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Decision-Making Information
  information resources & solutions
  (888) DMI-SOLN
  (888) 364-7656

Data Analytics Blog
Power of Combining Maps with Data

Accessing & Using Geographic-Demographic-Economic Data
    GeoSpatial Analytics

Join us in the weekly web sessions where we review wide-ranging topics on
  • current and trending geographic-demographic-economic characteristics
  • tools to access & use demographic-economic data with other data
  • using decision-making information & developing insights

One-hour Data web sessions are conducted by Warren Glimpse.
  • Tuesdays 3:00 pm ET; Accessing & Using Demographic-Economic Data
  • Thursdays 3:00 pm ET; GeoSpatial Analytics
      Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Training & Support
  • gain insights into information change, patterns that might affect you
  • see connectivity details below

Who benefits? Anyone who is directly or indirectly engaged in accessing/using geographic, demographic, economic data for management, analysis or decision-making. While we cover many technical details, managers and leaders benefit from understanding what is possible even though perhaps not engaged in daily data development or analytics. Topics are heavily cross-related. The thread of small area demographics runs throughout the sessions, even though the main topic might be on congressional districts or cities/counties. The sessions provide a forum for problem-solving and continuity not found elsewhere.

E-mail or call (888-364-7656) with questions/help.

12.07.21. Accessing & Using Geographic-Demographic-Economic Data
Weekly session -- Tuesdays at 3:00 pm ET
Starts 3:00 pm ET Dec 7 .. join at 2:55 pm
Connectivity details this session:
.. by phone (872) 240-3412 -- Access Code: 876-187-413

5 minute introduction & overview
  • Using interactive tables; updates/additions
  • General Updates & What's Ahead
  • Demographic Projections to 2060; predictive analytics
  • Accessing & Integrating Data from the Federal Statistical System (FSS)

  • In review, the status of selected Census sourced tract/block group level data:
    .. ACS 2020 "1-year" estimates for areas over 65,000 population (no tract, ZIP, BG) .. delayed; reconfigured
    .. ACS 2020 "5-year" estimates for all areas (tract, ZIP, BG) .. delayed (March 2022); reconfigured

    .. Census 2020 "redistricting" data
    .. No "richer" demographics (like income, educational attainment) from Census 2020
    .. Tract, BG, block (and higher level geo) data:
        - population & by race/origin/gender/age, housing units, occupied units (households) and vacant units
    .. state by state block shapefiles/SQLite files with integrated demographics

  • Updates on the Federal Statistical System
  • U.S. by County 2010-2020 interactive table
    .. updated features
  • U.S. Places 2010-2020 Demographic & Change interactive table
  • 2060 Demographic Projection Updates
  • New Authorized Residential Construction (Places/Counties) monthly time series
    .. using the new VDA Base - Housing Project
  • Majority-Minority Population by Census Tract
  • Metro and Urban Area Characteristics & Relationships

12.09.21. GeoSpatial Analytics Training & Support Session
Weekly session -- Thursdays at 3:00 pm EDT
Starts 3:00 pm ET Dec 9 .. join at 2:55 pm
Connectivity details this session:
.. by phone (571) 317-3122 -- Access Code: 819-538-805

  • Census Bureau TIGER Digital Map Database
      continuing Web series focused TIGER & related geographic resources: structure, access, use
    .. Topological Integrated Geographic, Encoding & Reference --
    .. a no cost digital map database maintained by the Census Bureau
    .. for entry level GIS/mapping users, developers, researchers, GIS specialists, educators, students

  • Equivalencing Census Tracts 2010-2020


  • Using the Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Web GIS
    .. a ProximityOne/Tsukasa Consulting (Osaka Japan) partnership initiative
    .. getting started
    .. recap available projects & differences
    .. uploading layers updates
    .. GeoSelect/SiteAnalysis operations
    .. Find Address/Geocoding operations
    .. Table/query operations

  • Demographic-Economic Data Extraction API Tools (DEDE) update
    reviewing County Situation & Outlook Reports
    using these new data released Sep 2
    .. ACS 2019 county mobility data
    .. BLS QCEW 2021Q2 Est, Empl, Earnings x 6 digit NAICS
    updated/extended Census 2010 & Census 2020 census block (and other levels) data

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to geographic, demographic, economic and business data. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geodemographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact us (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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