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Proximity Census Block Extended Demographics

This section lists the items included in the Proximity Census Block Extended Demographic Database developed from the Census 2000 summary files. See more about scope and use of these data and demonstration applications at Block level geocodes (state, county, tract, block, etc.) reflect Census 2000 geography/geocodes.

  Geographic & Identifier Codes
Record Type rectyp,c,2,0
Summary Level sumlev,c,3,0
GeoComp geocomp,c,2,0
Code 1 code1,c,5,0
Code 2 code2,c,5,0
State Postal Abbreviation stusab,c,2,0
State FIPS Code state,c,2,0
State County Code county,c,3,0
Census Tract tract,c,6,0
Census Block Group blkgrp,c,1,0
Census Block block,c,4,0
ZCTA 5 Digit zcta5,c,5,0
School District Code Elementary sdelm,c,5,0
School District Code Secondary sdsec,c,5,0
School District Code Unified sduni,c,5,0
Traffic Analysis Zone taz,c,6,0
County Subdivision cousub,c,5,0
Place FIPS Codeplace,c,5,0
ConCit concit,c,5,0
MSACMSA Code msacmsa,c,4,0
PMSA Code pmsa,c,4,0
AIANHH Area aianhh,c,4,0
ANRC Area anrc,c,2,0
CD 106 cd106,c,2,0
Functional Status funcstat,c,1,0
SF1 Logical Record Number logrecno,c,7,0
Area Land arealand,c,14,0
Area Water areawatr,c,14,0
Latitude intptlat,c,9,0
Longitude intptlon,c,10,0
  Subject Matter Items
Population (geoseg) pop100,c,9,0
Housing Units, Total H003001,n,9,0
Housing Units, Occupied H003002,n,9,0
Housing Units, Vacant H003003,n,9,0
Occupied Housing Units H004001,n,9,0
Occupied Housing Units, Owner Occupied H004002,n,9,0
Occupied Housing Units, Renter Occupied H004003,n,9,0
Vacant Housing Units, For Rent H005002,n,9,0
Vacant Housing Units, For Sale H005003,n,9,0
Vacant Housing Units, Seasonal H005005,n,9,0
Avg Household Size, Owner Occupied H012002,n,9,0
Avg Household Size, Renter Occupied H012003,n,9,0
Total Population P001001,n,9,0
Total Population of One Race P003002,N,9,0
  White Alone P003003,N,9,0
  Black Alone P003004,N,9,0
  American Indian or Alaska Native Alone p003005,N,9,0
  Asian Alone p003006,N,9,0
  Native Hawaiian or OPI (see note) Alone p003007,N,9,0
  Some other race alone p003008,N,9,0
Total Population of Two or More Races p003009,N,9,0
Total Population Not Hispanic or Latino (NHL) p004003,N,9,0
  Population of One Race, NHL, White Alone p004005,N,9,0
Total Population p008001,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied: White alone or in combination p009002,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied: Black alone or in combination p009003,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied: American Indian and Alaska Native alone or in combinationp009004,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied:Asian alone or in combination p009005,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied:Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander alone or in combination p009006,N,9,0
Total Races Tallied:Some other race alone or in combination p009007,N,9,0
Sex by Age Total p012001,N,9,0
  Male Total p012002,N,9,0
  Male under 5 p012003,N,9,0
  Male 5 to 9 p012004,N,9,0
  Male 10 to 14 p012005,N,9,0
  Male 15 to 17 p012006,N,9,0
  Male 18 and 19 p012007,N,9,0
  Male 20 p012008,N,9,0
  Male 21 p012009,N,9,0
  Male 22 to 24 p012010,N,9,0
  Male 25 to 29 p012011,N,9,0
  Male 30 to 34 p012012,N,9,0
  Male 35 to 39 p012013,N,9,0
  Male 40 to 44 p012014,N,9,0
  Male 45 to 49 p012015,N,9,0
  Male 50 to 54 p012016,N,9,0
  Male 55 to 59 p012017,N,9,0
  Male 60 and 61 p012018,N,9,0
  Male 62 to 64 p012019,N,9,0
  Male 65 and 66 p012020,N,9,0
  Male 67 to 69 p012021,N,9,0
  Male 70 to 74 p012022,N,9,0
  Male 75 to 79 p012023,N,9,0
  Male 80 to 84 p012024,N,9,0
  Male 85 and over p012025,N,9,0
  Female Total p012026,N,9,0
  Female under 5 p012027,N,9,0
  Female 5 to 9 p012028,N,9,0
  Female 10 to 14 p012029,N,9,0
  Female 15 to 17 p012030,N,9,0
  Female 18 and 19 p012031,N,9,0
  Female 20 p012032,N,9,0
  Female 21 p012033,N,9,0
  Female 22 to 24 p012034,N,9,0
  Female 25 to 29 p012035,N,9,0
  Female 30 to 34 p012036,N,9,0
  Female 35 to 39 p012037,N,9,0
  Female 40 to 44 p012038,N,9,0
  Female 45 to 49 p012039,N,9,0
  Female 50 to 54 p012040,N,9,0
  Female 55 to 59 p012041,N,9,0
  Female 60 and 61 p012042,N,9,0
  Female 62 to 64 p012043,N,9,0
  Female 65 and 66 p012044,N,9,0
  Female 67 to 69 p012045,N,9,0
  Female 70 to 74 p012046,N,9,0
  Female 75 to 79 p012047,N,9,0
  Female 80 to 84 p012048,N,9,0
  Female 85 and over p012049,N,9,0
  Male under 1 year p014003,N,9,0
  Male 1 years p014004,N,9,0
  Male 2 years p014005,N,9,0
  Male 3 years p014006,N,9,0
  Male 4 years p014007,N,9,0
  Male 5 years p014008,N,9,0
  Male 6 years p014009,N,9,0
  Male 7 years p014010,N,9,0
  Male 8 years p014011,N,9,0
  Male 9 years p014012,N,9,0
  Male 10 years p014013,N,9,0
  Male 11 years p014014,N,9,0
  Male 12 years p014015,N,9,0
  Male 13 years p014016,N,9,0
  Male 14 years p014017,N,9,0
  Male 15 years p014018,N,9,0
  Male 16 years p014019,N,9,0
  Male 17 years p014020,N,9,0
  Male 18 years p014021,N,9,0
  Male 19 years p014022,N,9,0
  Female under 1 year p014024,N,9,0
  Female 1 years p014025,N,9,0
  Female 2 years p014026,N,9,0
  Female 3 years p014027,N,9,0
  Female 4 years p014028,N,9,0
  Female 5 years p014029,N,9,0
  Female 6 years p014030,N,9,0
  Female 7 years p014031,N,9,0
  Female 8 years p014032,N,9,0
  Female 9 years p014033,N,9,0
  Female 10 years p014034,N,9,0
  Female 11 years p014035,N,9,0
  Female 12 years p014036,N,9,0
  Female 13 years p014037,N,9,0
  Female 14 years p014038,N,9,0
  Female 15 years p014039,N,9,0
  Female 16 years p014040,N,9,0
  Female 17 years p014041,N,9,0
  Female 18 years p014042,N,9,0
  Female 19 years p014043,N,9,0
Median Age p013001,N,9,0
Avg Household Size p017001,N,9,0
Households, Total p018001,N,9,0
  Family p018006,N,9,0
  Married Couple Family p018007,N,9,0
    with own children under 18 p018008,N,9,0
  Male householder w/children under 18 p018012,N,9,0
  Female householder no husband present p018014,N,9,0
  Female householder w/children under 18 p018015,N,9,0
Households with one or more people under 18 yrs p019002,N,9,0
Nonfamily Households (Householder 15 to 64) p020014,N,9,0
  Householder living alone (Householder 15 to 64)p020015,N,9,0
Nonfamily Households (Householder 65 and over) p020029,N,9,0
  Householder living alone (Householder 65 and over) p020030,N,9,0
Households with one or more people 65 and over p023002,N,9,0
Total Population in Households p027002,N,9,0
  In family households: Householders p027004,N,9,0
  In family households: Spouse p027007,N,9,0
  In family households: Child p027008,N,9,0
  In family households: Grandchild p027011,N,9,0
  In family households: Brother/sister p027012,N,9,0
  In family households: Parent p027013,N,9,0
  In family households: Other relatives p027014,N,9,0
  In family households: Nonrelatives p027015,N,9,0
  In nonfamily households: Male householders p027017,N,9,0
  In nonfamily households: Female householders p027020,N,9,0
  In nonfamily households: Nonrelatives p027023,N,9,0
  In group quarters: total p027024,N,9,0
  In group quarters: institutionalized p027025,N,9,0
  In group quarters: noninstitutionalized p027026,N,9,0
Population under 18 years: In households: Own child p028005,N,9,0
Population under 18 years: In households: Other relatives P028010,N,9,0
Average Family Size p033001,N,9,0

  "OPI": Other Pacific Islander
  "in combination": in combination with one or more other races

Note: References to table/item codes in right column are further described, in relation to other items and universe of tabulation, in the Summary File 1 technical documentation located at

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