Kansas City Metro Area

Illustrating use of CommunityViewer to view/analyze geodemographic-economic characteristics, patterns and trends with drill down to intersection level.


View demographic-economic trends profile for Jackson County, MO; Johnson County, KS; access other county demographic profiles via ranking table links.


Metro Area by County

Counties labeled with county names


Metro Area County Demographic Patterns

Thematic pattern (colors) show percent change 2000 to 2008

Label below county name shows 2008 population


Metro Area Water Areas and Interstate



Metro Area by School District

School district shown with blue boundaries


Metro Area Patterns: IEPs by School District

IEP Individual Education Program

Based on school district reported data for 06-07 school year


Metro Area Patterns:  Children with Disabilities by School District
Metro Area Relationship of Places & Counties

School districts removed

Place boundaries set to black


Metro Area Relationship of Places, Counties & School Districts

Kansas City, MO city shown with yellow highlight

Other places shown with orange-brown fill pattern

Identify tool used to profile KC, MO place


Adding Street Detail

As shown in legend panel, details roads are included for all counties.

In this view roads for two counties are displayed.


Street Detail with Landmark Locations

Street detail for Johnson, KS, Wyandotte, KS & Jackson, MO counties (bolded brown transparent boundaries)


Neighborhoods; Further Zoom-in

Zoom-in to Plaza area (orange) shown in previous view.

Median household income by census block group shown with transparency.


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