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Place Shapefile Record Layout (Current)
tl_year_[state FIPS]_place.shp
STATEFP2StringCurrent state FIPS code
PLACEFP5StringCurrent place FIPS code
PLACENS8StringCurrent place ANSI code
GEOID7StringPlace identifier; a concatenation of the current state FIPS code and place FIPS code
NAME100StringCurrent place name
NAMELSAD100StringCurrent name and the translated legal/statistical area description for place
LSAD2StringCurrent legal/statistical area description code for place
CLASSFP2StringCurrent FIPS class code
PCICBSA1StringCurrent metropolitan or micropolitan statistical area principal city indicator
PCINECTA1StringCurrent New England city and town area principal city indicator
MTFCC5String G4110 (incorporated place) and G4210 (census designated place)
FUNCSTAT1StringCurrent functional status
ALAND14NumberCurrent land area
AWATER14NumberCurrent water area
INTPTLAT11StringCurrent latitude of the internal point
INTPTLON12StringCurrent longitude of the internal point

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