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Demographic Economic Data Extraction (DEDE) API Tools
  ... create custom demographic-economic files from large Web-based datasets
  ... use structured, menu-based API tools to extract data you need
  ... for both developers & users with no coding experience
  ... see about installation below

11.08.21 DEDE updates (Version 11.08.21)
  ... enables processing of Places (sum 160) Census 2010 & Census 2020
      - places previously supported for ACS 2019 and earlier years
      - state filter not used, processes all places.

  ... enables processing of School Districts (sumlevs 950, 960, 970)
        Census 2010, 2020 & ACS all years
      - Census 2010 & 2020 processes all school districts (selected level)
          State filter not used for 2010 & 2020, processes all districts
      - Previous DEDE versions supported for ACS 2019 and earlier ACS years
          State filter required for ACS school district processing

09.20.21 DEDE updated to process 2010 and 2020 block level data.

09.20.21 DEDE updated to accelerate block and block group processing.
  ... grid display does not populate until the extract dataset has been created.
  ... U.S. BG count: 2020: 239,780 .. 2010: 217,740
  ... all U.S. BG typical processing time 4 minutes
  ... all CA Block count: 2020: 519,723 .. 2010: 710,145
  ... all CA 2020 block typical processing time 6 minutes; file size: ~ 200MB
  ... statusbar shows processing status and total records processed when done

09.20.21 DEDE updated to develop files using:
  ... Census 2010 SF1
      - geo: U.S., state, Congressional District, county, tract, BG, block
      - select statistical program CEN 2010 (from statistical program dropdown)
      - one subject matter file provided .. api_items_2010sf1_base.txt
      - build subject matter items file from any of these items
  ... Census 2020 PL 94-171
      - geo: U.S., state, Congressional District, CBSA, county, tract, BG, block
      - select statistical program CEN 2020PL (from statistical program dropdown)
      - one subject matter file provided .. api_items_2020pl_base.txt
      - build subject matter items file from any of these items
  ... the two subject matter files include the same subject matter items
      enabling easy output file side-by-side comparison

Illustrative settings for Delaware Census 2020 blocks
1. Select Statistical Program (upper left) .. CEN 2020PL
2. Select Geographic Level .. 100 Census Block
3. Open Subject Matter Items File Path/Name .. C:\dede\api_items_2020pl_base.txt
4. Set Query (top right) .. stab='DE'
5. click Start button .. wait for processing to complete; grid populates.

View of a California Census 2020 Block Group File Settings & Grid/Data Display

The first row in the grid shows data for block group (BG) 06-001-400100-1. The Census 2020 total population (POP20 column) in this BG is 1,789; the White alone (WH20) population is 1,179. See description of subject matter items shown in columns. Build your own subject matter items file and create the dataset to meet your needs.

09.02.21 DEDE updated to develop files and generate reports optionally using the new/updated data:
  ... Mobility with data from 2018 or 2019
  ... Industry by Sector Characteristics with data through 2021Q1
        (in addition to annual data or earlier quarters)

Build a national scope U.S. by block group demographic-economic dataset using the no-fee ProximityOne DEDE software. Select from any subject matter contained in the full detailed ACS data file. Select data for many types of geographic areas.
See about installation here. See about Topics in this section.

Example: Use DEDE to create county-to-county migration datasets. The following graphic shows a view focused on California by county. A movers-in, movers-out and net movers dataset was developed using DEDE for a selected county -- Fresno County, CA (build such a dataset for any county). Using CV XE GIS those data were then merged into a county shapefile and a GIS project developed. Layers were added showing patterns movers-in, movers-out and net movers. Patterns of net movers is shown below.

S&O Reports .. other examples. What is the economic/industry structure of a county of interest? How has it changed in the past several years? How does it compare the related state or metro? Create an "on-demand" demographic-economic report for a selected area (e.g. any county). Select the year/quarter of subject matter to be included. Select from alternative levels of subject matter detail to be included in the report. See this illustrative DEDE generated S&O report. See more about S&O reports here.

The Demographic Economic Data Extraction (DEDE) is a Windows-based software tool used to develop standardized demographic-economic datasets that can be easily merged for use with other user application software. DEDE makes use of Application Programming Interface (APIs, see below) that makes for a small footprint on your computer. This section provides information about how to install and use DEDE.

  01 Updates
  02 Overview
  03 User Interface; Getting Started
  05 Operations .. S&O Report
  07 Data Resources
  09 Application: Integrating DEDE Output with GIS
  14 Subscription Options
  15 Installation
  17 Terms of Use
  19 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Recent and Upcoming New/Extended Data Resources
Jul 27, 2021Monthly Jun 2021 New Residential Construction
Jul 29, 2021America's Communities
Aug 18, 2021Census 2020
Sep 2, 2021QCEW 2021Q1 - quarterly establishments, employment, earnings by 6-digit NAICS
Sep 2, 2021ACS 2019 mobility special tabulation; Sept 2, 2021
Sep 27, 2021Monthly Aug 2021 New Residential Construction
Nov, 2021ACS 2020 1-year; delayed uncertain scope & date
Nov 27, 2021Monthly Sep 2021 New Residential Construction
Dec 2, 2021QCEW 2021Q2 - quarterly establishments, employment, earnings by 6-digit NAICS
Dec 9, 2021ACS 2020 5-year
Dec 27, 2021Monthly Nov 2021 New Residential Construction

Overview .. goto top
Use the Demographic Economic Data Extraction (DEDE) software to extract demographic-economic data from various statistical programs and datasets. Use DEDE to extract data from statistical programs including:
  • Census 2000 & Census 2010
  • American Community Survey 2010 through ACS 2019
  • Census 2020 & ACS 2020 coming up
  • BEA Economic Time Series
  • BLS Economic Time Series
  • Situation & Outlook
  • Many other statistical programs - see operations details for complete list.

DEDE is a companion tool of the ProximityOne CV XE GIS software.

DEDE includes the ability to setup custom data extraction (geographic code lists and subject matter code lists) that can be re-used and completely controlled by the user. Downloaded data may be saved as XLS, CSV, or dBase (.dbf) files that can be converted to other formats. Use the data with your preferred statistical analysis software. The dBase structure lends itself to easy merger of multi-sourced subject matter data for the same geography (e.g., Census 2010 and ACS 2012). The dBase structure also enables easy integration of subject matter data into corresponding shapefiles.

DEDE makes use of Application Programming Interface (API) operations that enable downloading data directly from servers. As a result, the data extraction application makes little use of locally stored data. An Internet connection is required for most applications.

DEDE is a batch-oriented application that makes use of a nominal user interface. The follow topics review DEDE operations focused on block group level data extraction.

User Interface & Start-up .. goto top
The DEDE Start-up view is shown in the following graphic. Click graphic for larger view.

  • At start-up the spreadgrid shows census tract level data for the state of California.
  • Each row shows data for a census tract with subject matter arrayed across the columns.
  • The statusbar (below grid) shows that there are 8,057 tracts in the state.
  • The highlighted cell shows that the ACS 2019 total population estimate is 3,120.
  • The subject matter displayed is determinined by the Subject Matter Items File.
  • This display was generated by clicking the Start button. With DEDE running, try it yourself.
  • As the processing completes, the data showing in the grid are output to the Output File name shown in the edit box above the grid.

Updates .. goto top
Looking ahead ...
• The dataset creation feature will be updated in mid-August
    .. supporting Census 2010 and Census 2020 (redistricting data)
It is expected that the DEDE August 16, 2021 release will support access to the Census 2020 redistricting data.
  see details

-- version 08.01.2021.1
Changes made to S&O report generation
• Report/HTML file saved as c:\dede\dedeSTCTY.htm where STCTY: FIPS state+county code.
• Improved navigation in HTML report.
    .. table of contents (TOC) added with links to topic.
    .. links to TOC added for each sectional topic.
• New links in component area cities section providing more detail for a selected city.
• New all tracts in county table in S&O report. See details
    .. all tracts in county included using the current subject matter items file.
    .. downloadable file included.
• Restructed Industry by Sector section
    .. all industry sectors through 4-digit NAICS type of business.
    .. all types of owners (Federal, state, local, private).
    .. use link on 2- and 3- digit NAICS to access more information about this sector.
    .. downloadable file included.

-- version 07.27.2021.1
• S&O report refers to Situation & Outlook report generated using DEDE
    .. see illustrative sample (HTML)
    .. this example uses these settings (optional settings in DEDE interface):
        - for Fresno County, CA
        - divisional levels/sectors for QCEW data
        - 2020Q4 QCEW data
        - ACS 2019 5-year (as opposed to ACS 2019 1 year) data
• Monthly New Residential Construction added (in S&O report)
• City/Place Population time series added (in S&O report)
• Detailed ACS subject matter groups added (in S&O report)
    .. general demographics
    .. social characteristics
    .. economic characteristics
    .. housing characteristics
• Links to related interactive tables added in S&O report

-- version 07.11.2021.1
• For Situation & Outlook report -- user customizable optional HTML snippet add-ins feature available
    .. "leads.txt" for an optional introductory HTML snippet add-in
    .. user specified mobility HTML spippet for supplemental mobility add-in
• For Situation & Outlook report
    .. mobility processing -- added ability to save county-to-county movers data file
• For Situation & Outlook report
    .. new "Overview" section started
-- version 06.30.2021.1
• "On-demand" custom demographic-economic profiles extended
    .. county to county migration added
    .. profile section in this document updated
-- version 06.28.2021.1
1 - "Notepad" feature added at left, below Control Panel
    .. Planned multipurpose use; limited for now
    .. Displays results of sum operation on grid cells
    .. See related details below
2 - "On-demand" custom demographic-economic profiles extended
    .. content structuring improved; value-added consumable information such as percentages
    .. For QCEW subject matter; user selected divisional or full 5-digit NAICS display
3 - Various detail updates
-- version 06.25.2021.1
1 - QCEW data access provided (first time)
    .. Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages (BLS)
    .. See related details below
2 - Create "on-demand" custom demographic-economic profiles
    .. Geographic Area listbox added to lower section of control panel
    .. Click on a geographic area to create a profile & view in grid
    .. See related details below
3 - Various detail updates
-- version 06.16.2021.1
File>Help extended
File>Settings modified; added ability to modify start-up Query
-- version 06.15.2021.2
Use of geographic area NAME field added
.. a lapse here to be updated
.. -- updates 061021 thru 061121:
View/Edit buttons added
.. clicking this button opens the subject matter file (in edit box at left)
.. view/edit subject matter text file; optionally modify, save or saveas
.. View/Edit opens the file with notepad
.. View/Edit++ opens file with notepad++ .. assumes it is installed
Data Grid Fixed Row header added; click header cell to sort on any column
MetaData Grid Fixed Row header added
.. you can now see field names to use in query (where now BG='1')
GetOne button revised; uses these 2 edit boxes:
Geocode: 140-19-5-04013216813
Subject matter codes: NAME,B01001_001E,B19013_001E
these must be "exact", there is no error checking

about Geocode: SumLev-Yr-Type-Geocode
now works with ...
SumLev=140 (tract) or 150 (BG)
Yr = any ACS program year 2014-2019
Type= 1 or 5 estimates period (for tract, BG, ZIPs this must be 5)
Geocode = 11 characters for tract 12 character for BG

about Subject matter edit box
default: NAME,B01001_001E,B19013_001E
use any vaild API field name with items separated by comma
up to 40 items; less than 10 suggested.

presently simple display; to be augmented
"UseAltNames" checkbox added to right of View/Edit button
.. when checked Grid/DBF file use user supplied field names
.. alternate field names are entered by user in subject matter text file
.. illustrative alt field names are used in the default file named "C:\dede\api_items_acs_base.txt"
.. open that file to see that alt field names start in col 13
for length of 10; no spaces, no lead numeric, no special characters
underscores removed
.. they all use the alternate field names
These subject matter files are included with the installer:
api_items_acs_base.txt -- default -- a mix of seslected tables/items
api_items_acs_movers_b07204.txt -- corresponds to table b07204 **tract up only, no BG data
api_items_acs_hh_fam_inc.txt -- corresponds to b19001 and b19101
api_items_acs_age49.txt -- corresponds to b01001 --

Operations .. goto top
View QuickStart
Structure of the User Interface
  • Toolbar -- at top
    .. Settings
    .. Help
  • Control Panel -- at left of SpreadGrid
    .. Statistical Program Selection Dropdown
    .. Geographic Level Selection Dropdown
    .. Start button
    .. Create/Open XLS
    .. GetOne
    .. ACS Metadata Query
    .. View ACS Metadata
    .. Areas Listbox -- create a profile for an area
  • Notepad Panel -- below Control Panel
    .. details
  • SpreadGrid -- majority of screen
  • Files Management Panel -- above the SpreadGrid
    .. Subject Matter Files
        - Viewing the subject matter selections file
    .. Output File
  • Statusbar -- bottom of window

Each of the above items is reviewed below.

Toolbar -- Settings .. goto operations
section under development

Toolbar -- Help .. goto operations
  Many reference and supplement information features are located here.

Statistical Program Selection Dropdown -- Control Panel .. goto operations
Use the Statistical Program Selection dropdown to select the statistical program.

S&O -- Situation & Outlook ProximityOne current estimates and projections
CEN 2010
CEN 2020
ACS 2019_5
ACS 2019_1
ACS 2018_5
ACS 2018_1
ACS 2017_5
ACS 2017_1
ACS 2016_5
ACS 2016_1
ACS 2015_5
ACS 2015_1
ACS 2014_5
ACS 2014_1
ACS 2013_5
ACS 2013_1
ACS 2012_5
ACS 2012_1

Geographic Level Selection Dropdown -- Control Panel .. goto operations
Use the Geographic Level Selection dropdown to select the geographic level.
.. note that data are not available for all geographic levels for all statistical programs
.. a summary level (SUMLEV) is a 3-digit code for a geographic area of tabulation.

100 Census Block
150 Block Group
140 Census Tract
050 County
160 City/Place
970 School District
500 Congressional District
320 Combined Statistical Area
040 State
795 PUMA Public Use Microdata Areas
860 ZIP Code Area
400 Urban Area
010 United States

Start Button -- Control Panel .. goto operations
  Click this button to start processing.
  Reconfirm that all other relevant settings/selections are correct.

Create XLS/Open XLS -- Control Panel .. goto operations
  Click the Create XLS button to save the Grid content as an XLS file.
  If the Open XLS checkbox is checked, the XLS file will be opened when the Create XLS is clicked.

GetOne -- Control Panel .. goto operations
  Click the GetOne button to view attributes for one selected geographic area.
  Operates with ACS
  The Geocode edit box at right of GetOne button sets the geographic area selection.
  Easily switch specifications with a keystoke or two.
    default: 140-19-5-04013216813
    structure: SUM-YR-T-GEOCODE
    SUM .. summary level
    YR .. ACS year
    T .. type .. 1 for one year, 5 for 5 year
  The items edit box below the GetOne button contains the ITEMS variable names to be used.
    default: NAME,B01001_001E,B19103_001E
    default "says" get/show area name, total population, median household income.
    this is the items value that would be entered in the Census API and must match those rukes.

ACS Metadata Query -- Control Panel .. goto operations
Sets the query to operate on the ACS Metadata described below

View ACS Metadata -- Control Panel .. goto operations
Click View button displays the ACS Metadata in "grid2" temporarily replacing "grid1" the normal data/spreadgrid.

Notepad .. goto operations
Notepad ...
.. populated by operations performed on Grid, such as the value of summed cells.
.. selected cells in Grid are summed when Grid is right-clicked.
.. the sum is displayed immediately in Notepad; subsequent sums displayed as previous sums retained in Notepad.
.. clear Notepad by dbl-clicking
.. other uses: key in your own notes.

Create an Area Profile -- Control Panel .. goto operations
The Profile or Situation & Outlook report provides a summary report for the selected area comprised of multi-sourced data. It provides a snapshot containing key data for one area as opposed to developing a dataset across a range of geographic areas. Its purpose is to provide immediate insights rather that develop a data file for use by other applicationa.

The report includes these sections:
  • Lead narrative section
    .. the default content is modifiable by the user

  • Summary of personal income and GDP

  • How & Why Demographics are Changing

  • Population & Components of Change
    .. derived from Census Bureau model-based population estimates program
    .. time series; updated annually

  • Component Area Cities
    .. includes Census Bureau model-based population estimates program; time series; updated annually
    .. includes link to more detailed data

  • Mobility -- County to County (and Country)
    .. based on ACS special tabulation
    .. updated annually; updates September 2021

  • Extended Demographic Economic Data
    .. includes ACS 2019 5 or 1 year data
        - user selectable based on Statistical Program selection
    .. includes options Situation & Outlook estimates and projections
    .. General demographics
    .. Social characteristics
    .. Economic Characteristics
    .. Housing Situation
        - housing unit trends
        - new authorized residential construction (where available)
        - Housing Characteristics

  • Establishments, Employment, Earnings
    .. based on BLS QCEW data
    .. user selectable: a) 5 digit NAICS code type of business or b) divisional levels
    .. user selectable quarterly or annual data
    .. updated quarterly

  • Census Tracts in County
    .. report shows attributes of all tracts in couuty
    .. user selectable subject matter

    Steps to include tracts table
    .. the Tracts ckeckbox must be checked on (lower right section)
    .. the top right Query must be set to the state containing the county (e.g. "stab='CA'" for Orange County, CA)
    .. set the subject matter items file to the subject matter to be included in the profile (default recommended)
    .. dbl-click the county area to start profile generation
    .. in the final step the tracts API will be run
        - the statistical program must be an ACS 5 year program
        - the geography must be set to 140 census tract

Usage. Dbl-Click on a area in the Areas Listbox located in lower section of control panel to display a profile in the grid.

Click the Fresno County, CA item in the Areas listbox; a profile is displayed in the Grid.
  .. the profile is generated for the year or quarter shown in the Year/Qtr edit box in the control panel.
Click the Open XLS and click Create XLS button and an XLS file similar to the gris display is created/displayed.
  .. see the XLS file generated here: http://proximityone.com/dede/qcew0601920Q4.xls

What industry in Sedgwick County, KS (Wichita) had the highest average weekly wages in 4th quarter 2020?
-- follow the above procedure, selecting/dbl-clicking 20173 Sedgwick Countyt, KS from Areas listbox.
-- profile appears in grid; click Create XLS button with Open XLS checked.
-- when the file opens in Excel, sort descending on col I to obtain this view:
-- the highest average weekly wages is industry NAICS 3241 -- Petroleum and coal products manufacturing ($7,998)
-- or 55111 -- Management of companies and enterprises, as it has a larger number of businesses/employees
Note that a similar view can be obtained by dbl-clicking the header cell on AWW using the grid -- the grid is sortable.

Level of Industry Detail The profiles show QCEW data by detailed private ownership type of industry for the selected area. There is one row for each NAICS code (2 through 5 digits NAICS levels). Columns include the NAICS title, NAICS code, disclosure indicator, number of establishments, monthly employment (three months), total payroll and average weekly wages.

To show only divisional industry level of detail, check the Divisional checkbox above the geography listbox before dbl-clicking the geographic item. The following example illustrates results of using the divisions checkbox for San Diego County, CA. This view shows that there were 118,195 total private ownership establishments in San Diego County as of the 4th quarter 2020. Divisional levels of detail follow in subsequent rows.

SpreadGrid .. goto operations
The SpreadGrid is used to display the results of a data download initiated by the Start button or to display metadata or other reference text.
Once data have been displayed in the grid, other operations may be performed on the content of the grid.

Subject Matter Items Files .. goto operations
The Subject Matter Items file (SMF) specifies the subject matter items to be used in the current operation. The SMF is required for ACS and Census operations; it is not used for the Establishments data operations.
The user can create these files using the procedure described below. Alternatively the user can select from one of the predeveloped SMFs included with the installer. Available ACS SMFs include:
Source: api_items_acs_yearmovedinB25026_tenure_units_in_structureB25032_yearbuiltB25034.txt
  • api_items_acs_base.txt -- default
  • api_items_acs_hsgrentB25056.txt
  • api_items_acs_hsgvalueB25075.txt
  • api_items_acs_movers_b07204.txt
  • api_items_acs_hh_fam_inc.txt
  • api_items_acs_age49.txt

The default SMF (api_items_acs_base.txt) content is shown below. It is a text file that can be modified with any text editor.
B01001_001E TotPop Total Population
B01001_002E MalePop Male
B01001_026E FemalePop Female
B02001_002E White1 White alone
B02001_003E Black1 Black or African American alone
B02001_004E AIAN1 American Indian and Alaska Native alone
B02001_005E Asian1 Asian alone
B02001_006E NHOPI1 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
B02001_007E OtherRace1 Some other race alone
B02001_008E TwoUpRaces Two or more races
B03002_012E Hispanic Hispanic (any race)
B09020_001E Pop65up Population 65 years and over
B11002_001E PopHshlds Population in Households
B11001_001E Households Total Households
B11001_002E Families Family Households
B15002_001E Pop25up Population 25 years and over
B15002_011E HSGradM High school graduate (Male, age 25+)
B15002_028E HSGradF High school graduate (Female, age 25+)
B25003_001E TotHsgUnts Total housing units
B25003_002E OwnOccUnts Owner occupied units
B25003_003E RntOccUnts Renter occupied units
B25002_003E VacUnits Vacant units
B19013_001E MedHHInc Median Household Income
B19113_001E MedFamInc Median Family Income
B25077_001E MedHsgVal Median housing value
B25064_001E MedRent Median gross rent

Creating a Subject Matter Items File
  • At least one subject matter item is required.
  • The subject matter item starts in column 1.
  • The subject matter item value must be the exact subject matter item as described in the Census API
    .. unless not a Census-sourced item.
    .. 2019 ACS Detailed Tables Variables provides a list of these items.
  • As an example, note that the item B01001_001E as shown above is shown in the above web page in the name column.

Note that SMFs are named in the manner "api_items_ ..." and located in the execution folder (c:\dede). This is not required but makes the documentation compatible and file management easier.

Create an SMF using for Vacancy by Type
One question might be what are the variable names for Vacancy Status
While the above link can be used to obtain that answer, here is an alternative:
More general details are explained elsewhere.
With DEDE running, enter this query in the ACS Metadata Query edit box:
  table='1' .and. at('VACANCY',stub)>0
The click the View ACS Metadata button. The Grid refreshes with the metadata.
The query says .. show only table titles (table='1' )
  and only those rows where the description contains the characters VACANCY (at('VACANCY',stub)>0)
This graphic illustrates the query result:

The preferred table might be BB25004.
Replace the query with "at('B25004',tableid)>0" (no quotes) and click View ACS Metadata Query
.. the grid now shows all items in table B25004.
copy these items from the grid and paste into empty notepad (notepad++ preferred) file:
B25004_001 Total:
B25004_002 For rent
B25004_003 Rented, not occupied
B25004_004 For sale only
B25004_005 Sold, not occupied
B25004_006 For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use
B25004_007 For migrant workers
B25004_008 Other vacant (make sure the tab is removed)
now edit this list to show (note total population has been added):
B01001_001E TotPop Total Population
B25004_001E VacUnits Vacant Housing Units
B25004_002E Vforrent For rent
B25004_003E VRntdunocc Rented, not occupied
B25004_004E Vforsale For sale only
B25004_005E VSoldunocc Sold, not occupied
B25004_006E Voccuse For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use
B25004_007E Vmigwkr For migrant workers
B25004_008E Vother Other vacant
Save this file as c:\dede\api_items_acs_vacancystatus
Click Close button to close metadata grid.
With DEDE running, open this SMF and click start.
The table displays for California tracts.
Click Filter Output button ... discuss.

Quick Start .. goto operations
To run a block group data extraction
.. for Hawaii
.. using ACS 2019 5-year estimates
.. using default subject matter selection proceed as follows:
• Change the geographic level, dropdown near top in Contrl Panel, to 150 Block Group
• Change top right Query edit box to ST='HI'
• Click Start button
• Processing results are displayed in grid
See in statusbar there are 875 BGs in Hawaii.
Note the total population is 1,876 in Grid row 1 block group 150010201001 or 15-001-020100-1
Dbl-click the TotPop header cell to see that in all of Hawaii, BG 15-003-008406-1 is 7,073.

Data Resources .. goto top
  S&O Situation & Outlook
  ACS American Community Survey
  ACP America's Communities
  Cen Decennial Census
  BP New Authorized Residential Construction
  QCEW Quarterly, County up, Short lag, Establishments. Employment & Earnings by 6-dgit NAICS
  CBP Annual, County up, Long lag, Establishments. Employment & Earnings by 6-digit NAICS
    .. compare CBP & QCEW
  REIS Regional Economic Information System

Situation & Outlook .. goto data resources

Situation & Outlook (S&O) estimates (2020/2021) and projections (2021 and future years) are available to Level 3 DEDE users. S&O county estimates projections are available for the scope of subject matter described in the S&O report in these sections:
  • General Demographics
  • Social Characteristics
  • Economic Characteristics
  • Housing Characteristics

S&O estimates and projections are available two ways;
  • Using the API dataset development feature
  • Embedded in S&O reports

Situation & Outlook Estimates & Projections Schedule
The S&O 2020 estimates and projections are scheduled for DEDE availability:
  • October 2021 (reflecting use of initial Census 2020 data and ACS 2020 1-year estimates
  • February 2022 (reflecting use of extended Census 2020 data and ACS 2020 5-year estimates

S&O 2022 vintage estimates and projections are updated to reflect new historical data as those data become available. The next vinatge 2022.1 update (following above) is scheduled for mid 2022.

American Community Survey (ACS) .. goto data resources

America's Communities Program (ACP) .. goto data resources
The evolving America's Communities Program (ACP) data access through DEDE is supported in these ways:
  • in the ACS data access API -- create your own city/place dataset
  • in the cities section of the Situation & Outlook report
  • extended, structured profiles via links provided for each city in the Situation & Outlook report

Decennial Census .. goto data resources
Census 2010 -- http://proximityone.com/cen2010.htm
Census 2020 -- http://proximityone.com/cen2020.htm

Census 2020 Data .. goto data resources
The first sub-state Census 2020 data, the P.L. 94-171 redistricting data, became available on August 12, 2021. DEDE supports generation of these data; partial use in S&O report .. September 2021 evolving into future.

Census Sourced P.L. 94-171 File Structure
.. 2020 PL SummaryFile FieldNames (xlsx)

ProximityOne Standardized/Evolving Census 2020 datasets

Files with a standardized structure are available for:
  • U.S. & State 010/040
  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA -- Metro: MSA/MD/MISA) 3xx
  • Combined Ststistical Area (CSA 330)
  • Congressional District (CD 500)
  • Congressional Community (CC 550)
  • State Legislative District (Upper Chamber) (SLDU 610)
  • State Legislative District (Lower Chamber) (SLDL 620)
  • Voting District 700
  • County 050
  • County Subdivision (CCD 060)
  • Urban Area (UA 400)
  • School District (9xx; 950, 960, 970)
  • Place 160
  • ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA 860)
  • Census Tract 140
  • Block Group 150
  • Block 750 (by state)

  ** available as VDA premium layers -- maps & create interactive ranking tables

Initial standardized file structure:
  Description   FieldName  Sample Value
  Area Name   NAME  ..
  USPS Abbr   STAB  ..
  GEOID   GEOID  060371397052001
  Vintage   DATE  081621
  State FIPS Code   STATEFP20  06
  County FIPS Code   COUNTYFP20  037
  Census tract code   TRACTCEP20  0139705
  Census block code   BLOCKCE20  2001
  CBSA type   MEMI  1
  Summary Level   SUMLEV 
  Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA: MSA/MD/MISA)   CBSA 
  State Legislative District -- Upper   SLDU  
  State Legislative District -- Lower   SLDL 
  Elementary School District   SDELM 
  Secondary School District   SDSEC 
  Unified School District   SDUNI 
  ZIP Code   ZIP 
  Voting District/Precinct   VTD 
  County Subdivision   CCD 
  City/Place   PLACE 
  117th Congressional District   CD117 
  Congressional Community   CC 
  Land Area (sqmeters)   ALAND20  394151
  Water Area (sqmeters)   AWATER20  0
  Latitude, internal point   INTPTLAT20  34.1495876
  Longitude, internal point   INTPTLON20  -118.4897076
  Total Population   TOTPOP; P001001  *
    Population of one race   TOTPOP1; P001002  *
      White alone   WHITE1; P001003  *
      Black or African American alone   BLACK1; P001004  *
      American Indian and Alaska Native alone   AIAN1; P001005  *
      Asian alone   ASIAN1; P001006  *
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone   NHOPI1; P001007  *
      Some Other Race alone   SOR1; P001008  *
      Two or more races   TMR1; P001009  *
      White, NonHispanic   WHITE1NH; P002005  *
      Black, NonHispanic   BLACK1NH; P002006  *
      Hispanic population (of any race)   HISPANIC; P002002  *
  Total population 18 years and over   TOTPOP18; P003001  *
    Population of one race (age 18+ years)   TOTPOP118; P003002  *
      White alone (age 18+ years)   WHITE118; P003003  *
      Black or African American alone (age 18+ years)   BLACK118; P003004  *
      American Indian and Alaska Native alone (age 18+ years)   AIAN118; P0030005  *
      Asian alone (age 18+ years)   ASIAN118; P003006  *
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone (age 18+)   NHOPI118; P003007  *
      Some Other Race alone (age 18+ years)   SOR118; P003008  *
      Two or more races (age 18+ years)   TMR118; P003009  *
      White, NonHispanic (age 18+ years)   WHITENH118; P004005  *
      Black, NonHispanic (age 18+ years)   BLACKNH118; P004006  *
    Hispanic population (of any race, age 18+ years)   HISPANIC18; P004002  *
  Group Quarters Population   GQTOT; P0050001  *
    Institutionalized population   GQINST; P0050002  *
    Noninstitutionalized population   GQNINST; P0050007  *
  Housing Units   TOTHSG; H001001  *
    Occupied Units   HOUSEHOLDS; H001002  *
    Vacant Units   VACUNITS; H001003  *

Census 2020 Demographic Profile Fields
.. under development

Census 2020 SF1 Fields
.. under development

Monthly New Authorized Residential Construction .. goto data resources
Monthly New Authorized Residential Construction, or building permits (BP), data are based on the Census Bureau C-404 data collection program. These data are not estimates; the data are administratively reported by local governments.

Related Data. Estimates of the universe of housing units by units in structure are provided in the related section of the S&O report "Housing Characteristics" and displayed in the section following "Monthly New Authorized Residential Construction".

These data are only available in the DEDE Situation & Outlook (S&O) report and will only be displayed for those counties providing monthly data. The S&O report shows monthly BP data for 2020 and monthly in 2021 as released. Valuation data are shown in thousands of dollars in the S&O report and in dollars in the data file (below).

When the S&O report is generated, the underlying data shwon in the table are also written to a local file. The CSV file name and folder are shown in the report, above the BP table. Access a sample of the file. The record layout is shown below:
DATE Reference Date, "YYYYMM"
ST Two-digit FIPS state code.
CTY Three-digit County code.
RGN Census region code:
  1 Northeast
  2 Midwest
  3 South
  4 West
DIV Census division code:
  1 New England
  2 Middle Atlantic
  3 East North Central
  4 West North Central
  5 South Atlantic
  6 East South Central
  7 West South Central
  8 Mountain
  9 Pacific
NAME County name
BLDGS1 - single family number of buildings
UNITS1 - single family number of units
VALUE1 - single family valuation (dollars)
BLDGS2 - 2-unit number of buildings
UNITS2 - 2-unit number of units
VALUE2 - 2-unit valuation (dollars)
BLDGS3 - 3-4 unit number of buildings
UNITS3 - 3-4 unit number of units
VALUE3 - 3-4 unit valuation (dollars)
BLDGS5 - 5+ unit number of buildings
UNITS5 - 5+ unit number of units
VALUE5 - 5+ unit valuation (dollars)

The report shows these data for several types of units in structure:
  Single family
  2 unit
  3-4 unit
  5 or more units

For each units in structure category, data are shown for number of units, number of buildings and valuation.

Not all counties submit monthly data. The following scroll section provides a list of counties that issue monthly county building permits.
Autauga County                     AL    01001  
Bibb County                        AL    01007  
Blount County                      AL    01009  
Chilton County                     AL    01021  
Jefferson County                   AL    01073  
Lee County                         AL    01081  
Limestone County                   AL    01083  
Madison County                     AL    01089  
Russell County                     AL    01113  
St. Clair County                   AL    01115  
Shelby County                      AL    01117  
Walker County                      AL    01127  
Aleutians East Borough             AK    02013  
Aleutians West Census Area         AK    02016  
Anchorage Municipality             AK    02020  
Bethel Census Area                 AK    02050  
Bristol Bay Borough                AK    02060  
Dillingham Census Area             AK    02070  
Fairbanks North Star Borough       AK    02090  
Haines Borough                     AK    02100  
Hoonah-Angoon Census Area          AK    02105  
Juneau City and Borough            AK    02110  
Kenai Peninsula Borough            AK    02122  
Ketchikan Gateway Borough          AK    02130  
Kodiak Island Borough              AK    02150  
Matanuska-Susitna Borough          AK    02170  
Nome Census Area                   AK    02180  
North Slope Borough                AK    02185  
Northwest Arctic Borough           AK    02188  
Petersburg Borough                 AK    02195  
Prince of Wales-Hyder Census A     AK    02198  
Sitka City and Borough             AK    02220  
Skagway Municipality               AK    02230  
Valdez-Cordova Census Area         AK    02261  
Wrangell City and Borough          AK    02275  
Yakutat City and Borough           AK    02282  
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area          AK    02290  
Maricopa County                    AZ    04013  
Pima County                        AZ    04019  
Pinal County                       AZ    04021  
Calhoun County                     AR    05013  
Crittenden County                  AR    05035  
Drew County                        AR    05043  
Faulkner County                    AR    05045  
Grant County                       AR    05053  
Lonoke County                      AR    05085  
Madison County                     AR    05087  
Miller County                      AR    05091  
Perry County                       AR    05105  
Pulaski County                     AR    05119  
Searcy County                      AR    05129  
Washington County                  AR    05143  
Alameda County                     CA    06001  
Contra Costa County                CA    06013  
El Dorado County                   CA    06017  
Fresno County                      CA    06019  
Los Angeles County                 CA    06037  
Marin County                       CA    06041  
Orange County                      CA    06059  
Placer County                      CA    06061  
Plumas County                      CA    06063  
Sacramento County                  CA    06067  
San Benito County                  CA    06069  
San Bernardino County              CA    06071  
San Diego County                   CA    06073  
San Francisco County               CA    06075  
San Mateo County                   CA    06081  
Santa Clara County                 CA    06085  
Sierra County                      CA    06091  
Yolo County                        CA    06113  
Adams County                       CO    08001  
Arapahoe County                    CO    08005  
Broomfield County                  CO    08014  
Chaffee County                     CO    08015  
Clear Creek County                 CO    08019  
Denver County                      CO    08031  
Douglas County                     CO    08035  
Elbert County                      CO    08039  
El Paso County                     CO    08041  
Gilpin County                      CO    08047  
Jefferson County                   CO    08059  
Larimer County                     CO    08069  
Mesa County                        CO    08077  
Park County                        CO    08093  
Pueblo County                      CO    08101  
Teller County                      CO    08119  
Fairfield County                   CT    09001  
Hartford County                    CT    09003  
Middlesex County                   CT    09007  
Tolland County                     CT    09013  
Kent County                        DE    10001  
New Castle County                  DE    10003  
Sussex County                      DE    10005  
Washington  DC                     DC    11001  
Baker County                       FL    12003  
Clay County                        FL    12019  
Dixie County                       FL    12029  
Duval County                       FL    12031  
Escambia County                    FL    12033  
Hernando County                    FL    12053  
Hillsborough County                FL    12057  
Lafayette County                   FL    12067  
Lee County                         FL    12071  
Leon County                        FL    12073  
Manatee County                     FL    12081  
Miami-Dade County                  FL    12086  
Nassau County                      FL    12089  
Okaloosa County                    FL    12091  
Orange County                      FL    12095  
Osceola County                     FL    12097  
Pasco County                       FL    12101  
Pinellas County                    FL    12103  
St. Johns County                   FL    12109  
Santa Rosa County                  FL    12113  
Sarasota County                    FL    12115  
Seminole County                    FL    12117  
Sumter County                      FL    12119  
Wakulla County                     FL    12129  
Walton County                      FL    12131  
Washington County                  FL    12133  
Baker County                       GA    13007  
Barrow County                      GA    13013  
Bartow County                      GA    13015  
Bibb County                        GA    13021  
Bryan County                       GA    13029  
Burke County                       GA    13033  
Butts County                       GA    13035  
Carroll County                     GA    13045  
Chatham County                     GA    13051  
Cherokee County                    GA    13057  
Clarke County                      GA    13059  
Clayton County                     GA    13063  
Cobb County                        GA    13067  
Columbia County                    GA    13073  
Coweta County                      GA    13077  
Dawson County                      GA    13085  
Dougherty County                   GA    13095  
Douglas County                     GA    13097  
Fannin County                      GA    13111  
Fayette County                     GA    13113  
Floyd County                       GA    13115  
Forsyth County                     GA    13117  
Fulton County                      GA    13121  
Glynn County                       GA    13127  
Gwinnett County                    GA    13135  
Haralson County                    GA    13143  
Harris County                      GA    13145  
Heard County                       GA    13149  
Henry County                       GA    13151  
Jasper County                      GA    13159  
Lamar County                       GA    13171  
Lee County                         GA    13177  
Liberty County                     GA    13179  
McDuffie County                    GA    13189  
Meriwether County                  GA    13199  
Miller County                      GA    13201  
Monroe County                      GA    13207  
Muscogee County                    GA    13215  
Newton County                      GA    13217  
Pickens County                     GA    13227  
Pike County                        GA    13231  
Pulaski County                     GA    13235  
Richmond County                    GA    13245  
Rockdale County                    GA    13247  
Spalding County                    GA    13255  
Thomas County                      GA    13275  
Union County                       GA    13291  
Hawaii County                      HI    15001  
Honolulu County                    HI    15003  
Kauai County                       HI    15007  
Maui County                        HI    15009  
Ada County                         ID    16001  
Boise County                       ID    16015  
Canyon County                      ID    16027  
Gem County                         ID    16045  
Owyhee County                      ID    16073  
Bond County                        IL    17005  
Calhoun County                     IL    17013  
Cook County                        IL    17031  
DeKalb County                      IL    17037  
De Witt County                     IL    17039  
DuPage County                      IL    17043  
Grundy County                      IL    17063  
Jersey County                      IL    17083  
Kendall County                     IL    17093  
Lake County                        IL    17097  
McHenry County                     IL    17111  
Madison County                     IL    17119  
Monroe County                      IL    17133  
Will County                        IL    17197  
Allen County                       IN    18003  
Boone County                       IN    18011  
Brown County                       IN    18013  
Clark County                       IN    18019  
Franklin County                    IN    18047  
Hamilton County                    IN    18057  
Hancock County                     IN    18059  
Harrison County                    IN    18061  
Hendricks County                   IN    18063  
Huntington County                  IN    18069  
Jasper County                      IN    18073  
Johnson County                     IN    18081  
Lagrange County                    IN    18087  
Lake County                        IN    18089  
Marion County                      IN    18097  
Monroe County                      IN    18105  
Morgan County                      IN    18109  
Newton County                      IN    18111  
Ohio County                        IN    18115  
Owen County                        IN    18119  
Porter County                      IN    18127  
Putnam County                      IN    18133  
Shelby County                      IN    18145  
Steuben County                     IN    18151  
Tippecanoe County                  IN    18157  
Vanderburgh County                 IN    18163  
Vigo County                        IN    18167  
Washington County                  IN    18175  
Whitley County                     IN    18183  
Dallas County                      IA    19049  
Harrison County                    IA    19085  
Mills County                       IA    19129  
Polk County                        IA    19153  
Warren County                      IA    19181  
Geary County                       KS    20061  
Johnson County                     KS    20091  
Leavenworth County                 KS    20103  
Linn County                        KS    20107  
Miami County                       KS    20121  
Wyandotte County                   KS    20209  
Anderson County                    KY    21005  
Boone County                       KY    21015  
Bourbon County                     KY    21017  
Boyle County                       KY    21021  
Bullitt County                     KY    21029  
Calloway County                    KY    21035  
Campbell County                    KY    21037  
Casey County                       KY    21045  
Christian County                   KY    21047  
Clark County                       KY    21049  
Fayette County                     KY    21067  
Fleming County                     KY    21069  
Gallatin County                    KY    21077  
Grant County                       KY    21081  
Hancock County                     KY    21091  
Hart County                        KY    21099  
Henderson County                   KY    21101  
Henry County                       KY    21103  
Jefferson County                   KY    21111  
Jessamine County                   KY    21113  
Johnson County                     KY    21115  
Kenton County                      KY    21117  
Knox County                        KY    21121  
Larue County                       KY    21123  
Lincoln County                     KY    21137  
McCracken County                   KY    21145  
Madison County                     KY    21151  
Marshall County                    KY    21157  
Mason County                       KY    21161  
Meade County                       KY    21163  
Mercer County                      KY    21167  
Morgan County                      KY    21175  
Nelson County                      KY    21179  
Oldham County                      KY    21185  
Pendleton County                   KY    21191  
Scott County                       KY    21209  
Shelby County                      KY    21211  
Simpson County                     KY    21213  
Spencer County                     KY    21215  
Trigg County                       KY    21221  
Woodford County                    KY    21239  
Ascension Parish                   LA    22005  
Bossier Parish                     LA    22015  
Caddo Parish                       LA    22017  
De Soto Parish                     LA    22031  
East Baton Rouge Parish            LA    22033  
East Feliciana Parish              LA    22037  
Iberville Parish                   LA    22047  
Jefferson Parish                   LA    22051  
Lafayette Parish                   LA    22055  
Livingston Parish                  LA    22063  
Orleans Parish                     LA    22071  
Plaquemines Parish                 LA    22075  
Pointe Coupee Parish               LA    22077  
St. Bernard Parish                 LA    22087  
St. Charles Parish                 LA    22089  
St. Helena Parish                  LA    22091  
St. John the Baptist Parish        LA    22095  
St. Martin Parish                  LA    22099  
St. Tammany Parish                 LA    22103  
Terrebonne Parish                  LA    22109  
West Baton Rouge Parish            LA    22121  
West Feliciana Parish              LA    22125  
Maine Unorganized Territory        ME    23000  
Anne Arundel County                MD    24003  
Baltimore County                   MD    24005  
Calvert County                     MD    24009  
Carroll County                     MD    24013  
Cecil County                       MD    24015  
Charles County                     MD    24017  
Frederick County                   MD    24021  
Garrett County                     MD    24023  
Harford County                     MD    24025  
Howard County                      MD    24027  
Montgomery County                  MD    24031  
Prince George County               MD    24033  
Queen Anne County                  MD    24035  
St. Marys County                   MD    24037  
Somerset County                    MD    24039  
Wicomico County                    MD    24045  
Baltimore (Independent City)       MD    24510  
Bristol County                     MA    25005  
Essex County                       MA    25009  
Middlesex County                   MA    25017  
Norfolk County                     MA    25021  
Plymouth County                    MA    25023  
Suffolk County                     MA    25025  
Michigan Balance of State          MI    26000  
Benzie County                      MI    26019  
Charlevoix County                  MI    26029  
Leelanau County                    MI    26089  
Livingston County                  MI    26093  
Luce County                        MI    26095  
Macomb County                      MI    26099  
Marquette County                   MI    26103  
Otsego County                      MI    26137  
St. Clair County                   MI    26147  
Wayne County                       MI    26163  
Anoka County                       MN    27003  
Carver County                      MN    27019  
Chisago County                     MN    27025  
Clay County                        MN    27027  
Dakota County                      MN    27037  
Hennepin County                    MN    27053  
Isanti County                      MN    27059  
Ramsey County                      MN    27123  
Scott County                       MN    27139  
Sherburne County                   MN    27141  
Washington County                  MN    27163  
Wright County                      MN    27171  
DeSoto County                      MS    28033  
Greene County                      MS    28041  
Hancock County                     MS    28045  
Harrison County                    MS    28047  
Jones County                       MS    28067  
Smith County                       MS    28129  
Tate County                        MS    28137  
Tunica County                      MS    28143  
Union County                       MS    28145  
Warren County                      MS    28149  
Bates County                       MO    29013  
Bollinger County                   MO    29017  
Boone County                       MO    29019  
Clinton County                     MO    29049  
Dent County                        MO    29065  
Franklin County                    MO    29071  
Jackson County                     MO    29095  
Jefferson County                   MO    29099  
Laclede County                     MO    29105  
Lafayette County                   MO    29107  
Lincoln County                     MO    29113  
Platte County                      MO    29165  
St. Clair County                   MO    29185  
St. Louis County                   MO    29189  
Warren County                      MO    29219  
Washington County                  MO    29221  
St. Louis (Independent City)       MO    29510  
Cascade County                     MT    30013  
Garfield County                    MT    30033  
Missoula County                    MT    30063  
Silver Bow County                  MT    30093  
Adams County                       NE    31001  
Cass County                        NE    31025  
Cheyenne County                    NE    31033  
Douglas County                     NE    31055  
Kimball County                     NE    31105  
Sarpy County                       NE    31153  
Sioux County                       NE    31165  
Washington County                  NE    31177  
Churchill County                   NV    32001  
Clark County                       NV    32003  
Douglas County                     NV    32005  
Elko County                        NV    32007  
Humboldt County                    NV    32013  
Lander County                      NV    32015  
Lincoln County                     NV    32017  
Lyon County                        NV    32019  
Mineral County                     NV    32021  
Pershing County                    NV    32027  
Storey County                      NV    32029  
Washoe County                      NV    32031  
White Pine County                  NV    32033  
Carson City (Independent City)     NV    32510  
Rockingham County                  NH    33015  
Strafford County                   NH    33017  
Atlantic County                    NJ    34001  
Bergen County                      NJ    34003  
Burlington County                  NJ    34005  
Camden County                      NJ    34007  
Cape May County                    NJ    34009  
Cumberland County                  NJ    34011  
Essex County                       NJ    34013  
Gloucester County                  NJ    34015  
Hudson County                      NJ    34017  
Hunterdon County                   NJ    34019  
Mercer County                      NJ    34021  
Middlesex County                   NJ    34023  
Monmouth County                    NJ    34025  
Morris County                      NJ    34027  
Ocean County                       NJ    34029  
Passaic County                     NJ    34031  
Salem County                       NJ    34033  
Somerset County                    NJ    34035  
Sussex County                      NJ    34037  
Union County                       NJ    34039  
Warren County                      NJ    34041  
New Mexico Balance of State        NM    35000  
Bernalillo County                  NM    35001  
Chaves County                      NM    35005  
Curry County                       NM    35009  
Dona Ana County                    NM    35013  
Eddy County                        NM    35015  
Grant County                       NM    35017  
Lea County                         NM    35025  
Lincoln County                     NM    35027  
Los Alamos County                  NM    35028  
Luna County                        NM    35029  
McKinley County                    NM    35031  
Otero County                       NM    35035  
Roosevelt County                   NM    35041  
Sandoval County                    NM    35043  
San Juan County                    NM    35045  
San Miguel County                  NM    35047  
Santa Fe County                    NM    35049  
Sierra County                      NM    35051  
Taos County                        NM    35055  
Valencia County                    NM    35061  
Albany County                      NY    36001  
Bronx County                       NY    36005  
Erie County                        NY    36029  
Kings County                       NY    36047  
Livingston County                  NY    36051  
Monroe County                      NY    36055  
Nassau County                      NY    36059  
New York County                    NY    36061  
Niagara County                     NY    36063  
Ontario County                     NY    36069  
Orleans County                     NY    36073  
Putnam County                      NY    36079  
Queens County                      NY    36081  
Rensselaer County                  NY    36083  
Richmond County                    NY    36085  
Rockland County                    NY    36087  
Saratoga County                    NY    36091  
Schenectady County                 NY    36093  
Schoharie County                   NY    36095  
Seneca County                      NY    36099  
Suffolk County                     NY    36103  
Wayne County                       NY    36117  
Westchester County                 NY    36119  
Anson County                       NC    37007  
Avery County                       NC    37011  
Bertie County                      NC    37015  
Cabarrus County                    NC    37025  
Caswell County                     NC    37033  
Chatham County                     NC    37037  
Cumberland County                  NC    37051  
Currituck County                   NC    37053  
Davie County                       NC    37059  
Durham County                      NC    37063  
Franklin County                    NC    37069  
Gaston County                      NC    37071  
Granville County                   NC    37077  
Guilford County                    NC    37081  
Henderson County                   NC    37089  
Hoke County                        NC    37093  
Iredell County                     NC    37097  
Johnston County                    NC    37101  
Mecklenburg County                 NC    37119  
Onslow County                      NC    37133  
Orange County                      NC    37135  
Person County                      NC    37145  
Randolph County                    NC    37151  
Rockingham County                  NC    37157  
Union County                       NC    37179  
Vance County                       NC    37181  
Wake County                        NC    37183  
Wilson County                      NC    37195  
Ashtabula County                   OH    39007  
Brown County                       OH    39015  
Butler County                      OH    39017  
Clermont County                    OH    39025  
Delaware County                    OH    39041  
Franklin County                    OH    39049  
Geauga County                      OH    39055  
Lake County                        OH    39085  
Licking County                     OH    39089  
Lorain County                      OH    39093  
Madison County                     OH    39097  
Medina County                      OH    39103  
Morrow County                      OH    39117  
Union County                       OH    39159  
Warren County                      OH    39165  
Adair County                       OK    40001  
Canadian County                    OK    40017  
Cherokee County                    OK    40021  
Cleveland County                   OK    40027  
Coal County                        OK    40029  
Creek County                       OK    40037  
Grady County                       OK    40051  
Greer County                       OK    40055  
Lincoln County                     OK    40081  
Logan County                       OK    40083  
McClain County                     OK    40087  
Oklahoma County                    OK    40109  
Okmulgee County                    OK    40111  
Osage County                       OK    40113  
Pawnee County                      OK    40117  
Rogers County                      OK    40131  
Tulsa County                       OK    40143  
Wagoner County                     OK    40145  
Oregon Balance of State            OR    41000  
Clackamas County                   OR    41005  
Deschutes County                   OR    41017  
Douglas County                     OR    41019  
Harney County                      OR    41025  
Klamath County                     OR    41035  
Multnomah County                   OR    41051  
Wasco County                       OR    41065  
Washington County                  OR    41067  
Yamhill County                     OR    41071  
Adams County                       PA    42001  
Bucks County                       PA    42017  
Chester County                     PA    42029  
Columbia County                    PA    42037  
Cumberland County                  PA    42041  
Dauphin County                     PA    42043  
Delaware County                    PA    42045  
Franklin County                    PA    42055  
Montgomery County                  PA    42091  
Montour County                     PA    42093  
Perry County                       PA    42099  
Philadelphia County                PA    42101  
Pike County                        PA    42103  
Bristol County                     RI    44001  
Kent County                        RI    44003  
Newport County                     RI    44005  
Providence County                  RI    44007  
Washington County                  RI    44009  
Aiken County                       SC    45003  
Bamberg County                     SC    45009  
Berkeley County                    SC    45015  
Calhoun County                     SC    45017  
Charleston County                  SC    45019  
Dorchester County                  SC    45035  
Edgefield County                   SC    45037  
Fairfield County                   SC    45039  
Greenville County                  SC    45045  
Horry County                       SC    45051  
Kershaw County                     SC    45055  
Laurens County                     SC    45059  
Lexington County                   SC    45063  
Pickens County                     SC    45077  
Richland County                    SC    45079  
Saluda County                      SC    45081  
Sumter County                      SC    45085  
York County                        SC    45091  
Bennett County                     SD    46007  
Haakon County                      SD    46055  
Jackson County                     SD    46071  
Sanborn County                     SD    46111  
Anderson County                    TN    47001  
Cannon County                      TN    47015  
Cheatham County                    TN    47021  
Davidson County                    TN    47037  
Dickson County                     TN    47043  
Fentress County                    TN    47049  
Hickman County                     TN    47081  
Knox County                        TN    47093  
Loudon County                      TN    47105  
Montgomery County                  TN    47125  
Polk County                        TN    47139  
Rutherford County                  TN    47149  
Sequatchie County                  TN    47153  
Shelby County                      TN    47157  
Smith County                       TN    47159  
Stewart County                     TN    47161  
Sumner County                      TN    47165  
Tipton County                      TN    47167  
Trousdale County                   TN    47169  
Union County                       TN    47173  
Van Buren County                   TN    47175  
Wilson County                      TN    47189  
Atascosa County                    TX    48013  
Austin County                      TX    48015  
Bandera County                     TX    48019  
Bastrop County                     TX    48021  
Bee County                         TX    48025  
Bell County                        TX    48027  
Bexar County                       TX    48029  
Burleson County                    TX    48051  
Caldwell County                    TX    48055  
Collin County                      TX    48085  
Comal County                       TX    48091  
Coryell County                     TX    48099  
Crosby County                      TX    48107  
Dallas County                      TX    48113  
Delta County                       TX    48119  
Ector County                       TX    48135  
Ellis County                       TX    48139  
El Paso County                     TX    48141  
Fort Bend County                   TX    48157  
Galveston County                   TX    48167  
Grimes County                      TX    48185  
Guadalupe County                   TX    48187  
Hamilton County                    TX    48193  
Hansford County                    TX    48195  
Harris County                      TX    48201  
Hemphill County                    TX    48211  
Hidalgo County                     TX    48215  
Hutchinson County                  TX    48233  
Johnson County                     TX    48251  
Kaufman County                     TX    48257  
Kendall County                     TX    48259  
Kinney County                      TX    48271  
Lampasas County                    TX    48281  
Liberty County                     TX    48291  
Lubbock County                     TX    48303  
Maverick County                    TX    48323  
Medina County                      TX    48325  
Midland County                     TX    48329  
Montgomery County                  TX    48339  
Parker County                      TX    48367  
Potter County                      TX    48375  
Reagan County                      TX    48383  
Real County                        TX    48385  
Robertson County                   TX    48395  
Rockwall County                    TX    48397  
San Jacinto County                 TX    48407  
San Saba County                    TX    48411  
Tom Green County                   TX    48451  
Travis County                      TX    48453  
Waller County                      TX    48473  
Williamson County                  TX    48491  
Wilson County                      TX    48493  
Wise County                        TX    48497  
Davis County                       UT    49011  
Juab County                        UT    49023  
Morgan County                      UT    49029  
Salt Lake County                   UT    49035  
Sanpete County                     UT    49039  
Summit County                      UT    49043  
Weber County                       UT    49057  
Albemarle County                   VA    51003  
Amelia County                      VA    51007  
Amherst County                     VA    51009  
Arlington County                   VA    51013  
Augusta County                     VA    51015  
Bedford County                     VA    51019  
Caroline County                    VA    51033  
Charles City County                VA    51036  
Charlotte County                   VA    51037  
Chesterfield County                VA    51041  
Clarke County                      VA    51043  
Cumberland County                  VA    51049  
Dickenson County                   VA    51051  
Dinwiddie County                   VA    51053  
Fairfax County                     VA    51059  
Fauquier County                    VA    51061  
Frederick County                   VA    51069  
Gloucester County                  VA    51073  
Goochland County                   VA    51075  
Hanover County                     VA    51085  
Henrico County                     VA    51087  
Isle of Wight County               VA    51093  
James City County                  VA    51095  
King and Queen County              VA    51097  
King George County                 VA    51099  
Loudoun County                     VA    51107  
Louisa County                      VA    51109  
Mathews County                     VA    51115  
New Kent County                    VA    51127  
Page County                        VA    51139  
Powhatan County                    VA    51145  
Prince George County               VA    51149  
Prince William County              VA    51153  
Rockingham County                  VA    51165  
Southampton County                 VA    51175  
Spotsylvania County                VA    51177  
Stafford County                    VA    51179  
Surry County                       VA    51181  
Sussex County                      VA    51183  
Warren County                      VA    51187  
York County                        VA    51199  
Alexandria (Independent City)      VA    51510  
Charlottesville (Independent C     VA    51540  
Chesapeake(Independent City)       VA    51550  
Colonial Heights (Independent      VA    51570  
Covington (Independent City)       VA    51580  
Fairfax (Independent City)         VA    51600  
Falls Church (Independent City     VA    51610  
Fredericksburg(Independent Cit     VA    51630  
Hampton (Independent City)         VA    51650  
Harrisonburg (Independent City     VA    51660  
Hopewell (Independent City)        VA    51670  
Lynchburg (Independent City)       VA    51680  
Manassas (Independent City)        VA    51683  
Manassas Park (Independent Cit     VA    51685  
Newport News (Independent City     VA    51700  
Norfolk (Independent City)         VA    51710  
Petersburg (Independent City)      VA    51730  
Poquoson (Independent City)        VA    51735  
Portsmouth (Independent City)      VA    51740  
Richmond (Independent City)        VA    51760  
Suffolk (Independent City)         VA    51800  
Virginia Beach (Independent Ci     VA    51810  
Williamsburg (Independent City     VA    51830  
Benton County                      WA    53005  
Clark County                       WA    53011  
Franklin County                    WA    53021  
Jefferson County                   WA    53031  
King County                        WA    53033  
Kitsap County                      WA    53035  
Pierce County                      WA    53053  
San Juan County                    WA    53055  
Skamania County                    WA    53059  
Snohomish County                   WA    53061  
Cabell County                      WV    54011  
Clay County                        WV    54015  
Fayette County                     WV    54019  
Jefferson County                   WV    54037  
Raleigh County                     WV    54081  
Dane County                        WI    55025  
Douglas County                     WI    55031  
Florence County                    WI    55037  
Iowa County                        WI    55049  
Kenosha County                     WI    55059  
Milwaukee County                   WI    55079  
Ozaukee County                     WI    55089  
Pierce County                      WI    55093  
St. Croix County                   WI    55109  
Washington County                  WI    55131  
Park County                        WY    56029  
Teton County                       WY    56039

Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages .. goto data resources
http://proximityone.com/qcewa.htm ... concepts
These data are accessible via DEDE from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages (QCEW) program for the years 2014 through 2020 and is extended/updated on a quarterly basis later this year. These data provide detailed *quarterly* information on the number of establishments, employment and first quarter and annual payroll at the national, state, metropolitan/micropolitan statistical area, combined statistical area, and county levels for up to 6-digit type of business detail defined by the 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

These data are compiled based on Employer's QUARTERLY 941 Federal Tax Return. These data provided monthly and quarterly data with only a 6-month lag from the reporting date to the data access date.

Local concentration of an industry
Location quotients are included in the QCEW output record.
Where is industry X concentrated? How dependent is my area on industry Y? QCEW can answer this question via the use of Location Quotients (LQ). This is made possible by the great amount of industry detail published by QCEW at the county, MSA, state, and national levels.

Location Quotients Explain Local Concentration
A location quotient (LQ) is a ratio that explains an industry's share of local jobs as compared to the national total. For example, a LQ of 1.0 indicates that the local industry has a normal concentration, that is, a concentration that matches the U.S. total. A LQ of 2.0 indicates that the industry has twice the share of local jobs compared to the national economy. A LQ of 0.5 shows that the local industry has only half the share of jobs as it does at the national level.

DEDE Processing handled differently for QCEW
1. Statistical Program selection
The DEDE timeframe is normally specified by the selection of the Statistical Program dropdown. For QCEW, there is only one entry for the Statistical Program: QCEW. The time period selection is set using the Year/Qtr edit box to the right of the Statistical Program dropdown. It important that this value be provided in the form yyQq where yy is the year 2 digit (14-20) and q is the calendar quarter.

2. Geographic Level selection
It is required that the Geographic Level dropdown be set to County.
The actual retrieval and development of the initial grid and output file is for all geographic levels: states (agglev 58), MSAs (agglev 48), Counties (agglev 58). The MSA code has a value of "C" in the first digit. To get the official OMB CBSA code, remove the C and add a 0 (zero) at end of code.
QCEW - C3310 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL MSA refers to OMB CBSA 33100

Items in QCEW Data Record

County Business Patterns .. goto data resources
These data are accessible via DEDE from the Census Bureau County Business Patterns (CBP) program for the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and will be extended/updated with 2020 data access in June 2022. These data provide detailed annual information on the number of establishments, employment and first quarter and annual payroll at the national, state, metropolitan/micropolitan statistical area, combined statistical area, county and congressional district levels for 970 industries defined by the 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

CBP Disclosure Codes
001: All establishments
204: Establishments with no paid employees
205: Establishments with paid employees
207: Establishments with less than 10 employees
209: Establishments with less than 20 employees
210: Establishments with less than 5 employees
211: Establishments with less than 4 employees
212: Establishments with 1 to 4 employees
213: Establishments with 1 employee
214: Establishments with 2 employees
215: Establishments with 3 or 4 employees
219: Establishments with 0 to 4 employees
220: Establishments with 5 to 9 employees
221: Establishments with 5 or 6 employees
222: Establishments with 7 to 9 employees
223: Establishments with 10 to 14 employees
230: Establishments with 10 to 19 employees
231: Establishments with 10 to 14 employees
232: Establishments with 15 to 19 employees
235: Establishments with 20 or more employees
240: Establishments with 20 to 99 employees
241: Establishments with 20 to 49 employees
242: Establishments with 50 to 99 employees
243: Establishments with 50 employees or more
249: Establishments with 100 to 499 employees
250: Establishments with 100 or more employees
251: Establishments with 100 to 249 employees
252: Establishments with 250 to 499 employees
253: Establishments with 500 employees or more
254: Establishments with 500 to 999 employees
260: Establishments with 1,000 employees or more
261: Establishments with 1,000 to 2,499 employees
262: Establishments with 1,000 to 1,499 employees
263: Establishments with 1,500 to 2,499 employees
270: Establishments with 2,500 employees or more
271: Establishments with 2,500 to 4,999 employees
272: Establishments with 5,000 to 9,999 employees
273: Establishments with 5,000 employees or more
280: Establishments with 10,000 employees or more
281: Establishments with 10,000 to 24,999 employees
282: Establishments with 25,000 to 49,999 employees
283: Establishments with 50,000 to 99,999 employees
290: Establishments with 100,000 employees or more
298: Covered by administrative records

Comparing ACS, CBP, QCEW Data .. goto data resources
Not a complete comparision, these notes may be useful in comparing/using data from ACS, CBP and QCEW.
  • These statistical programs are all U.S. national scope.
  • All three programs provide data "down to" at least at the county level.
  • ACS is a household statistical survey. The estimates have a computable margin of error.
  • CBP & QCEW are administrative data tabulated from employer reports.
  • ACS data are by place of residence; CBP & QCEW data are by place of establishment.
  • ACS data are collected/tabulated annually; often referred to as the "rolling" census.
    .. ACS 2019 data are the most recent data available as of 6/25/21.
    .. ACS data are tabulated/released as 1-year and 5-year estimates.
    .. ACS 2019 1-year estimates are for the 2019 calender year and available for areas with population 65,000+.
    .. ACS 2019 5-year estimates are for the 2015-19 years and centric to 2015.
    .. ACS 5-year estimates are available for subcounty areas; QCEW data are not; CBP data are available by ZIP code.
    .. ACS data have the limitations of no establishment data; no earnings by type of business (except microdata).
    .. ACS data have the advatage of being able to associate employment with many other types of related measures.
  • CBP have a long lag from reference date to access date. The CBP 2019 data became available in May 2021.
  • Among these data, only QCEW provides quarterly data.
  • Among these data, QCEW has the shortest lag time from reference date to access date.

Compare the following illustrative data for Fresno County, CA for NAICS 522390; most recent data as of 6/24/21:
This subsection not fully developed.

CBP -- 2019
  Est Emp Pay
  112 333 17628000

QCEW -- 2020 quarterly
Qtr Est Emp Pay
1 87 321 4275933
2 95 297 4464869
3 93 278 5426390
4 90 285 6699559

Regional Economic Information System .. goto data resources

Application: Integrating DEDE Output with GIS .. goto top
This application reviews steps to:
  1. Use DEDE to develop a U.S. by county dataset
      using the EstEmp19 data resource for the 6-digit NAICS code 522390.
  2. Integrate/merge those data into a GIS U.S. by county shapefile.
  3. Use that shapefile with GIS tools to create map views and perform geospatial analyses.

The 6-digit NAICS code 522390 comprises these types of business:
522390 Other Activities Related to Credit Intermediation
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in facilitating credit intermediation (except mortgage and loan brokerage; and financial transactions processing, reserve, and clearinghouse activities).

Illustrative Examples:
Check cashing services
Money order issuance services
Loan servicing
Travelers' check issuance services
Money transmission services
Payday lending services

1. Use DEDE to develop a U.S. by county dataset
    using the EstEmp19 data resource for the 6-digit NAICS code 522390.
    With DEDE running ... change the 3 selections as shonw by the following graphic:
  • - select Statistical Progran as EstEmpEarn19
  • - select GeoLevel as 050 County
  • - key in NAICS code "522390" (no quotes)
  • - click Start button
  • the above steps create the file c:\dede\EstEmpEarn19.dbf; the grid displays with the retrieved content
  • - Filter the output file with FilterOutput button:
  • - Enter the filter value "empsize='001'" (no quotes) then click FilterOutput button
  • - The grid refreshes (only EMPSIZE='001') and the output file is restructured

2. Integrate/merge those data into a GIS U.S. by county shapefile.
    With CV XE GIS running .. click File>Close.
  • Click File>Database .. then dBMerge from dropdown.
  • In Source File 1 edit box paste c:\cvxe\1\cb_2019_us_county_500k_pop19.dbf
  • In Source File 2 edit box paste c:\dede\EstEmpEarn19.dbf
  • Click Create button, top center; item panels populate
  • Below Source File 1 items panel click Select All button then click Move Selected button.
  • In Source File 2 items panel click select items as shown below then click Move Selected button.
  • The Output File items panel is now staged for the merge.
  • Key in the Key 1 and Key values in edit boxes. They happen to be the same -- "GEOID" (no quotes)
  • Now ready to merge, review settings then click Megre button at top of form.
  • At end of merge, reply Yes to "allow overwrite?" prompt. The merge is complete; proceed to Step 3

3. Use that shapefile with GIS tools to create map views and perform geospatial analyses.
With CV XE GIS running and default project open, click the + (add layer) button on toolbar
  • Select the file c:\cvxe\1\cb_2019_us_county_500k_pop19.shp; the layer is added at top of legend panel.
  • Use File>Save ProjectAs with the project file name c:\cvxe\1\us1_dede.gis
  • Uncheck Cty Pop Gain and Cty Pop Loss layers.
  • Use layer editor to create two intervals/sections as shown below.

DEDE Subscription Options .. goto top
DEDE, installed on a Windows-based computer, is available as three "Levels".
  • Level 1 -- for members of the User Group.
  • Level 2 -- Level 1 plus
    .. Census 2020 census block level access (and existing other geographies)
    .. ACS 2020 Census 2020 block group level access (and existing other 2020-based geographies)
    .. an annual subscription, provides updates to these data programs as released through the year
  • Level 3 -- Level 2 plus Situation & Outlook estimates and projections
Contact us (888-364-7656) to subscribe.

Installation .. goto top
The Windows-based DEDE Level 1 software is available at no fee to ProximityOne User Group members. Get started now. User Group members can run the installer (requires User Group ID) and start using the DEDE tool. Join User Group. Join in a Data Analytics Lab session to learn more about using DEDE.

Terms of Use .. goto top
There is no warranty, express or implied, for any aspect of use of the DEDE installer or software. The user is solely responsible for any use made of the DEDE installer, software or use of resulting output. The user agrees not to distribute the DEDE installer or software.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions .. goto top
Q. How locate state-county codes?
A. See http://proximityone.com/stcty.txt
    There is also link to this and related geo-reference pages under the Help main menu item.

Q. Where is a Glossary of Terms & Definitions?
A. See http://proximityone.com/glossary.htm

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to metros and component geography decision-making information resources. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at www.twitter.com/proximityone. Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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