Layer Editor -- Marker/Line/Area Settings


Click the Marker [or Line or Area] tab at the top of the form.  The Marker/Line/Area settings tab panel appears.  The Layer Editor determines if this panel will be named Marker (point shapefile such as structure locations), Line (line shapefile such as roads), or Area (polygon shapefiles such as census tracts).



For layers showing thematic views, such as the Pop %Chg 0008 in this project, there is a layer section/interval setting for each of the “visible query” settings.  Note that the three queries as defined using Section tab settings appear in the lower section of this form.  This is not a separate set of settings; they are integrated operations.


Click on each of the three Visible Query settings to modify the respective Area content.  At this stage, restrict setting changes to Area and Outline.


Click on the Marker/Line/Area subtab (already selected on start-up) to 1) set the Pattern, 2) set the Color, and 3) check Include in Legend if it is to be shown.  For a thematic layer, the Pattern is normally set to Solid.


Click on the Outline subtab to 1) set the Style for the outline/border, 2) width of line and 3) color of line for each geographic object in the visible query selection.


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