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- REIS Table CA30 for United States.

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The population of United States changed from 331,501,080 (2020) to 331,893,745 (2021). a change of 392,665 (2.00%). The per capita personal income (PCPI) changed from $59,765 (2020) to $64,143 (2021), a change of $4,378 (2.07%). The state per capita personal income (PCPI) changed from $59,765 (2020) to $64,143 (2021), a change of $4,378 (2.07%).

Table CA30 presented below provides an economic profile integrating selected data from other REIS sections.

The table presents data for selected years through 2021 based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. ProximityOne uses models to develop annual estimates and projections to 2030 and provides related analytical services.

Table cells with special characters (# or * or -) indicate data for this area and time period are not available. See footnotes at bottom of table for details. These values can be optionally imputed by the REIS software.

REIS Economic Profile for United States
    Item Name202020212020-21%2020-21
    Personal income (thousands of dollars) 19,812,171,00021,288,709,0001,476,538,0007.5
      Net earnings by place of residence 11,771,316,00012,750,109,000978,793,0008.3
    Personal current transfer receipts 4,231,121,0004,617,314,000386,193,0009.1
        Income maintenance benefits 1/ 315,649,000473,586,000157,937,00050.0
      Unemployment insurance compensation 537,713,000321,127,000-216,586,000-40.3
      Retirement & other 3,377,759,0003,822,601,000444,842,00013.2
    Dividends, interest & rent 2/ 3,809,734,0003,921,286,000111,552,0002.9
    Population (persons) 3/ 331,501,080331,893,745392,6650.1
      Per capita personal income 4/ 59,76564,1434,3787.3
      Per capita net earnings 4/ 35,50938,4162,9078.2
      Per capita personal current transfer receipts 4/ 12,76413,9121,1489.0
        Per capita income maintenance benefits 4/ 9521,42747549.9
        Per capita unemployment insurance compensation 4/ 1,622968-654-40.3
        Per capita retirement & other 4/ 10,18911,5181,32913.0
      Per capita dividends, interest & rent 4/ 11,49211,8153232.8
    Earnings by place of work 13,215,075,00014,284,574,0001,069,499,0008.1
        Wages & salaries 9,441,264,00010,277,411,000836,147,0008.9
      Supplements to wages & salaries 2,125,879,0002,238,526,000112,647,0005.3
        Employer contributions for employee pension & ins funds 5/ 1,467,953,0001,541,596,00073,643,0005.0
        Employer contributions for government social insurance 657,926,000696,930,00039,004,0005.9
      Proprietors' income 1,647,932,0001,768,637,000120,705,0007.3
          Farm proprietors' income 49,991,00066,396,00016,405,00032.8
        Nonfarm proprietors' income 1,597,941,0001,702,241,000104,300,0006.5
    Total employment (number of jobs) 195,301,600201,142,6005,841,0003.0
        Wage & salary employment 147,228,000151,813,0004,585,0003.1
    Proprietors employment 48,073,60049,329,6001,256,0002.6
        Farm proprietors employment 6/ 1,782,0001,777,000-5,000-0.3
      Nonfarm proprietors employment 46,291,60047,552,6001,261,0002.7
    Average earnings per job (dollars) 67,66571,0173,3525.0
      Average wages & salaries 64,12767,6983,5715.6
      Average nonfarm proprietors' income 34,51935,7971,2783.7
1/ Consists largely of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments; Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC); family assistance; general assistance; expenditures for food under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); and other assistance benefits.
2/ Rental income of persons includes the capital consumption adjustment.
3/ Census Bureau midyear population estimates.
4/ Type of income divided by population yields a per capita measure for that type of income.
5/ Includes actual employer contributions and actuarially imputed employer contributions to reflect benefits accrued by defined benefit pension plan participants through service to employers in the current period.
6/ Excludes limited partners.

All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation).
Missing data cell values:
*  Not shown to avoid disclosure of confidential information. Estimates for item are included in totals.
#  Less than $50,000. Estimates for item are included in totals.
-  Data not available for this year.

Source: ProximityOne, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics