Address Range-Feature Name County-based Relationship File


The address range-feature name relationship file contains a record for each address range-linear feature name relationship.  The purpose of this relationship file is to identify all street names associated with each address range.  An edge can have several feature names; an address range located on an edge can be associated with one or any combination of the available feature names (an address range can be linked to multiple feature names).  The address range is identified by the address range identifier (ARID) attribute, which can be used to link to the Address Ranges Relationship File.  The linear feature name is identified by the linear feature identifier (LINEARID) attribute that relates the address range back to the feature names relationship file.  



Address Range-Feature Name County-based Relationship File
tl_year_[state-county FIPS]_addrfn.dbf
ARID22StringAddress range identifier
LINEARID22StringLinear feature identifier


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