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Getting an accurate picture of how things are changing, or an understanding of existing situations, requires a flexible way to make maps, and perform geospatial analyses, using relevant geodemographics and related matter. We need to knit together different types of geographic representations to see the larger picture. Shapefiles with integrated demographic-economic data enable us to perform these important operations.

Proximity develops and provides access to wide-ranging shapefiles. Demographic-economic data already integrated into the shapefiles enable you to immediately make thematic maps, examine patterns, and perform geospatial analyses/queries. Unless otherwise stated, instructions for downloading files will be sent by e-mail normally within one business day of when the order is received. All shapefiles are distributed as NAD 83, geographic, no projection and in decimal degrees. These shapefiles may be used directly with the Proximity CommunityViewer software or any software that can process shapefiles. Shapefiles are licensed for end-use (no redistribution) on a perpetual use basis and licensed to the individual/group purchasing the license.

Proximity also develops custom shapefiles and geodemographic data to meet specific application requirements. Shapefile examples are school attendance zones, geocoded address data and special study areas. We develop custom current demographic estimates and projections and integrate these data into shapefiles. Other types of files are available in addition to those listed below. Contact us with questions or special requests.

  U.S. Interstate Highways -- $295
  # NI01
  U.S. Roads/Streets -- $2,795
  # NR01 -- DVD

  U.S. Census Blocks -- $1,995
  # NB01 -- DVD
  Integrated demographics

  U.S. Census Block Groups -- $1,195
  # NG01
  Integrated demographics: DP1 .. DP2 .. DP3 .. DP4
  U.S. Census Block Groups -- $1,595
  Server Version # NG01S
  Integrated demographics: DP1 .. DP2 .. DP3 .. DP4

  U.S. Census Tracts with Integrated Demographics -- $995
  additional details (see Subject Matter Items description)
  # ND_TRC_00

  U.S. School Districts -- $1,695
  2009-10 as defined by state education agencies (view sample use)
  # ND_SD_01_0910

  U.S. School Districts w/Subject Matter -- $2,495
  Same as # ND_SD_01 with subject matter data (blue highlighted items)
  # ND_SD_02

  U.S. K-12 Public Schools -- $1,695
  102,000+ schools; 2009-10 as defined by state education agencies (view sample use)
  # ND_SC_01_0910
  U.S. K-12 Public Schools w/Subject Matter -- $2,495
  Same as # ND_SC_01 with subject matter data (excludes block group demographics)
  # ND_SC_02
  U.S. K-12 Private Schools w/Subject Matter -- $1,495
    Approximately 30,000 schools; 2009-10 school year; see subject matter items
  # ND_SP_01

  U.S. ZIP Codes (ZCTA) -- $995
  # ND_ZCTA_01

  U.S. 110th/111th Congressional Districts -- $495
  Current vintage
  # ND_CD111_01

  U.S. Places -- $695
  Boundaries as of January 2010
  # ND_PLCD_01 with integrated Census 2010 population and related estimates

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