Install CVXEGIS on any Windows computer.


Run CVXEGIS Installer to install CVXEGIS on a computer.


The installer will guide your through the installation.
The install process will take less than a minute.
It is recommended that all default settings be accepted.
Using default settings, all software and data are placed in the folder c:\cvxe.


Upon completing the installation, you will be prompted to optionally view the readme and launch CVXEGIS

the readme provides more information on getting started.
When CVXEGIS initially start, it will open the default GIS project.


If you are using the Viewer-only version, proceed to the next section and start using CVXEGIS.


Users with Key assigned for access to extend features CVXEGIS (fee version):

Enter your key (this is not the UserGroup ID) in the Start-up settings.
See more information -- CVXEGIS user Keys are provided fee-based licensed users


Installing Datapaks and Custom GIS Projects/Datasets

Datapaks and custom GIS projects/datasets are supplemental fee-based GIS projects/datasets.

Separate instructions are provided to install Datapaks and custom GIS projects/datasets.

DataPak1 - Current year included with Basic Package
DataPak2 - Current year included with Professional Package
DataPak3 - K-12 Schools & School Districts
DataPak4 - 115th Congressional Districts & State Legislative Districts


Additional GIS Projects/Datasets

Optionally use any of the ready-to-use GIS projects/datasets described in the Mapping Statistical Data section.  See All of those project require a UserGroup ID and some require further authorization.


Updates and Reinstalling CVXEGIS

To reinstall or update CVXEGIS re-run the CVXEGIS Installer.

all installer files are updated/replaced.
the start-up INI file (that migth include your custom settings) is not replaced.


Removing CVXEGIS

To remove CVXEGIS entirely, delete the folder c:\cvxe.


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