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Murfreesboro, TN South CC

Murfreesboro, TN South CC
Population Pyramid Age-Gender
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Murfreesboro, TN South Congressional Community
  -- understanding our community
  -- helping make our voices heard by policy-makers

Welcome to this Murfreesboro, TN South Congressional Community (CC) Briefing Resource. The CC is an area located in Murfreesboro, TN in Rutherford County, TN. We are an area of with approximately 51,400 residents. We are one of nearly 7,400 Congressional Communities covering the U.S. wall-to-wall which nest within and sub-divide the 118th Congressional Districts. This document is a briefing resource for Murfreesboro, TN South CC stakeholders. More about Congressional Communities

What We Do ...
  • Engaging with our Congressional Representative
    .. Congressman Scott DesJarlais
    .. communicating with our Congressional Representative .. below
  • Our Issues .. below
  • Our Collaborations .. below
  • Your Participation .. below
  • Our Benefits & Resources .. below

Comparative Demographic Analyses of CC 47-04-012 with CD 47-04
CCs nest within CDs, exhausting the CD land/water area. These reports provide a comparative analysis of demographic characteristics of a CC relative to its CD. Using the Demographic Analysis (DA) compare your CC with other CCs of CD. These are both HTML documents designed to optionally print to 8.5" x 11" dimensions. The tabular looks more like a spreadsheet while the narrative report provides a comparation more in a flowing narrative and adds contextual detail.
  • Tabular Report
  • Narratve Report
For example, the narrative report tells us that the dependency ratio in 2020 was 55.09 for CC TN 04012 compared to 64.56 for CD118 TN 04 -- both compared 63.6 for the U.S. overall. Read the narrative report to see why this might be important to our CC. The diversity index in 2020 was 54.2% for CC TN 04012 compared to 40.7% for CD118 TN 04.

About Congressional Districts
The U.S. 435 118th Congressional Districts (Jan 3, 2023 to Jan 3, 2025) have an average population of approximately 763,000 population, larger than three states. See related 118th CD demographics interactive table.

The size and diversity of CDs can make it difficult to communicate effectively with Congress. Congressional Communities are subdivisions of Congressional Districts, can help Americans better have their voice heard by Congress.

Understanding Murfreesboro, TN South CC Age-Gender Characteristics .. goto top
The following graphic shows a population pyramid for the Murfreesboro, TN South CC. Click graphic details.

Age-Gender Characteristics for Murfreesboro, TN South CC

The next graphic shows a population pyramid for the Congressional District TN 04. Click graphic for details.
Compare the above CC graphic to CD graphic below. There is a relatively larger working age population for the CC compared to the CD. Compare the age 25-39 age proportion in both charts. There is a relatively older population in the CC compared to the CD.

Age-Gender Characteristics for Congressional District TN 04

CC participants .. create your own chart demographics

Patterns of Economic Prosperity by Congressional Community .. goto top
.. a focus on Tennesee 118th CD TN 04
.. this is about where we are.
The graphic below shows the entirely of Tennessee's 4th Congressional District (4704, where 47 is the FIPS state Code for TN). It also shows portions of the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th districts, which each have a bold brown boundary and white boxed CD code label. Congressional Communities (CCs) have thin black boundaries and are labeled with seven digit CC codes. The pointer shows CC 4704012. There are 18 CCs within CD 4704 (see more below). Patterns of economic prosperity (median household income) by tract are shown by colors/intervals that are identified in the inset legend.

Patterns of Economic Prosperity .. Murfreesboro, TN South CC .. goto top
.. zoom-in view similar to CD view shown above.

Congressional Communities .. goto top
The Congressional Communities program is an initiative of the nonprofit Congressional Communities organization. As a resident, constituent, of a congressional district, how do you make your voice heard on key issues affecting you, your household and your local living environment in Congress? Congressional Communities, subdivisions of Congressional Districts, can help Americans better have their voice heard by Congress. Congressional communities are developed by assembling 2020 census blocks and block groups by the Congressional Communities team. Congressional districts are sub-divided into CCs, sets of contiguous blocks/block groups, that are typically around 45,000 population based on a range of socioeconomic, geopolitical features, geographic and other factors. A set of Census 2020 and American Community Survey demographics are developed for each CC. These demographics help CC stakeholders better understand characteristics and needs of their CCs and other CCs.

The sum of the total population (and other demographic attributes) for all CCs nesting in a CD equals the CD total population. The CD demographics are the aggregates of the associated CCs, yet the CCs have their own unique characteristics. Unlike census tracts, averaging 4,000 population, CCs nest within CDs and better reflect neighborhood-plus characteristics. Unlike cities, CCs include rural and suburban areas and sub-divide larger cities.

Congressional Communities in CD TN04 .. goto top
There are 18 congressional communities in CD TN04 as shown in the graphic shown below. See the related interactive table to view, sort, query, compare CCs of interest. See that the diversity measure for CC 4704012 is 54.2% (see in blue highlighted row). Compare related measures shown in other columns.

How Murfreesboro, TN City is Changing .. goto top
The following graphic shows how Murfreesboro, TN city is changing based on American Community Survey (ACS) .. ACS 2010 through 2022 5-year estimates, The Demographics Analytics tool was used to develop the Excel file underlying this graphic. The graphic shows that the Murfreesboro, TN city total population grew by over 50,000 over the last dozen years, from 102,602 (2010) to 153,487 (2022). Note these are ACS 5-year estimates.

Mapping GeoDemographics of Murfreesboro, TN South CC .. goto top
Click here to map your area .. opens new page/tab .. more about this feature .. when map interface opens, enter an address or zip code (example 37128) in search bar,
then press enter, the map view zooms to your location.
.. click the marker to view the associated census tract; it shows as cross-hatched.
.. select Congressional Districts (CDs) in top left dropdown to view a CD.
then click the marker (press enter again in search bar if needed to re-display marker).
zoom out to view whole cross-hatched area.
.. in legend at left click on the two Congressional Community (CCs) checkboxes
the CC boundary and code now appear in context of CDs.

More about Mapping Congressional Communities (CCs)
Suppose you want to view all CCs contained within CD TN 04.
  • Start Open VDA Web GIS
  • Set active layer to Cong Comm (upper left dropdown)
  • Click the circleA rightmost button below map to start Table/Grid
  • Above grid .. enter SQL Filter stcd='4704' (exactly this text stcd='4704') and click Query
  • Grid refreshes with 18 CCs in TN 04
  • Click "Highlight all that meet query" button below map .. map zooms to these 18 CCs
  • Optionally navigate for perfect view

The Murfreesboro, TN South Congressional Community -- Patterns of Low & Moderate Income .. goto top
Use the Web-based Open VDA Web GIS to locate/view our CC. The following view shows patterns of low and moderate income by census tract in the area containing "CC 4704012" (see pointer in graphic) .. the code that uniquely identifies the Murfreesboro, TN South CC nationally.

Communicating with Your Congressionperson . goto top

Considerations in communicating with your Congressperson by Email
  • When using the standard form, you will send a text message.
    .. shorter, concise, focused content might be most effective.
    .. consider preparing a draft message text in an editor then copying and pasting into the message text form.
    .. use positive messaging; a complaint might be involved but it can be stated in a positive way.
  • Make it known that you are part of this CC, that your voice is shared by our collaborative group.
    .. make your voice heard by collaborative topic(s) of this where applicable.
  • Recurring, positive communications might be more effective.
  • Contact us at Congressional Communities for informational assistance about a topic.
    .. dialog with us.
  • More, under development

Our Issues . goto top

under development

Our Collaborations . goto top

under development

Participation . goto top

Click here to sign-up and participate in the Congressional Communities program.

meetups --under development

Benefits & Resources . goto top

under development

Examining More about Your Congressional Community
  • Click here to start using the Open VDA Web GIS to examine this CC, any CC, and related geography.
  • using only a Web browser; nothing to install; GIS experience not required.
  • see this step-by-step tutorial on Mapping Congressional Communities & Congressional Districts.

Support Using these Resources .. goto top
Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

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