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2030 Annual

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2030 Annual

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2030 Annual

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Situation & Outlook -- Outlook 2030

Demographic Projections for Counties, Metros, States and the United States


Timeframe: annual estimates and projections 2010 through 2030; updated annually.


Base data sourced from Census 2010, ACS 2010, ACS 2011, related data.


July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2030:

Population by Single Year of Age, Gender, Race and Hispanic Origin and Components of Change

Labor Force by Component


Source: ProximityOne.


Next update/release: December 2013


Sample view ...

Honolulu County, HI

Native Hawaiian Population Alone by Single Year of Age and Gender



Data Record Content

Field Item DescriptionItemNameNotes/ValuesFormat
1Dataset IDDATASET  C,10
2State USPS AbbreviationSTUSAB  C,2
3Geographic Summary LevelSUMLEVC,3
    United States   010 
    State    040 
    County   050 
    Metropolitan Statistical Area   310 
      Metropolitan Division    312 
5State FIPS CodeSTATE  C,2
6County FIPS CodeCOUNTY  C,3
7Subject Matter Reference Year (2010 annually through 2030)YEAR  C,4
8Subject Matter Reference CodeREF1  C,1
    4/1 Population   0 
    7/1 Population   1 
    Deaths   2 
    International Migration   3 
    Domestic Migration   4 
9Race/Ethnicity Code CHARITER  C,3
    Total    001 
    White alone   002 
    Black or African American alone   004 
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone    006 
    Asian alone    012 
      Asian Indian    013 
      Chinese    016 
      Filipino   019 
      Japanese   022 
      Korean   023 
      Vietnamese    029 
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone    050 
      Polynesian alone    051 
      Native Hawaiian    052 
      Samoan    053 
    Two or more races    100 
    White alone or in combination    003 
    Black or African American alone or in combination    005 
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone or in combination    009 
    Asian alone or in combination    031 
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone or in combination    060 
      Polynesian alone or in combination    061 
      Native Hawaiian or in combination    062 
      Samoan or in combination    063 
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race) (200–299)    400 
      Mexican    401 
      Puerto Rican    402 
      Cuban     403 
      Other Hispanic    404 
    Not Hispanic or Latino    450 
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino    451 
10TotalP0030001  N,9
11Male, TotalP0030002  N,9
12Male, Age under 1P0030003  N,9
13Male, Age 1P0030004  N,9
...Male, Age ......  N,9
112Male, Age 100-104P0030103  N,9
113Male, Age 105-109P0030104  N,9
114Male, Age 110 and overP0030105  N,9
115Female, TotalP0030106  N,9
116Female, Age under 1P0030107  N,9
117Female, Age 1P0030108  N,9
...Female, Age ......  N,9
216Female, Age 100-104P0030207  N,9
217Female, Age 105-109P0030208  N,9
218Female, Age 110 and overP0030209  N,9




Race/Origin Codes (CHARITER field)

(these codes use Census 2010 race/ethnicity codes)

001 Total Population

002 White alone

004 Black or African American alone

006 American Indian and Alaska Native alone (300, A01–Z99)

012 Asian alone (400–499)

013 Asian Indian alone (400–401)

016 Chinese alone (410–419)

022 Japanese alone (430–439)

050 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone (500–599)

052 Native Hawaiian alone (500–503)

062 Native Hawaiian alone or in any combination (500–503) & (100–299) or (300, A01–Z99) or (400–999)

070 Some Other Race alone

100 Two or More Races

400 Hispanic (of any race)


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