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Using DataView with Census 2000 Data
  ... Easily Query View Sort Import Export Modify DBASE Files

Use the DataView software to easily view and process any type of dBASE file. The following graphic shows DataView used to open/view the U.S. by city/place demographic estimates file.

An example of using DataView ... use the Filter button to view only those records in state 06 (California):

The result is shown below ... note the state code field includes only records with 06:

Another example ... .using above filter with the additional criteria of city size: 2005 population of 1,000,000 or more:

The result is shown below ... the FLM (Field List Manager) button is used to select desired fields:

Order DataView


  • UpArrow, DownArrow -- move up or down one record at the time
  • PageUp, PageDown -- move up or down one page at the time
  • Home, End, Tab, Shift/Tab, Left, Right -- navigate from field to field within one record
  • Ctrl/Home, Ctrl/End -- go to top or bottom record of the database
  • Space, Enter in a logical field let you toggle the value of the field
  • Ctrl/Delete -- enables toggle Deleted/Restored status of the current record

Mouse Clicks

  • RightClick column title sorts the database
  • RightClick grid top left corner to disable sorting
  • LeftClick grid left top corner to start columns property editor
        ... clicking column heading to resize and move grid columns


  • Navigator buttons -- navigate through the current database
  • Open -- open a database. The currently open database will be closed.
  • Sort -- specify a dBase expression for an index key.
        ... also sort records by right-clicking column heading
  • Find -- specify a value to find (dbf must be sorted to use Find)
        ... Find is case sensitive
  • CopyTo -- export data from the current dbf to another file
        ... tip -- use Filter then CopyTo
  • Import -- import data from text or dbf into dbf currently open
  • Pack -- permanently remove the records marked as "Deleted"
  • Count -- count the records that match the current filter
  • FLM -- Field List Manager; rearrange dbf fields in grid and hide them.
        ... physical database file is not altered

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