Illustrating use of CommunityViewer to view/analyze demographic-economic attributes in context of wide-ranging geography with drill down to the intersection level.


View demographic-economic trends profile for Charleston County, SC; access other county demographic profiles via ranking table links.


Charleston-North Charleston, NC MSA and Component Counties

Places shown with yellow fill pattern; counties gray boundaries.

Schools shown as markers by type of school (primary, middle, high).


Zoom-in View of Charleston - North Charleston Places

Illustrates use of query applied (using layer editor) to places layer to show selected places.


Further Zoom-in with Streets Detail

Illustrates setting slightly larger high schools marker and selectively showing high school names as labels.


Mini Profile of Selected School

Illustrates use of Identify tool to view mini profile of a selected school (by pointer).


Viewing School Attributes by Type of School in Tabular Format

dBrowser tool started; schools dataset opened; following filter applied to view only Charleston 01 school district schools.

Filed List Manager used to select certain fields to be displayed in certain order.

Data are displayed; SCHNAME field is clicked to sort in ascending order by school name.


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