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Congressional District Analysis and Insights
  .. interpretative data analytics; tools, data & methods

The November 2022 elections determined the representatives for the 118th Congressional Districts (CDs) January 2023-December 2024 session. The 118th Congressional District boundaries reflect the redistricting process based on Census 2020 results.

  • View 118th U.S. Congressional District graphic.
  • Use the interactive table below to view, query, rank Congressional Districts
      using Census 2020 demographics.
  • Examine 118th U.S. Congressional District American Community Survey 2021
      demographic-economic characteristics using VDA Web GIS.

Selected Updates ...

March upcoming .. urban/rural statistics for 118th Congressional Districts
Census plans to have these data by fall 2023, though scope not yet clear.
ProximityOne will develop these data in March 2023, using these data resources:

1) Census 2020 block to CD 118 equivalence files

2) TIGER "TL22" block shapefiles population, housing units, urban/rural status

3) ~30 block level demographics from the Census 2020 P.L. 94-171 files

The above data are combined to develop a Congressional District by Urban/Rural Dataset; then integrated into a CD118 shapefile

03.06.23. Congressional Districts GIS Project/Datasets
  • see description below
  • available for GIS desktop use: CV XE GIS and VDA Desktop
  • available for use with VDA Web GIS: nothing to install; use any Web browser

02.01.23. New Citizen Voting Age by Race and Ethnicity (CVAP) Data
The 2021 American Community Survey ACS 2021 5-Year estimates Citizen Voting Age by Race and Ethnicity (CVAP) Special Tabulation data are available. The CVAP data are used in voting rights analysis and otherwsie and are available for many geographic levels down to block-group.

The CVAP data will be ready-to-use without downloading via the VDA Web GIS with the MetroDynamics project. View/analyze CVAP patterns at the tract/block group geographic levels in context of Congressional Communities, Congressional Districts and other geography/subject matter.

01.26.23. 118th CD Demographic Profile Subject Matter
On January 26, the Census Bureau released new social, economic, housing and demographic statistics for the 118th Congress. Four data profiles based on the 2021 American Community Survey ACS 2021 1-year estimates available for each/all 435 congressional districts. A database has been by ProximityOne site using the Demographic-Economic Data Explorer .. DEDE .. and integrated into shapefiles for mapping/geospatial analysis via VDA Web GIS.

Congressional Districts GIS Project Illustrative Views .. ACS 2021
.. choose from ~600 topics .. click graphic for larger views


DP1 Item List XLS
Economic Properity

DP3 Item List XLS

Educational Attainment

DP2 Item List XLS
Housing Value

DP4 Item List XLS

01.06.23. 118th CD Shapefiles
On January 6, the Census Bureau released official TIGER/Line Shapefile products including the 118th Congressional District boundaries by state and as a national file. The congressional district boundaries are the official boundaries as submitted by Census Bureau state liaisons. Download these shapefiles via this link

These shapefiles area ready-to-use without downloading, with integrated incumbency and demographic data, are now accessible using VDA Web GIS with the MetroDynamics project. View any selected CD, state or U.S. in context with wide-ranging other geography and subject matter.

Development of 118th Congressional District Demographics
Using Census 2020 block level demographics (33 subject matter items) we tabulated those items for the 118th CDs enabling access those data using VDA GIS resources.

Patterns of Percent Majority-Minority by 118th Congressional District

  .. click graphic for larger view (desktop with full-screen browser recommended).
  .. view developed using VDA GIS tools.
  .. see graphic with number of apportioned seats by state based on Census 2020.
Use the VDA GIS resources to examine the 118th CDs in context of other geography and subject matter. Locate a 118th CD based on an address .. see the interactive table below and related notes.

Examining the 118th Congressional Districts using VDA GIS
Use the VDA Web GIS to examine the 118th CDs in context of other geography and subject matter. The Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Web GIS VDA has been developed by Warren Glimpse/ProximityOne/Alexandria, VA USA and Takashi Hamilton/Tsukasa/Osaka, Japan. All that is required to use VDA is a Web browser. VDA uses the same core structure as the Windows desktop VDA Desktop.

Start VDA:
Login then select MetroDynamics project
.. map view appears
Change active layer (upper left dropdown) to 118th Congressional Districts (select that layer name)
In the legend panel, check on the 118th Congressional Districts layer

Application 1. Find a CD118 based on Address; View in Map & View/Use Demographic Profile
Key in an address above map window then click Find Address
.. Map view zooms to that location and shows marker for location.
Click marker
.. the address CD118 shows crosshatched
.. the demographic profile shows in lower left panel.
.. optionally click HTML button to view profile in new window.

Application 2. Compare CDs in Interactive Table
.. continuing from Application 1, click right button below map window (Query/Table)
.. grid appears below map
Click Select Field button below table/grid
.. check selected items and close form
Table populates with Arizona 118th CDS.

118th Congress
The 118th Congress runs from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024. The 2022 House of Representatives elections occurs on November 8, 2022. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts for the 118th Congress. Those elected will serve in the 118th Congress with seats apportioned among the states based on the Census 2020. Using census block level data from Census 2020 each state will redistrict their apportioned number seats with new boundaries to be determined mostly in time for the 2022 elections. 118th congressional district basic demographics from Census 2020, retabulated to the 118th boundaries, will be available in 2023. The 118th CD boundaries are provided to the Census Bureau by states and might be integrated into the TIGER public use digital map database released in 2023. More detailed 118th congressional district demographic-economic data will be available from the ACS 2023 expected in late 2024.

Topics in this section
  • About this Section
  • Interactive Table .. current incumbents & attributes
  • Updates .. data resources & tools
  • Using APIs .. to access CD demographic-economic data
  • Mapping Congressional Districts and geospatial analysis
  • Related Sections

.. see related Congressional District Analytics section on business establishment characteristics by congressional district. Business establishments account for roughly 83 percent of the total employment in the United States. The number and characteristics of business establishments vary widely among congressional districts. Examine the distribution of business establishments by type of business by congressional district in the related section.

Congressional District Structural Patterns: Houston/Harris County, TX .. goto top

- view developed using ProximityOne CV XE GIS and related GIS project.
- counties shown with white boundary.
- congressional district code/number shown with yellow label.
- republican incumbent shown with red color.
- democrat incumbent shown with blue color.
- cross-hatch pattern shows CD TX02 and impact of gerrymandering in the Houston area.

Selected Congressional District Summary Characteristics .. goto top
Based on the ACS 2018 median household income (MHI):
  • the MHI among all districts was $60,291
  • the U.S. overall MHI was $61,937
As of November 2019:
  • there are 69 Republican incumbent districts above the all districts MHI
  • there are 149 Democrat incumbent districts above the all districts MHI
  • the MHI of the 236 Democrat incumbent districts is $66,829
  • the MHI of the 199 Republican incumbent districts is $56,505
There is one Independent incumbent district.
These data are based on 436 districts (includes D.C. and excludes P.R.).
Median household income is only one measure of economic prosperity.
This is measure at one point in time and provides no insights into trends.

.. follow our recurring reviews on Congressional District demographic, social, economic and housing topics .. updates are posted in the User Group e-mails .. and the Blog. join now; no fee. Today's topic is on the Gini Index and examining patterns of inequality. See more about the Gini Index. An expanded version of this topic is available in a separate section available to User Group participants.

Patterns of Income Inequality by 116th Congressional District
The following graphic shows patterns of income inequality based on the 2018 Gini Index by 116th Congressional District. Use GIS tools/data to generate similar views for any state and/or drill-down. Click graphic for larger view with more detail. Expand browser window for best quality view.

- view developed using ProximityOne CV XE GIS and related GIS project.

The Gini index, a measure of income inequality, varies from 0 to 1, with a 0 indicating perfect equality, where there is equal distribution of income. A Gini index of 1 indicates perfect inequality, where one household has all the income. The ACS 2017 U.S. Gini index estimate was 0.480; the ACS 2018 U.S. Gini index estimate was 0.476. View, rank, compare the Gini Index by congressional district using the interactive table below.

Selected Congressional District Updates .. scroll section .. goto top

10.03.20 Patterns of Economic Prosperity by Congressional District
.. examining business establishment characteristics by type of business

12.09.19 Congressional District Analytics
.. examining business establishment characteristics by type of business

11.05.19 Congressional District Analytics
.. patterns of economic prosperity

10.31.19 Congressional District Analytics
.. examining income distributions & income inequality

09.26.19 2018 American Community Survey (ACS2018) data for 116th Congressional Districts.
.. selected items in interactive table below
.. building your own datasets

08.26.19 New national scope 116th Congressional Districts shapefile now available.
.. A part of the TIGER 2019 release

12.01.18 Relating Census Tracts to Congressional Districts interactive table

10.22.18 115th Congressional Districts 2017 Demographic-Economic Characteristics
...General Demographics .. ... Social .. ... Economic .. ... Housing

09.20.18 2010 & 2020 U.S. House Apportionment by State and historical apportionments

04.03.18 108th Congressional Districts
... Census 2000 census block to 108th Congressional District equivalence file (new)

02.28.18 2016 Citizen Voting Age Population

01.05.18 Census 2020 & Redistricting ... join here

09.22.17 115th Congressional Districts 2016 Demographic-Economic Characteristics
...General Demographics .. ... Social .. ... Economic .. ... Housing

10.07.16. Congressional District Demographic-Economic Interactive Analysis
... examining patterns & characteristics of individual & all districts
... 2015 attributes of 114th Congressional Districts
    General Demographics | Social Characteristics | Economic Characteristics | Housing Characteristics

02.03.16. ZIP Code to Congressional District Equivalencing
... interactive table relating ZIP code areas to congressional districts

11.07.15. Congressional District Demographic-Economic Interactive Analysis
... examining patterns & characteristics of individual & all districts
... 2014 attributes of 114th Congressional Districts
    General Demographics | Social Characteristics | Economic Characteristics | Housing Characteristics

09.25.15. Congressional District Median Income & Housing Value: 2013-2014
... examining patterns & characteristics of individual & all districts
... incumbent, party, median income, median housing value; annual change
... use interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... geospatial analysis ...

02.14.15. New Voting Rights Act Demographics
... ACS 2009-13 Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) estimates by race/origin
... examining relationships between legislative districts, census tracts, voting districts & census blocks
... interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... Los Angeles area ...

09.29.14. A Century of County Population Change: 1910 to 2010
... decade to decade population change
... interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... Dallas metro region ...

09.18.14. 2013 Congressional District Demographics
... most recent demographic-economic estimates for each/all 113th CDs
... API-based subject matter access
... interactive table --

06.01.14. School Age Population Characteristics by 113th Congressional District
... examine school district characteristics within congressional districts.
... see more at Children's Demographics
... click graphic for larger view and details.

03.24.14. Geocode Address Data with 113th Congressional District
... what congressional district is my address located in? state legislative district? voting district?
... APIGeocoder: batch & interactive geocoding
... API-based geocoder can code addresses with wide-ranging geography & demographic-economic attributes.

02.17.14. 113th Congressional District Demographic Interactive Tables
... ACS 2012 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic ranking tables
... General Demographics --
... Social Characteristics --
... Economic Characteristics --
... Housing Characterictics --

11.06.13. State Legislative Districts Urban/Rural Characteristics
... examine America's 6,558 state legislative districts by urban/rural population & land area
... interactive table:

09.23.13. ACS 2012 Demographic-Economic Updates
... new American Community Survey (ACS) 2012 1-year estimates
      - demographic-economic updates for each 113th Congressional District
... use the interactive table to examine demographic-economic patterns
      - see

09.20.13. 2012 Elections & Vote by Candidate
... Presidential, Senatorial and each Congressional election
... vote count and percent by election, party, candidate
... interactive analysis table:

04.11.13. Census 2010 SF1 Released for 113th Congressional Districts
... population by age, gender, race/origin; household type & relationship; group quarters
... housing units by own/rent/tenure; vacancy; related attributes
... retabulated for the congressional district boundaries of the 113th Congress
... more about Summary File 1 (SF1):

03.06.13. ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District Interactive Ranking Tables
... ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic ranking tables
... General Demographics --
... Social Characteristics --
... Economic Characteristics --
... Housing Characterictics --

03.04.13. ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District Demographic Profiles
... New ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic profiles
... View example for New York 12th --
... Data available for single districts, sets of districts or all districts in various formats
... Contact us for more information (mention ACS 2011 CD Profiles in text section)

03.01.13. Potential Impact of Sequester on School Districts by Congressional District
... mapping patterns of school districts by percent revenue from Federal sources
... view districts most vulnerable to reductions in Federal funding
... school districts shown in context of 113th Congressional Districts
... see

02.01.13. Citizen Voting Age Population Patterns by Census Tract
... ACS 2011 5-year special tabulation estimates
... citizen voting age population by race/ethnicity
... using these data with tools to analyze compliance with Voting Rights Act
... interactive ranking table ...
... visual analysis using GIS tools

01.28.13. 113th Congressional District Urban/Rural Characteristics
... urban/rural data developed using Census 2010 Summary File 1 data.
... urban and rural population and housing data summarized by 113th Congressional District.

01.25.13. 113th Congressional District Demographics
... new data based on American Community Survey 2011 1-year estimates.
... tabulations for the new 113th congressional district boundaries.

12.28.12. CD Gallery Updated: 113th Congress Congressional District Maps
... State by congressional district maps for all states; sub-state zoom-in for many states.
... District specific focus maps available in all states.
    - district focus maps show CD boundary and thematic pattern map.
    - thematic pattern: economic prosperity (median household income) by census tract.

12.04.12. 113th Congressional Districts & School District Finances
... School district thematic maps (percent Federal revenue) in context of 113th CD boundaries.
... School district-CD map views:
... Applications Gallery:

118th Congressional District Census 2020 Demographics Interactive Table .. goto top
  Use the buttons & tools below the table for most effective use of this table and data.
    .. for example, the PopGroup% button refreshes the table to show percent race/origin distributions.
  This table/data are available to User Group members. See details here
  Click ShowAll button between Find/Queries. Use mouseover on column header to view column description.
  See usage notes below table. See related interactive tables.

Usage Notes
  • If table not showing any rows; click ShowAll button below table.
  • Use vertical and horizontal scroll bars to navigate up/down or left/right.
  • Adjust column widths using column divider between header cells.

Items in Table
  - State CD118
  - State USPS
  - State FIPS
  - CD118
  - %Majority-Minority
  - Total Population
  - Total Population OneRace
  - White Alone
  - %White Alone
  - Black Alone
  - %Black Alone
  - AmerInd AlNative Alone
  - %AmerInd AlNAtive Alone
  - Asian Alone
  - %Asian Alone
  - NHOPI Alone
  - %NHOPI Alone
  - Other Race Alone
  - Two or More Races
  - White NonHispanic
  - Black NonHispanic
  - Hispanic (any race)
  - %Hispanic
  - Population 18 yrs+
  - Population OneRace 18 yrs+
  - White OneRace 18 yrs+
  - Black OneRace 18 yrs+
  - AmerInd/AlNative OneRace 18 yrs+
  - Asian OneRace 18 yrs+
  - NHOPI OneRace 18 yrs+
  - Other Race 18 yrs+
  - Two or more Races 18 yrs+
  - White NonHispanic 18 yrs+
  - Black NonHispanic 18 yrs+
  - Hispanic (of any race) 18 yrs+
  - Group Quarters
  - Group Quarters Inst
  - Group Quarters NonInst
  - Housing Units
  - Occupied Housing Units
  - Vacant Housing Units

About this Section .. goto top
This is the "main" Congressional Districts section. See the updates subsection above that provides links to congressional district related topics focused data and tools to examine geographic, demographic and economic characteristics and change. These topics relate to a wide range of other geographies and data. These include states themselves, state legislative districts, cities/places of population concentration, counties administrative units of states and other geographic levels. Census blocks are the defining smallest geographic element of congressional districts. Increasingly, block groups and census tracts are important in the analysis of congressional districts due to the annual updates based on the American Community Survey (ACS) on the citizen voting age population (CVAP) for these smaller geographic areas.

This section is developed/updated by Warren Glimpse .. connect via LinkedIn. Schedule a talk/briefing by Warren for your group (face-to-face or Web) on Census-related topics, Census 2020, congressional districts, redistricting or related topics -- adjusted to your theme or sphere of interest. Send a message via LinkedIn, use this form (add note in text section) or call 888.364.7656.

Related Sections .. goto top
  • Face-to-Face Briefing Sessions .. Washington, D.C. .. inquire about schedule, attendance & agenda
  • join us in weekly Data Analytics Web sessions .. CD/SLD data, tools, analysis; discussion & Q/A
  • join the Congressional District/State Legislative District Forum .. CD/SLD updates/access .. data, tools, insights
  • Mapping Congressional Districts
  • Census 2020 & Legislative Districts data & data access
  • Census 2020 & Redistricting .. join here .. getting ready for Census 2020
  • Apportionment based on Census 2020 .. examining number of seats by state
  • 116th Congressional District Block Equivalency Files -- forthcoming
    - in shapefile format & integrated into GIS project for mapping; thematic pattern analysis
  • CD Map Gallery .. WA #9 example
  • Interactive tables:
    - Relating census tracts to congressional districts
    - 2017 ACS 1 year estimates (115th CDs)
        General Demographics .. Social Characteristics .. Economic Characteristics .. Housing Characteristics
    - 2016 ACS 1 year estimates (115th CDs)
        General Demographics .. Social Characteristics .. Economic Characteristics .. Housing Characteristics
    - 2015 ACS 1 year estimates (114th CDs)
        General Demographics .. Social Characteristics .. Economic Characteristics .. Housing Characteristics
    - Urban-Rural Analysis
    - Incumbents & GIS Pattern Analysis
  • Relationship data:
    .. ZIP Code to CD 114
  • State Legislative Districts
      - 2016 SLD interactive table
      General Demographics
      - 2014 SLD interactive tables:
      General Demographics .. Social Characteristics . Economic Characteristics .. Housing Characteristics
  • Voting Related
    - CVAP x Tract
    - CVAP x 114th CD
    - Voting Districts
    - Voting Population
    - Voter Participation
  • Congressional Communities
    - Congressional Communities

Mapping & GeoSpatially Analyzing Congressional Districts .. goto top
  • Use the no fee CDSLD GIS tools and data.
  • Part of the Congressional District/State Legislative District (CDSLD) resources.
  • Examine patterns, trends and topics of interest.
  • Congressional Districts & State Legislative Districts
  • Updated monthly providing data & capabilities to explore new & different topics

Using GIS & GeoDemographics
Whether you are a GIS user or not yet using GIS, you can benefit from our self-paced, online course Using GIS & GeoDemographics. Learn more about using wide-ranging geography and subject matter to visually analyze characteristics of congressional districts and related drill-down geography. Analyzing characteristics of voters and voting patterns. See additional information.

Virginia Congressional Districts
This view of Virginia 115th Congressional Districts (bold boundaries, CD code labels) shows urban areas (orange fill pattern) and water features using census block geodemographics. Use GIS tools/data to generate similar view for any state and/or drill-down. Click graphic for larger view showing county boundaries. Expand browser window for best quality view.

- View developed using CV XE GIS and related GIS project.
- see more in this related section about using this GIS project.

Charlotte NC-SC Metro Area with 114th/115th Congressional District 12
The following graphic shows North Carolina CD 12 with 114th boundary (blue) and 115th boundary (pale yellow) and Charlotte metro bold brown boundary. Click graphic for larger view with more detail. Expand browser window for best view.

.. view developed using the CVGIS software.

  • View zoom-in to Charlotte city & Mecklenburg County.

Accessing 2018 Demographics for 116th Congressional Districts .. using APIs .. goto top

Click this API link to access/download selected 2018 demographic data for all 116th Congressional Districts. The return page shows a CSV-like file containing a row for each congressional district. The subject matter displayed include these ACS 2018 1-year items:
  Item/Field   Description
  CD Name   Congressional district name
  B01001_001E   Total population
  B02001_002E   White alone
  B02001_003E   Black or African American alone
  B02001_004E   American Indian & Alaska Native alone
  B02001_005E   Asian alone
  B02001_006E   Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander alone
  B02001_007E   Some other race alone
  B02001_008E   Two or more races
  B03003_003E   Hispanic or Latino (any race)
  B29001_001E   Citizen voting age population
  B19013_001E   Median household income
  B19301_001E   Per capita income
  B25077_001E   Median housing value
  B25064_001E   Median gross rent
  B19083_001E   Gini index of income inequality
  B25001_001E   Total housing units
  B25002_002E   Occupied units (households)
  B25003_002E   Owner occupied units
  B25003_003E   Renter occupied units
  B25002_003E   Vacant units
  State code   State FIPS code (treat as text, retain lead zero)
  CD code   116th Congressional district code (treat as text, retain lead zero)
Learn more about using API tools to access more subject matter for many different types of geography. Participate in the Using GIS and GeoDemographics Course. Contact us for information on support services.

Demographic-Economic Characteristics (ACS)
Use the API call (click the link below) to determine that
  California CD 48 had total population 721,632
  based on the ACS 2017 1-year estimate.,NAME&for=congressional%20district:*
The above URL displays a CSV-like file with one row for each 115th congressional district.

Establishments, Employment & Wages (CBP)
Use the API call (click the link below) to determine that
  California CD 48 had employment of 51,091 in 2,243 establishments
  in the Accommodation and food services sector in 2016.,EMP,ESTAB,NAICS2012_TTL,LFO_TTL,GEO_TTL&for=congressional%20district:*&in=state:06&NAICS2012=72
The above URL displays a CSV-like file with one row for each California congressional district.

Congressional Districts GIS Project/Datasets .. goto top

  - States
  - Urban Areas
  - Cong Communities Code
  - Congressional Communities
  - County
  - CD118 Code
  - CD118
  - CD118 Bold
  - Places, 5,000+ Population
  - ZIP Codes
  - CD118 Party
  - CD118 %Maj-Maj Label
  - CD118 %Maj-Min
  - CD118 %HS Grad
  - CD118 %CollGrad
  - CD118 $MHI
  - CD118 $MHV
  - Tracts Code
  - Tracts
  - Tracts %Maj-Min
  - Tracts %CollGrad
  - Tracts $MHI
  - Tracts $MHV
  - BaseLayer
  - States1

Support Using these Resources .. goto top
Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to geographic-demographic-economic decision-making information resources. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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