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School District/Education Agency Universe, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

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Data Item/Fields

 Item DescriptionItemNameNotesFormat
YearYEAR  C,4,0
Federal Local Education Agency IDLEAID  C,7,0
State FIPS CodeFIPST  C,2,0
State ID for agency.STID  C,14,0
Name of education agencyNAME  C,60,0
Phone numberPHONE  C,10,0
Mailing addressADDR  C,30,0
Mailing CityCITY  C,22,0
Mailing StateSTAB  C,2,0
Mailing ZIPZIP  C,5,0
Mailing ZIP+4ZIP4  C,4,0
Location addressADDRL  C,30,0
Location CityCITYL  C,22,0
Location StateSTABL  C,2,0
Location ZIPZIPL  C,5,0
Location ZIP+4ZIP4L  C,4,0
  1 = Regular local school district. Locally governed agency responsible for providing free public elementary or secondary education; includes independent school districts and those that are a dependent segment of a local government such as a city or county.

  2 = Local school district that is a component of a supervisory union. Regular local school district that shares its superintendent and administrative services with other school districts participating in the supervisory union.

  3 = Supervisory Union. An education agency that performs administrative services for more than one school district, providing a common superintendent for participating districts.

  4 = Regional Education Service Agency. Agency providing specialized education services to a variety of local education agencies, or a county superintendent serving the same purposes.

  5 = State-Operated Agency. Agency that is charged, at least in part, with providing elementary and/or secondary instruction or support services. Includes the State Education Agency if this agency operates schools. Examples include elementary/secondary schools operated by the state for the deaf or blind; and programs operated by state correctional facilities.

  6 = Federally-Operated Agency. A federal agency that is charged, at least in part, with providing elementary or secondary instruction or support services.

  7 = Charter Agency. All schools associated with the agency are charter schools.
  8 = Other Education Agency. Agency providing elementary or secondary instruction or support services that does not fall within the definitions of agency types 1–7
TYPE  C,1,0
Supervisory union numberUNION  C,6,0
County FIPS codeCONUM  C,5,0
County nameCONAME  C,33,0
Combined Statistical Area codeCSA  C,3,0
Core-Based Statistical Area codeCBSA  C,5,0
Type of CBSA METMIC  C,1,0
Locale code
where UA: Urbanized Area; UC: Urban Cluster; PC: Principal City
  11 = City, Large: area inside UA & inside PC & population >= 250,000.
  12 = City, Midsize: area inside UA & inside PC & population 100,000-250,000.
  13 = City, Small: area inside UA & inside PC & population < 100,000.
  21 = Suburb, Large: area outside PC & inside UA & population >= 250,000.
  22 = Suburb, Midsize: area outside PC & inside UA & population 100,000-250,000.
  23 = Suburb, Small: area outside PC & inside UA & population < 100,000.
  31 = Town, Fringe: area inside UC that is <= 10 miles from UA.
  32 = Town, Distant: area inside UC that is 10-35 miles from UA.
  33 = Town, Remote: area inside UC that is > 35 miles from UA.
  41 = Rural, Fringe: non-urban area <= 5 miles from UA & <= 2.5 miles from UC
  42 = Rural, Distant: non-urban area 5-25 miles from UA & 2.5-10 miles from UC
  43 = Rural, Remote: non-urban area >= 25 miles from UA & >= 10 miles from UC
Congressional District 112 codeCDCODE  N,9,0
LatitudeLATCOD  N,12,6
LongitudeLONCOD  N,12,6
Bureau of Indian Education code (1=Yes, 2=No)BIEA  C,1,0
Boundary change indicator
  1 = No significant boundary change for this agency since the last report. Currently in operation.
  2 = Education agency has closed with no effect on another agency’s boundaries.
  3 = This is a new education agency formed with no effect on another agency’s boundaries.
  4 = Agency was in existence, but not reported in previous year’s CCD agency universe survey, and is now being added.
  5 = Agency has undergone a significant change in geographic boundaries or instructional responsibility.
  6 = Agency is temporarily closed and may reopen within 3 years.
  7 = Agency is scheduled to be operational within 2 years.
  8 = Agency was closed on previous year’s file but has reopened.
BOUND  C,1,0
Low grade offeredGSLO  C,2,0
High grade offeredGSHI  C,2,0
Prekindergarten offeredPKOFFRD  C,1,0
Kindergarten offered (1=Yes, 2=No)KGO  C,1,0
1st grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G01O  C,1,0
2nd grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G02O  C,1,0
3rd offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G03O  C,1,0
4th offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G04O  C,1,0
5th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G05O  C,1,0
6th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G06O  C,1,0
7th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G07O  C,1,0
8th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G08O  C,1,0
9th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G09O  C,1,0
10th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G10O  C,1,0
11th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G11O  C,1,0
12th grade offered (1=Yes, 2=No)G12O  C,1,0
Ungraded offered (1=Yes, 2=No)UGO  C,1,0
Charter status
  1 = All associated schools are charter schools.
  2 = Some associated schools are charter schools and some are non-charter schools.
  3 = All associated schools are non-charter schools.
Number of schoolsSCH  N,9,0
Students with Individualized Education Program (IEP) under IDEA Part BSPECED   N,9,0
English language learner (ELL) studentsELL  N,9,0
Prekindergarten teachers (FTE)PKTCH  N,8,2
Kindergarten teachers (FTE)KGTCH  N,8,2
Elementary teachers (FTE)ELMTCH   N,8,2
Secondary teachers (FTE)SECTCH   N,8,2
Ungraded teachers (FTE)UGTCH  N,8,2
Total teachers (FTE)TOTTCH   N,8,2
Instructional aides (FTE)AIDES  N,8,2
Instructional coordinators & supervisors (FTE)CORSUP  N,8,2
Elementary guidance counselors (FTE)ELMGUI  N,8,2
Secondary guidance counselors (FTE)SECGUI   N,8,2
Other guidance counselors (FTE)OTHGUI  N,8,2
Total guidance counselors (FTE)TOTGUI  N,8,2
Librarians/media specialists (FTE)LIBSPE   N,8,2
Library/media support staff (FTE)LIBSUP  N,8,2
LEA administrators (FTE)LEAADM  N,8,2
LEA administrative support staff (FTE)LEASUP   N,8,2
School administrators (FTE)SCHADM   N,8,2
School administrative support staff (FTE)SCHSUP   N,9,0
Student support services staff (FTE)STUSUP   N,8,2
All other support services staf (FTE)OTHSUP   N,8,2
Race/ethnicities categories indicatorRACECAT  C,1,0
Prekindergarten studentsPK  N,9,0
Kindergarten studentsKG  N,9,0
Grade 1 studentsG01   N,9,0
Grade 2 studentsG02   N,9,0
Grade 3 studentsG03  N,9,0
Grade 4 studentsG04   N,9,0
Grade 5 studentsG05  N,9,0
Grade 6 studentsG06  N,9,0
Grade 7 studentsG07  N,9,0
Grade 8 studentsG08  N,9,0
Grade 9 studentsG09   N,9,0
Grade 10 studentsG10   N,9,0
Grade 11 studentsG11  N,9,0
Grade 12 studentsG12   N,9,0
Ungraded studentsUG  N,9,0
Total students, all gradesMEMBER  N,9,0
American Indian/Alaska Native studentsAM  N,9,0
American Indian/Alaska Native students, maleAMALM  N,9,0
American Indian/Alaska Native students, femaleAMALF  N,9,0
Asian studentsASIAN  N,9,0
Asian students, maleASALM  N,9,0
Asian students, femaleASALF  N,9,0
Hispanic studentsHISP  N,9,0
Hispanic students, maleHIALM  N,9,0
Hispanic students, femaleHIALF  N,9,0
Black, non-Hispanic studentsBLACK  N,9,0
Black, non-Hispanic students, maleBLALM  N,9,0
Black, non-Hispanic students, femaleBLALF  N,9,0
White, non-Hispanic studentsWHITE  N,9,0
White, non-Hispanic students, maleWHALM  N,9,0
White, non-Hispanic students, femaleWHALF  N,9,0
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander studentsPACIFIC   N,9,0
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students, maleHPALM  N,9,0
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students, femaleHPALF  N,9,0
Two or more races studentsTR  N,9,0
Two or more races students, maleTRALM  N,9,0
Two or more races students, femaleTRALF  N,9,0


Handling of data items without a positive reported data value.

All data elements are either completed by the state or have been filled with a “0,” “-1,” “-2,” “-9,” “M,” or “N.”


0 - There are no occurrences of this data element. A value was expected and measured, but there were no cases in the category.

-- For example, a district having no 12th graders would report 0.


M (or -1 for numeric values) - Data are missing. A value was expected and none was measured.

-- For example, a district that has at least one 12th grader but cannot measure the number of 12th graders would report -1.


N (or -2 for numeric values) - Data are not applicable. A value was neither expected nor measured.

-- For example, an elementary district not offering 12th grade  would report -2 for 12th graders.


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