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36 Month

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36 Month

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36 Month

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Situation & Outlook -- Outlook 36 Month

Demographic-Economic Current Estimates Projections

- Counties, Metros, States and the United States

- Quarterly data updated quarterly


Developed by ProximityOne.


Timeframe: quarterly estimates and projections 36 months ahead; updated quarterly.


Base year 2006; quarterly data 2006q1 forward.


Data release July 2013 provide quarterly data 2006q1 through 2016q2.


Base data sourced from Census 2010, ACS 2010 (annual updates), BEA, BLS, related data.


Data Record Content

Field Item DescriptionItemNameNotes/ValuesFormat
1Dataset IDDATASET  C,10
2Geographic Summary LevelSUMLEVC,3
    United States   010 
    State    040 
    County   050 
    Metropolitan Statistical Area   310 
      Metropolitan Division    312 
3ReservedRES1  C,4
62006Q1D2006Q1  fmt
72006Q2D2006Q2  fmt
82006Q3D2006Q3  fmt
92006Q4D2006Q4  fmt
102006AD2006A  fmt
112007Q1D2007Q1  fmt
122007Q2D2007Q2  fmt
132007Q3D2007Q3  fmt
142007Q4D2007Q4  fmt
152007AD2007A  fmt
162008Q1D2008Q1  fmt
172008Q2D2008Q2  fmt
182008Q3D2008Q3  fmt
192008Q4D2008Q4  fmt
202008AD2008A  fmt
212009Q1D2009Q1  fmt
222009Q2D2009Q2  fmt
232009Q3D2009Q3  fmt
242009Q4D2009Q4  fmt
252009AD2009A  fmt
262010Q1D2010Q1  fmt
272010Q2D2010Q2  fmt
282010Q3D2010Q3  fmt
292010Q4D2010Q4  fmt
302010AD2010A  fmt
312011Q1D2011Q1  fmt
322011Q2D2011Q2  fmt
332011Q3D2011Q3  fmt
342011Q4D2011Q4  fmt
352011AD2011A  fmt
362012Q1D2012Q1  fmt
372012Q2D2012Q2  fmt
382012Q3D2012Q3  fmt
392012Q4D2012Q4  fmt
402012AD2012A  fmt
412013Q1D2013Q1  fmt
422013Q2D2013Q2  fmt
432013Q3D2013Q3  fmt
442013Q4D2013Q4  fmt
452013AD2013A  fmt
462014Q1D2014Q1  fmt
472014Q2D2014Q2  fmt
482014Q3D2014Q3  fmt
492014Q4D2014Q4  fmt
502014AD2014A  fmt
512015Q1D2015Q1  fmt
522015Q2D2015Q2  fmt
532015Q3D2015Q3  fmt
542015Q4D2015Q4  fmt
552015AD2015A  fmt

ITEM Codes and Descriptions
 Item DescriptionItem CodeNotesFormat
Total PopulationD001   N,9,0
    MaleD002   N,9,0
    FemaleD003   N,9,0
    Under 5 yearsD004   N,9,0
    5 to 9 yearsD005   N,9,0
    10 to 14 yearsD006   N,9,0
    15 to 19 yearsD007   N,9,0
    20 to 24 yearsD008   N,9,0
    25 to 34 yearsD009   N,9,0
    35 to 44 yearsD010   N,9,0
    45 to 54 yearsD011   N,9,0
    55 to 59 yearsD012   N,9,0
    60 to 64 yearsD013   N,9,0
    65 to 74 yearsD014   N,9,0
    75 to 84 yearsD015   N,9,0
    85 years and overD016   N,9,0
    Median AgeD017   N,9,1
    5 to 17 yearsD022   N,9,0
    18 to 34 yearsD022   N,9,0
    16 years and overD018   N,9,0
    18 years and overD018   N,9,0
    21 years and overD019   N,9,0
Total householdsS001   N,9,0
    Family households (families)S002   N,9,0
    Nonfamily householdsS010   N,9,0
Population 3 years and over enrolled in schoolS052   N,9,0
    Nursery school, preschoolS053   N,9,0
    KindergartenS054   N,9,0
    Elementary school (grades 1-8)S055   N,9,0
    High school (grades 9-12)S056   N,9,0
    College or graduate schoolS057   N,9,0
    Population 25 years and overS058   N,9,0
    Less than 9th gradeS059   N,9,0
    9th to 12th grade, no diplomaS060   N,9,0
    High school graduate (includes equivalency)S061   N,9,0
    Some college, no degreeS062   N,9,0
    Associate's degreeS063   N,9,0
    Bachelor's degreeS064   N,9,0
    Graduate or professional degreeS065   N,9,0
Percent high school graduate or higherS066   N,9,1
Percent bachelor's degree or higherS067   N,9,1
Population 16 years and overE001N,9
  In labor forceE002
    Civilian labor forceE003N,9
      Unemployed E005N,9
    Armed Forces E006N,9
  Not in Labor ForceE007N,9
Unemployment Rate U-1URU1N,9,1
Unemployment Rate U-2URU2N,9,1
Unemployment Rate U-3URU3N,9,1
Unemployment Rate U-4URU4N,9,1
Unemployment Rate U-5URU5N,9,1
Unemployment Rate U-6URU6N,9,1
Total householdsE051   N,9,0
    Less than $10,000E052   N,9,0
    $10,000 to $14,999E053   N,9,0
    $15,000 to $24,999E054   N,9,0
    $25,000 to $34,999E055   N,9,0
    $35,000 to $49,999E056   N,9,0
    $50,000 to $74,999E057   N,9,0
    $75,000 to $99,999E058   N,9,0
    $100,000 to $149,999E059   N,9,0
    $150,000 to $199,999E060   N,9,0
    $200,000 or moreE061   N,9,0
Total housing unitsH001   N,9,0
    Occupied housing unitsH002   N,9,0
    Vacant housing unitsH003   N,9,0
Homeowner vacancy rateH004   N,9,1
Rental vacancy rateH005   N,9,1
Total housing units (H001)H006   N,9,0
    1-unit, detachedH007   N,9,0
    1-unit, attachedH008   N,9,0
    2 unitsH009   N,9,0
    3 or 4 unitsH010   N,9,0
    5 to 9 unitsH011   N,9,0
    10 to 19 unitsH012   N,9,0
    20 or more unitsH013   N,9,0
Occupied housing unitsH044   N,9,0
    Owner-occupiedH045   N,9,0
    Renter-occupiedH046   N,9,0
Owner Occupied housing unitsH079   N,9,0
    Less than $50,000H080   N,9,0
    $50,000 to $99,999H081   N,9,0
    $100,000 to $149,999H082   N,9,0
    $150,000 to $199,999H083   N,9,0
    $200,000 to $299,999H084   N,9,0
    $300,000 to $499,999H085   N,9,0
    $500,000 to $999,999H086   N,9,0
    $1,000,000 or moreH087   N,9,0
    Median (dollars)H088   N,9,0
  Management, business, science, and arts occupations:NO0101  N,9,0
    Management, business, and financial occupations:NO0102   N,9,0
      Management occupationsNO0103   N,9,0
      Business and financial operations occupationsNO0104   N,9,0
    Computer, engineering, and science occupations: NO0105   N,9,0
      Computer and mathematical occupations NO0106   N,9,0
      Architecture and engineering occupationsNO0107   N,9,0
      Life, physical, and social science occupations NO0108  N,9,0
    Education, legal, community service, arts, and media occupations: NO0109  N,9,0
      Community and social service occupations NO0110   N,9,0
      Legal occupations NO0111  N,9,0
      Education, training, and library occupations NO0112   N,9,0
      Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations NO0113  N,9,0
    Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations: NO0114  N,9,0
      Health diagnosing and treating practitioners and other technical occupationsNO0115  N,9,0
      Health technologists and techniciansNO0116   N,9,0
  Service occupations:NO0117   N,9,0
    Healthcare support occupations NO0118   N,9,0
    Protective service occupations (includes supervisors):NO0119  N,9,0
      Fire fighting and prevention, and other protective service workersNO0120   N,9,0
      Law enforcement workers NO0121   N,9,0
    Food preparation and serving related occupations NO0122   N,9,0
    Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations NO0123   N,9,0
    Personal care and service occupationsNO0124   N,9,0
  Sales and office occupations: NO0125  N,9,0
    Sales and related occupationsNO0126   N,9,0
    Office and administrative support occupationsNO0127  N,9,0
  Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations:NO0128  N,9,0
    Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations NO0129  N,9,0
    Construction and extraction occupations NO0130   N,9,0
    Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations NO0131  N,9,0
  Production, transportation, and material moving occupations:NO0132   N,9,0
    Production occupations NO0133   N,9,0
    Transportation occupationsNO0134   N,9,0
    Material moving occupationsNO0135   N,9,0
  Forestry, fishing, and related activitiesNI0100   N,9,0
    Forestry and logging NI0101   N,9,0
    Fishing, hunting, and trappingNI0102   N,9,0
    Agriculture and forestry support activitiesNI0103   N,9,0
  MiningNI0200   N,9,0
    Oil and gas extractionNI0201   N,9,0
    Mining (except oil and gas)NI0202   N,9,0
    Support activities for miningNI0203  N,9,0
  UtilitiesNI0300   N,9,0
  ConstructionNI0400   N,9,0
    Construction of buildingsNI0401  N,9,0
    Heavy and civil engineering constructionNI0402   N,9,0
    Specialty trade contractorsNI0403   N,9,0
  ManufacturingNI0500   N,9,0
    Durable goods manufacturingNI0510   N,9,0
      Wood product manufacturingNI0511   N,9,0
      Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturingNI0512   N,9,0
      Primary metal manufacturingNO0513   N,9,0
      Fabricated metal product manufacturing NI0514   N,9,0
      Machinery manufacturing NI0515   N,9,0
      Computer and electronic product manufacturing NI0516   N,9,0
      Electrical equipment and appliance manufacturing NI0517   N,9,0
      Motor vehicles, bodies and trailers, and parts manufacturing NI0518   N,9,0
      Other transportation equipment manufacturing NI0519   N,9,0
      Furniture and related product manufacturing NI0521   N,9,0
      Miscellaneous manufacturing NI0522   N,9,0
    Nondurable goods manufacturing NI0530   N,9,0
      Food manufacturing NI0531   N,9,0
      Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing 532NI0532   N,9,0
      Textile mills NI0533   N,9,0
      Textile product mills NI0534   N,9,0
      Apparel manufacturing NI0535   N,9,0
      Leather and allied product manufacturing NI0536   N,9,0
      Paper manufacturing NI0537   N,9,0
      Printing and related support activities NI0538   N,9,0
      Petroleum and coal products manufacturing NI0539   N,9,0
      Chemical manufacturing NI0541   N,9,0
      Plastics and rubber products manufacturing NI0542   N,9,0
  Wholesale trade NI0600   N,9,0
  Retail trade NI0700   N,9,0
    Motor vehicle and parts dealers NI0701   N,9,0
    Furniture and home furnishings stores NI0702   N,9,0
    Electronics and appliance stores NI0703   N,9,0
    Building material and garden supply stores NI0704   N,9,0
    Food and beverage stores NI0705   N,9,0
    Health and personal care stores NI0706   N,9,0
    Gasoline stations NI0707   N,9,0
    Clothing and clothing accessories stores NI0708   N,9,0
    Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores NI0709   N,9,0
    General merchandise stores NI0711   N,9,0
    Miscellaneous store retailers NI0712   N,9,0
    Nonstore retailers NI0713   N,9,0
  Transportation and warehousing NI0800   N,9,0
    Air transportation NI0801   N,9,0
    Rail transportation NI0802   N,9,0
    Water transportation NI0803   N,9,0
    Truck transportation NI0804   N,9,0
    Transit and ground passenger transportation NI0805   N,9,0
    Pipeline transportation NI0806   N,9,0
    Scenic and sightseeing transportation NI0807   N,9,0
    Support activities for transportation NI0808   N,9,0
    Couriers and messengers NI0809   N,9,0
    Warehousing and storage NI0811   N,9,0
  Information NI0900   N,9,0
    Publishing industries, except Internet NI0901   N,9,0
    Motion picture and sound recording industries NI0902   N,9,0
    Broadcasting, except Internet NI0903   N,9,0
    Internet publishing and broadcasting NI0904   N,9,0
    Telecommunications NI0905   N,9,0
    ISPs, search portals, data processing NI0906   N,9,0
    Other information services NI0907   N,9,0
  Finance and insurance NI1000   N,9,0
    Monetary authorities - central bank NI1001   N,9,0
    Credit intermediation and related activities NI1002   N,9,0
    Securities, commodity contracts, investments NI1003   N,9,0
    Insurance carriers and related activities NI1004   N,9,0
    Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles NI1005   N,9,0
  Real estate and rental and leasing NI1100   N,9,0
    Real estate NI1101   N,9,0
    Rental and leasing services NI1102   N,9,0
    Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets NI1103   N,9,0
  Professional, scientific, and technical services NI1200   N,9,0
  Management of companies and enterprises NI1300   N,9,0
  Administrative and waste management services NI1400   N,9,0
    Administrative and support services NI1401   N,9,0
    Waste management and remediation services NI1402   N,9,0
  Educational services NI1500   N,9,0
  Health care and social assistance NI1600   N,9,0
    Ambulatory health care services NI1601   N,9,0
    Hospitals NI1602   N,9,0
    Nursing and residential care facilities NI1603   N,9,0
    Social assistance NI1604   N,9,0
  Arts, entertainment, recreation NI1700   N,9,0
      Performing arts and spectator sports NI1701   N,9,0
      Museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks NI1702   N,9,0
      Amusement, gambling, and recreation NI1703   N,9,0
    Accommodation and food services NI1800   N,9,0
      Accommodation NI1801   N,9,0
      Food services and drinking places NI1802   N,9,0
    Other services, except public administration NI1900   N,9,0
      Repair and maintenance NI1901   N,9,0
      Personal and laundry services NI1902   N,9,0
      Private households NI1904   N,9,0
  Government and government enterprises NI2000   N,9,0
    Federal, civilian NI2001   N,9,0
    Military NI2002   N,9,0
    State and local NI2010   N,9,0
      State government NI2011   N,9,0
      Local government NI2012   N,9,0
Housing Price IndexHPIN,9,1
Number of consumer units (in thousands)CE001N,9
Consumer unit characteristics:
  Income before taxesCE002N,9
  Age of reference personCE003N,9
  Average number in consumer unit:
    Children under 18CE005N,9
    Persons 65 and olderCE006N,9
  Percent homeownerCE009N,9
Average annual expendituresCE010N,9
    Food at homeCE012N,9
      Cereals and bakery productsCE013N,9
      Meats, poultry, fish, and eggsCE014N,9
      Dairy productsCE015N,9
      Fruits and vegetablesCE016N,9
      Other food at homeCE017N,9
    Food away from homeCE018N,9
  Alcoholic beveragesCE019N,9
      Owned dwellingsCE022N,9
      Rented dwellingsCE023N,9
      Other lodgingCE024N,9
    Utilities, fuels, and public servicesCE025N,9
    Household operationsCE026N,9
    Housekeeping suppliesCE027N,9
    Household furnishings and equipmentCE028N,9
  Apparel and servicesCE029N,9
    Vehicle purchases (net outlay)CE031N,9
    Gasoline and motor oilCE032N,9
    Other vehicle expensesCE033N,9
    Public transportationCE034N,9
  Health careCE035N,9
  Personal care products and servicesCE037N,9
  Tobacco products and smoking suppliesCE040N,9
  Cash contributionsCE042N,9
  Personal insurance and pensionsCE043N,9
    Life and other personal insuranceCE044N,9
    Pensions and Social SecurityCE045N,9
Alternative Measures of Labor Underutilization
U-1persons unemployed 15 weeks or longer, as a percent of the CLF
U-2job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, as a percent of the CLF
U-3total unemployed, as a percent of the CLF (definition used for the official unemployment rate)
U-4total unemployed plus discouraged workers, as a percent of the CLF plus discouraged workers
U-5total unemployed, plus discouraged workers, plus all other marginally attached workers, as a percent of the CLF plus all marginally attached workers
U-6total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the CLF plus all marginally attached workers


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