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Characteristics of K-12 Schools & Enrollment by State

View selected characteristics of operating K-12 public schools and enrollment for the 2007-08 school year by state using the interactive ranking table presented in this section. The table includes nine columns showing number of schools by category and nine columns showing enrollment by category for each state. Column TotSch shows total operating schools followed by 8 columns showing number of schools by type. Column TotStd shows total enrollment followed by 8 columns showing enrollment by type of school. See ranking table with percentages to view percentages instead of counts.

Characteristics of K-12 Schools & Enrollment by State, 2007-08 School Year
  Interactive ranking table -- click column header to sort; click again to sort other direction.
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Data as reported by local and state education agencies; -1 indicates data not available.

TotSch ... total operating schools
  RegSch ... regular schools
  SpEdSch ... special education schools
  VocEdSch ... vocational education schools
  AltEdSch ... alternative education schools
  ChrtSch ... charter schools
  MagSch ... magnet schools
  T1Sch ... Title I schools
  T1SWSch ... Title I schoolwide schools

TotStd ... total students
  RegStd ... students enrolled in regular schools
  SpEdStd ... students enrolled in special education schools
  VocEdStd ... students enrolled in vocational education schools
  AltEdStd ... students enrolled in alternative education schools
  ChrtStd ... students enrolled in charter schools
  MagStd ... students enrolled in magnet schools
  T1Std ... students enrolled in Title I schools
  T1SWStd ... students enrolled in Title I schoolwide schools

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