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Congressional District Votes & Voting Patterns: 2008

Examine November 2008 congressional district election voting results using the interactive ranking table presented in this section. Data are presented for the Democratic, Republican, other and total vote for each congressional district. Voting results are also presented for senate and Presidential elections. See usage notes below table.

Order November 2008 Congressional District Data in CSV File Structure
Order the voting data for use on your computer. The CSV file may be opened with Excel and used with most spreadsheet and analytical software. Data presented in the ranking table are intended for end use in this medium only.

Congressional District Votes & Voting Patterns: 2008
  Click ShowAll button to show all tabulation areas.
  Select State using State drop-down to view data in one state.
  Click column header to sort; click again to sort other direction.

Using the Ranking Table
The 2008 election data are based on voting data summarized by the U.S. House of Representatives Clerk of the House. Some errors found in the original source data have been corrected. Cells that are empty or show no data are normally due to no candidate or that party in that election. The cell value of -1 indicates that anolamies exist in ways election data were reported (or not reported) for that election.
- Click on a column header to sort on that column; click column header again to sort in other direction.
- Click ShowAll button to restore full set of data.
- Click State to select on geographies in a selected state (click ShowAll between selections).
- Click SumLev to select a type of office/election (click ShowAll between selections).

Summary Levels
  CNG Congressional District
  CNT Congressional District Totals for State
  SEN Senate
  PRS Presidential

To view Republican vote for President vote by state as a percent of total vote in descending order: click ShowAll button; click PRS in SumLev dropdown; click %Republican header column; click %Republican header column again.

To view Democratic vote by congressional district for Texas as a percent of total vote in descending order: click ShowAll button; click TX in State dropdown; click CND in SumLev dropdown; click %Democratic header column; click %Democratic header column again.

Additional Information
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