Layer Editor - Layer Settings


Layer Editor - Layer Settings




Path.  The physical path of the shapefile being used is shown in Path.


Name. File name; unique name in the GIS project file.


Caption.  The text shown in the Caption edit box is displayed in the legend panel.  If the value of Caption is edited here and then OK is clicked, the new caption name will appear in the legend panel.


Coordinate System.  Suggest NAD83.


Transparency.  To set transparency for the layer, change the value in Transparency.  With a transparency of 100, all layers "beneath this layer" that could be seen when this layer is unchecked, cannot be seen at all -- the layer has no transparency at all.  With a transparency of 0, all layers "beneath this layer" (that could be seen when this layer unchecked), can be seen as if the layer is unchecked -- the layer is fully transparent.


In the above example, transparency is set to 70.  See the pointer in the map view section to right of layer editor form.  It is possible to "see through" the tract layer, colored yellow, and view the OpenStreepMaps base layer.


The transparency setting is very useful when it is important to see the relationships between two or more layers.



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