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School District Changing Patterns

The demographic composition and size of many school districts have changed dramatically since Census 2000. Maps and data provided in this section provide insights into these changes -- where are the changes occurring and by how much.

These maps have been developed through the use of the Proximity SDViewer (School District Viewer). Use the SDViewer software and database on your own computer to achieve maximum flexibility in viewing details of districts in regions of interest.

The graphic presented below shows recent enrollment change (1999-00 to 2002-03) for the contiguous 48 states. Districts are color coded to show how change has occurred during the period:
  - Red: enrollment decrease of -10% or more
  - Light red: enrollment decrease between 0 and -10%
  - Light blue: enrollment increase between 0 and 10%
  - Blue: enrollment increase of 10% or more

click for larger view

State and metropolitan statistical area boundaries are also shown in the map.

Views with more detail are available by clicking on the west or east map sections. Expand the browser window to full screen for best view.

Eastern 48 contiguous states
click for larger view
Western 48 contiguous states
click for larger view

Each map shows three layers of school districts: elementary, secondary and unified. Where elementary districts exist (approximately 3,300), secondary or unified districts that might exist covering the same earth surface are not visible (they are on layers underneath the elementary districts layer). Most states do not have elementary districts. Most states that do have elementary districts have very few. The analyses do not consider possble merges, changes in boundaries, or changes in grade ranges that may have occurred.

Zoom-in views, such as the one shown below for Missouri, can be displayed using SDViewer. District and MSA boundaries are easier to identify at this level of geography. The identify tool can be used to view MSA attributes as shown below.

The identify tool can also be used to profile any school district. The next view shows a profile of Raymore-Peculiar Schools. The "E" labels are enrollment (1997-98 through 2002-03). The percent change in enrollment from 1999-00 to 2002-03 is an increase of 12.69%.

Largest 40 Districts with 10% or More Decrease. The largest 40 districts (based on enrollment 2002-03) with 10% or more decrease in enrollment between 1999-00 and 2002-03 are listed below. The list is sorted on enrollment 2002-03 in descending order.

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