ACS PUMS -- New York


Illustrating use of Crosstab feature to develop custom demographic estimates by PUMA using ACS 2011 5 year Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS).


Focus on PUMAs 00401 and 00402 ... illustrating that 00402 exists within PUMA 00401.

See related ACS PUMS 2011 tabulations below.



PUMA 36-00401 has estimated total population 151,309; 36-00402 has estimated total population 146,846.

Each row in the grid corresponds to a PUMA.  Clicking Create Estimates button generates summary estimates for the state for all PUMAs.

The lines above the grid are statements processed by Crosstab.  The first line generates Col1, second line Col2 and so on.

These query statements are contained in the Query File Name shown at left in control panel.  Any can be eliminated, others added.

Query statements 4 to 8 specify age of person (5 through 20).  This could easily be changed to 5 through 15, for example, and re-run.



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