This section provides an example/tutorial on use of CVXE to develop a custom map focused on 2013 Core-Based Statistical Areas/metros and counties -- developed from scratch using the CVXE GeoGateway feature.  Applications in this section can be developed using the no fee CVXE Viewer as well as Levels 1, 2, 3.  Use CVXE installer to install CVXE on your computer.


The view below shows the Charlotte, NC CBSA/metro and counties.  See more about 2013 Core-Based Statistical Areas/Metros.


The Layer Editor was used to create a query to render the Charlotte CBSA with a bold boundary; other CBSAs with thin line boundary.  The identify tool is used to click on the Charlotte CBSA and display the mini-profile.  Counties have been downloaded and added as second layer.


Use CVXE tools to navigate to region/CBSA of interest.  Add other layers; custom geography and subject matter.



To create the view above, or for an area of interest, first File>Close any open project.


The 2013 CBSAs shapefile may be accessed via GeoGateway.

The GeoGateway feature is available to CVXE Viewer and all CVXE Level users. More about using GeoGateway.



Add the CBSA layer to the project.  Initial view of all CBSAs added



Download county shapefile.



After downloading the county shapefile, add the county shapefile as a layer to the project.  Close the GeoGateway form.  The view shown at the top of this section was developed using the navigation tools and layer editor.


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