The Situation & Outlook (S&O) Digital Map Database (DMD) is a digital map database comprised of point, line and area features covering the United States. DMD is used to associate virtually any type of subject matter data to the geographic infrastructure down to the address and intersection level of detail. Vector-based geography include:
• Points ... address locations, schools, hospitals, among others.
• Lines ... roads, railroads, water, among others.
• Area/polygon ... statistical area boundaries, political area boundaries, water, among others.
DMD is updated continuously and covers the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. territorial areas.
DMD is an extension and update to the Census Bureau TIGER/Line (TLF) shapefiles. Warren Glimpse, founder of ProximityOne, developed the Columbia, MO GBF/DIME file used as the prototype for the TLF program and is developer of desktop and Web-based GIS applications/tools including CVXE GIS tools using TLF data integrated with other wide-ranging data.


The 2017 TIGER/Line files updated in September 2017.  New attributes from 2017 TIGER/Line files will be merged into the DMD progressively in 2017/18.


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