ahead of the current year
- demographic-economic data
- national, state, metro, county, census tract, ZIP code area
- updated quarterly and annually

Outlook 2030 Database
- items available listed in above table
- annual data, 2010-2030
- demographic-economic data; subset of Outlook 5-Year
- national, state, metro, county
- updated quarterly and annually

Outlook 2060 Database
- items available listed in above table
- annual data, 2010-2060
- population by age x gender x race/ethnicity only
- includes single year of age
- national, state, metro, county
- updated quarterly and annually

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to geographic-demographic-economic decision-making information resources. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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